Acts X of the UK Defense Ministry

4 07. 05. 2022

Nick Pope stood in the early 90s in the forefront of one forgotten department of the Department of Paintings of Great Britain. His task was to investigate cases of unidentified flying objects - UFOs. Most of the cases he received on the table were explained as a confusion with known phenomena. On the night of March 20, 30, however, he became the Chief Investigator of the case, which is still seen as the greatest mystery of UFOs in the UK. This case is due to its scale and seriousness considered to be the British equivalent of the well-known American case in Roswell (1993).

Nick Pope was officially in position The Secretariat of the Staff of the Ministry 2A, which, in fact, meant overseeing UFO government projects. This department was a historical remnant of the Cold War era, which, even in its time, had the sole purpose of exploring the UFO phenomenon.

In 1950, the Ministry of Defense established a working group called: Working team for flying saucers. This group officially existed for only 10 months. In her final report, she stated: "Let's recommend not to investigate further the mysterious air phenomena until there is convincing evidence for them." Nevertheless, the British government continued to record the occurrence of UFOs. Thus, 300 occurrences of UFOs were recorded annually. Before Nick Pope took his place, more than 10.000 occurrences of the UFO phenomenon were recorded. During his tenure, he received an average of 5 UFO sightings per week on the table.

Nike Pop's original task was to rationally explain each observation and assess whether or not the issue is a potential threat to national security.

However, only one of the reported cases was the Rendlshem Forest in Suffolk. This site is located in the area where the combined British-American military was located in the 80s.

On the morning of December 26, 1980, two American soldiers reported bright lights among the trees. Two nights later, the lights reappeared. A small search party was formed from local soldiers, including the commander. The commander recorded the course of the entire observation on a dictaphone, so we can hear his immediate description of the situation as he saw it with his soldiers.

From the beginning, we hear a rough description of how it passes through the woods. Suddenly the situation begins to change dramatically when it begins to describe the mysterious burns on the ground and the distinctive noise of nearby domestic animals. Then he begins to describe that he also sees the mysterious red light among the trees that appear and disappear briefly. The light was about 0,5 kilometers from the observer.

After the opening of the official investigation, most soldiers withdrew their resignation, saying that they must remain silent in the interests of national security. The investigation was conducted under the auspices of the US government, which never made its findings public. The case is believed to have been officially swept under the rug.

However, on March 30, 1993, a phenomenon occurred that surpassed previous observations. That's when Nick Pope got to the case, which kept his attention for another 13 years. It was a huge flying object seen by hundreds of witnesses at various ends across Britain. This case has not yet been officially explained.

Witnesses then described the object as a huge triangle with sharp lights at the ends. According to witnesses, the building behaved as if someone was driving it. In a short time during the day, Nick Pope received more than 60 reports of this case from across the UK. Testimony came from police, soldiers and other government officials, including civilians. They all agreed in detail on the shape and configuration of the lights on the building. The object moved in British airspace for almost 5 hours. He moved mainly to two key British military bases. The object moved inaudibly at a speed exceeding 1600 km / h and had an average of several hundred meters.

The paradox of investigating the case is that Nick Pope initiated a top-level inquiry addressed to the US government about whether it happened to be testing a secret aircraft at the time. The answer he received was startling. The American side itself solved a similar problem. Apparently she also had UFO sightings and asked the same question to the British side: do you happen to be conducting any secret experiments with us? Nick Pope concludes that, according to the Blue Book, the Americans officially stopped UFO surveillance in the 60s, based on this question, it can be deduced that they continue to monitor the phenomenon. - The object never appeared again.

In 1994, Nick Pope left his post. He was reassigned to another position. Years later, he returned to the case thanks to the law on free access to information. He could go through the archival files on the case. In addition to his report, he found a document in the file that summarized the conclusions of his investigation. It states: "One or two objects were moving over British territory, which could not be identified." This document was signed by Nick Pop's superiors. He concludes that they de facto acknowledged the existence of a phenomenon called UFOs and that they took the situation very seriously at the highest level of government.

For details on the case, please read the video: X Act of the Ministry of Defense CZ document.

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