Antarctic: Bleeding glacier

15. 05. 2023
5th international conference of exopolitics, history and spirituality

The American team of scientists managed to solve the mystery of the bleeding glacier, which is located in Antarctica. This mystery had occupied them for many years, as red-colored water flowed from the glacier, resembling blood.

Bloody waterfalls (as the place is also called) are located in eastern Antarctica and were discovered in 1911. The scientific community has long debated the meaning and origin of the whole thing. There were also opinions that it was something from space or just a scam. None of this worked.

A scientific team led by Jill Mikucki of Tennessee University has drilled a depth probe into the iceberg. These brought them results that really surprised the scientists. The samples contained bacteria that stain the water into ore. The estimated age of the batteries is 2 million years.

Scientists believe that due to the extreme conditions in which bacteria have survived, it can be seriously assumed that these bacteria could survive in much worse conditions, even outside of planet Earth. Jill Mikucki said that conditions similar to those under the Blood Glacier are on Jupiter's moon Europa.

The probability of existence of extraterrestrial life is again a little greater.

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