DNA analysis of nearly 100 Egyptian mummies shocked the scientist

12. 09. 2022
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The ancient Egyptians did not come from Africa

German scientists from the Max Planck Institute and the University of Tübingen have succeeded in partially reconstructing the genome of 90 Egyptian mummies - 1500 to 3500 years old. After analyzing, they came to a surprising conclusion: the ancient Egyptians were not Africans. Some had Turkish roots and others came from southern Europe and from places where Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia and Abkhazia are located.

Recently, biologists from the iGENEA genealogy center in Zurich conducted a similar survey, analyzing the material of only one mummy. However, it was Pharaoh Tutankhamun himself. His DNA was extracted from the bone tissue of his left shoulder and left leg.

Experts from iGENEA compared the DNA of Pharaoh and contemporary Europeans and found that many of them are relatives of Tutankhamun. On average, about half of European men are "tutanchomony". In some countries it is up to 60% - 70%, for example in Great Britain, France or Spain.

They compared DNA with haplogroups, characteristic DNA sequences that are passed from generation to generation and stored almost unchanged. Relatives of Pharaoh Tutankhamun are the carriers of the haplogroup R1b1a2. The researchers emphasized that Tutankhamun's R1b1a2, widespread among European men, is almost non-existent among today's Egyptians, its share does not exceed 1%. "It's really interesting that Tutankhamun was genetically European," smiles iGENEA director Roman Scholz

Genetic research by the Swiss and Germans has once again confirmed that most Egyptians today are not descendants of the pharaohs. They have almost nothing in common with their ancient rulers. Which to some extent explains some of the peculiarities of Egyptian society. The pharaohs themselves do not come from here.

"I assume that the common ancestor of the Egyptian kings and Europeans lived in the Caucasus about 9500 years ago," Scholz said. "About 7000 years ago, his direct descendants scattered throughout Europe. Some have reached as far as Egypt, and some have even become Pharaoh. " In any case, the result is that Tutankhamun's ancestors, like himself, belonged to the Europoid (Caucasian) race.

Time is coming and revived again. So, as they wished.

Johannes Krause, a paleogeneticist at the University of Tübingen, told Nature Communication that German scientists had succeeded in completely reconstructing the genome of the three mummies. Their DNA was well preserved, "surviving our present," as the scientist put it. The DNA has been preserved, despite the warm Egyptian weather, the high humidity in the tombs and the chemicals used in the embalming.

Reconstruction of the genome is directly offered here and in the somewhat more distant future also the restoration of its owner by means of cloning. The ancient Egyptians will certainly not be angry, because they expected to rise from the dead one day. As if they knew their remains of bodies and bones would still be useful.

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