AATIP - The US military is tracking UFOs and trying to get their technology

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As part of a lecture for “To The Stars Academy”. Luis Elizondo, a former employee of the US Department of Defense (MO USA), introduced the history program AATIPthat leads the American Pentagon. AATIP stands for Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, which could be translated as Advanced Air Threat Identification Program. This is a program whose the aim is to study the credibility of current ufo phenomena with the intention to obtain information about the properties of these objects and to assess them scientifically. Among these properties studied, Luis highlights primarily human exposure, reduced detection, power generation and generation, lift and propulsion, control materials, and many other features that are typical of UFOs and whose understanding would help determine if UFOs are a threat. The crucial question for this study is whether these properties are achievable within the current understanding of physics and technology, and what research needs to be invested to make them available.

Typical features for UFOs

What exactly did these studies follow? Surely you are not familiar with the notion of "five observable characters" typical of UFOs, that is instantaneous acceleration, supersonic velocity, low observability, multivariate motion and ability to float or move perpendicular to the ground. Luis further discusses why these observable features should be of interest to the US MO. For instant acceleration, the benefits would be primarily engine thrust, pilot overload protection, and improved aircraft maneuverability. Increased supersonic speed allows very fast movement of people and equipment anywhere in the world, avoiding the enemy and the opportunity to strike the enemy first.

Reduced observability ensures greater chances of survival and anonymity, giving room for exploiting the surprise factor. The strategic advantage of multipurpose motion lies in the ability to strike from air, water, space and thus provide flexibility in the choice of target. This, of course, brings with it the possibility of mastering the battlefield and attacking from any environment and under any conditions. Finally, the perpendicular launch and hover capability provides greater flight accuracy without the need to generate wing lift and the ability to hover over the target for longer periods of time. As can be seen, the studies were precisely targeted to the needs of the US MO and are part of the mission of the US MO in terms of both defense and offensive.

History of AATIP

Luis also presented the history of the AATIP program. It evolved from the previous Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Application Program (AAWSAP), founded in 2007, to better understand the UFOs observed by the US military and determine if they pose a threat. Luis was not part of the program and therefore did not want to talk about it in more detail. In 2008, the program changed to AATIP with a much narrower focus focused on five observable characters. Over the years, 2008 - 2009 has accumulated massive amounts of data, and in 2009, at the request of Congress, data protection and research results have been enhanced to prevent them from being obtained by foreign intelligence.

Luis Elizondo (© openminds.com)

Unfortunately in 2009 there was opposition to the program for philosophical and religious reasons. The phenomena studied were never denied or described as unrealistic, only their existence contradicted the internal beliefs of some program members. Subsequently, 2013 ended funding for the program, although it is still running under another source of funding, but with minimal funding. In 2017, Luis Elizondo, the program director, resigned, but the program itself was never officially terminated and seems to continue with minimal funding to this day.

What are the facts about AATIP?

Luis emphasized above all what the program is and what is not. The truth is that AATIP has evolved from AAWSAP in order to focus on the specific features of UFOs limited to “what and how” issues, ie what phenomenon it is and how it works. Answering this question would further seek out who controls the objects, what their intentions are and where they are from, but the answer to these questions was not the project's goal. It was purely to find out what features and phenomena UFOs manifest and how these phenomena work. Another undeniable fact is that AATIP has been staffed by US Government employees, contractors, and the military.

Among them, as Luis Elizondo confirmed, there were Bigelow Aerospace, scientists, intelligence and other people who were able to supply the valuable information needed for this program. Collaboration with scientists has resulted in a large number of studies, most of which are secret, but their list has already been declassified and is available, for example, in this article (article is in english language). However, most AATIP materials are excluded from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), with Luis Elizondo stressing that this is primarily for national security purposes, not as a tool to hide the truth from Americans.

AATIP conjecture

Since there was a lot of conjecture and confusion around AATIP, it is important to emphasize what it is not. The first thing is that AATIP did not end in 2012, as some believe. At the same time, it is not true that AATIP has not reached any significant conclusions. On the contrary, this confirms five successful observations and the possibility to discuss their physical properties. Depending on the number of scientific studies produced, the program may seem purely academic, but that is not true either. The program went on and included interviews with various people, collection of electro-optical and radar data, and interviews with eyewitnesses who, as Luis Elizondo points out, have security clearance and have been trained to recognize and critically assess the silhouettes, flight characteristics and distances of different aircraft. assess and distinguish from UFOs.

People also mistakenly believe that the program originated for political reasons. It might seem that the program was created by the senators as a service to Bigalow Aerospace, but the opposite is true because Bigalow Aerospace was selected directly by the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) in a proper selection process that the senators could not interfere with. Many also claim that AATIP escaped videos showing UAP. Luis Elizondo denies that this is a leak and clearly states that the leak applies only to classified information that has been illegally released to the public, which was not the case with these videos. The videos went through a standard classification process and the US government agreed to release them. The last thing AATIP is not is the cover for the new Cosmic Forces. However, it is clear that the program can and the information gathered through it can contribute to a better informed decision about the Cosmic Forces. However, it is up to US voters to decide.

There is a need to better understand what we see when watching UFOs

Finally, Luis Elizondo summarized the current situation. It is clear that the discussions on this topic are gradually moving from marginal groups to more mainstream groups. The objectives and mission of AATIP are still relevant to the question of national security and to humanity as such. At the same time, groups such as TTSA are preparing an environment for this discussion to take place in executive and legal departments, while respecting privacy and creating a secure margin of maneuver where individuals can make an informed decision without unnecessary political pressure. It should also be remembered that people in managerial positions need time to evaluate everything, because information is so much and for many it is an entirely new reality. But if we expect the US government to reveal the truth, it is not likely to happen because, as Luis Elizondo recalls, it is not the job of the government to satisfy someone's curiosity, but to defend his country.

Groups such as TTSA also develop activities such as interest groups, create data repositories and enable information sharing at international level. In conclusion, Luis Elizondo said he was confident with a certain amount of cautious optimism that the discussion on the subject would be completely different in a year, and that confidence in things that had recently come out and helped us to better understand what was observed We see UFOs.

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