8 signals that may indicate the presence of extraterrestrials

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It is one of the greatest questions that humanity cares about: “Are we alone in the universe? Or are there other beings somewhere? And if so, do they know of our existence or do they also live in the naive notion that they are the only existence in the universe? Is he possibly trying to contact us? ”

Thanks to the incredible work of an international team of astronomers, we are one step closer to finding out what it really is. Astronomers have recently discovered 8 fast radio flashes from the same source. In the experiment, six newly discovered FRBs were repeated only once. Next we recorded 3x, the last even 10x.

Radio waves that do not repeat

Precisely because much of it was only recorded by 1x, it's not easy to track and research. All the more exciting it is. Repetition increases the likelihood that astronomers will be able to tell which galaxy these flashes originate from and who created them.

Radio clusters that appear in clusters allow astronomers to better track the origin of the signal.

The vast majority of FRBs are detected only once, which means they cannot be easily tracked. That's why repetitive radio explosions have just been discovered so exciting. Repetition increases the likelihood that astronomers will be able to locate what galaxy they are from and the environment that created them.

One of the signals (FRB 180916) has even the lowest variance so far, indicating that it might be nearby. So radio waves seem to indicate that we are not alone here. Perhaps it is only a matter of time to find out how it really is.

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