Are alien encounters friendly? Are we ready for them?

22. 09. 2022
5th international conference of exopolitics, history and spirituality

He will answer those and many other questions 5. international conference exopolitics, history and spirituality on topic: FRIENDLY MEETINGS, which will take place on the weekend of 19 and 20.11.2022 November XNUMX in film studios Vachler Art Company, Chlumova 7, Prague 3. For those who are far away from Prague, a live broadcast from the hall of our channel will be provided YT Suene Universe in Czech and English. Viewers can thus look into the secrets of the universe and extraterrestrial encounters from absolutely anywhere. As in previous years, the conference is organized by a news server Suenee Universe.

You can buy tickets online SMS Ticket, on pages conference (the website is too Englis) or in the form at end of this article. Conference program will be specified closer to the event date and sent to all ticket holders in advance. The list of guest speakers can be found on the page Lecturers.

Paradigm Shift Conference

The world of the second decade of the 21st century teeters on the brink of chaos. The old world of the age of darkness and decay is fighting with its last strength to hand over the reins of life on this Earth to a new era known as the Silver and Golden Age of Aquarius. More and more we feel the desire to return to the roots of our own existence and seek answers to the most elementary questions: Who we are? What is our purpose of being? Who are our creators? Where are all the advanced civilizations if we are not the only ones?

Last year conference was in the spirit of the motto THE DISCOVERY HAS ALREADY STARTED. We discussed the topic of the presence of ours space neighbors within reach of our planet and their historical impact on our existence. We are another year further along and there is no doubt, in my opinion, that someone is watching and in some cases even eons of ages are accompanying us. So it is more important than ever to renew and deepen the bond friendship, love, peace and harmony between us. To learn again to perceive our world not only with rational reason, but above all spiritually by heart. Therefore, the theme of the next year's conference is in the spirit of the theme friendly encounters as a reference to her close encounters (close encounters).

Love and friendship is the basis of higher harmony

Friendly meetings we would like to refer to several topics that will be discussed at the conference:

  1. Despite the narrative propagated by the mainstream, thankfully it hasn't happened yet ETB purposefully harmed an individual or a group of people. Clifford Stone he even stated several times that some species ETB they would rather sacrifice their lives than let an innocent person suffer.
  2. We can be friendly to each other, of our kind, we humans? We still think in terms of love and hate. It can be even more difficult for some individuals to accept into their life paradigm the fact that we share this universe with similar humanoid beings.
  3. Can each of us like ourselves? We are still often afraid to look at ourselves in the mirror. It is all the more difficult to look into another person's eyes and see your other self in them.


Our lecturers

Founder of ACERN (online)
CSETI, Sirius Disclosure (online)
contact person (online)
Spiritual Coach (online)
presenter, researcher (live)
Boeing 737 pilot (online)
Nuclear Physicist (Live)
director, screenwriter, producer (live)
astrologer (live)
CE5 coordinator (live)
researcher, translator, historian (live)
editor-in-chief of Sueneé Universe (live)
band (live)
Petr Satori Zajac
musician, composer
presenter (live)


Each of the guest speakers has their own story, which is available in the respective guest profile along with the topic they will present at the conference (topics will be added gradually). The conference participants will be continuously informed about their update and the final program as the implementation date approaches.

You can buy tickets at Czech conference website or English website of the conference or via the form below. If you are wondering which ticket to choose, we will be happy to advise you.

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