30 facts about a cervical cancer vaccine

03. 05. 2022
  1. The basic claim is bad. HPV does not in itself cause cervical cancer. Evidence confirms that you must have a combination of virus and infection or multiple viruses and bacteria to develop cervical cancer. Examples include Epstein Bar Virus, HIV, and Chlamydia with HPV.
  2. Contraceptives and other hormonal drugs increase the risk of HPV.
  3. It has never been shown that the HPV vaccine prevents cervical cancer. There is no scientific evidence to confirm this.
  4. It is over 100 types of HPV viruses and only 15 can contribute to cervical cancer.
  5. HPV vaccines, however, include only two to four types of these HPV viruses, opening the way for more than two-thirds of other dangerous species. And so you will still need regular cervical screenings.
  6. Obtaining a vaccine does not reduce or eliminate the incidence of cancer. Studies show that the human immune system will develop resistance to the types contained in the vaccine and allow other dangerous species to overcome.
  7. The CDC website states that the human immune system cleans the organism within two years of 90% HVP (during the first year it is 70%). Without a vaccine.
  8. One of the most powerful links that supports cervical cancer is smoking. Women who smoke have 2-3 times higher likelihood of this disease.
  9. Diet is the key. A poor and poor diet increases the risk while a diet involving high levels of vitamin B12 and folic acid reduces the risk of infection by HPV viruses and cervical carcinoma by 79%. Vitamin C, kurkumin, quercetin and other flavonoids are potent inhibitors of cervical cancer.
  10. Diet combinations have shown a far greater effect against HPV than any vaccine.
  11. All marketing claims are misleading. It is one of the greatest and most damaging mystifications of our times.
  12. Officially, the vaccine is associated with around 100 deaths and 500 physically impaired.
  13. These numbers are based on a voluntary report, and historically it means that it's only 2-10% of real cases. The vast majority will never be reported. So, in fact, about 5000 girls and women were injured by this vaccine.
  14. Cervical carcinoma is one of the rare cancers in the United States and affects 12.000 people a year from which 4.000 will die.
  15. The number of girls and women experiencing serious complications due to this vaccine exceeds the number of deaths.
  16. Side effects of the vaccine include: multiple sclerosis, brain inflammation, blindness, pericarditis, coma, and death.
  17. The Gardasil vaccine was developed very quickly. Which is illegal. The FDA requires new vaccines to undergo testing and waiting times of about 4 years. Gardasil was developed and marketed for 6 months with FDA approval.
  18. Texas Governor Rock Perry tried in 2007 to force all girls in Texas from 6. primary school classes to take the vaccine despite the fact that the risk of infecting HVP viruses appears on average between 20. and 48. year of life. He did, however, despite legislative objections.
  19. People thought they were ordered to receive a vaccine, but the current law was illegal.
  20. Perry received huge amounts of money from Gardasil.
  21. Perry's former head of staff became 2009's lobbyist for the pharmaceutical company Merk, the manufacturer of Gardasil, and has been massively pushing this vaccine ever since.
  22. Texas legislation had to abolish this regulation of former Perry Governor because of the huge public opposition. However, the precedent has been set and other countries and countries are beginning to follow.
  23. Internal greasy environments in themselves prevent 80% of cervical cancer. Every year, this greasy environment reduces your chance of cervical cancer disease to 0,002%.
  24. HPV vaccines have been illegally marketed without information as to what the risks are.
  25. People do not know there are laws that protect patients. They provide a legal strategy to people who have experienced vaccination damage.
  26. Vaccine manufacturers do not inform doctors and do not uncover the risks associated with vaccines because they do not want people to realize they can opt out of the vaccination. This is however documented in many medical journals. It is even illegal for doctors to tell you what risks the vaccine carries!
  27. This vaccine was tested on 21.000 girls and women before it was pushed for millions of children and adolescents worldwide, according to the FDA website.
  28. FDA sites do not even mention that the vaccine was tested on men, but despite this, the CDC requires that all young boys and men in 21 years receive this vaccine.
  29. The "informed consent law" also raises questions about "vaccine efficacy". You have the right to ask questions and get a response on how the vaccine works, why you should let it go, and you have the right to know all the risks associated with it.
  30. This vaccine has been approved with a law that says you can not sue anyone if you have complications with the vaccine. But, that's not true, you can claim rights.

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Source: www.naturalnews.com



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