Astral travel and dream world: are they real?

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In the article Hallucinations penetrate the intangible world, there was a discussion about the theme of dreams. I bring a brief overview of my acquaintances dreamlike the realities that I had the opportunity to personally meet or hear about telling their close friends.

The division of dreams

  • classic dreams: consciousness tries to process unresolved emotions by evoking memories of events that relate to an emotionally unprocessed situation, or they have an analogous course - that is, triggering the same kind of emotion. This is what you are trying to initiate to work with you in a dream or a waking state and close this part. It is possible to compare to the very fine version of the retrospection that everybody goes through when returning home in the process of death. Even in dreams, you may be acting as an independent observer or observer through another person. Again and again you experience unprocessed emotions, stress and tension.
  • conscious dreaming: there is widespread attention in them and we can bend the story. This will happen spontaneously, or you can learn how to do that. Then it is possible to modify or stop the story and become a director. The degree of change depends on the strength of the awakened consciousness.
  • dreams and visions: the medium will receive a story about the story that happened in the past, or is happening, or will happen. Time again does not play a role here.
    • A special subgroup is then a meeting with people who have already left Home to the Light or are just about to be there. In the same way, it is possible to include the arrival of a child before he or she is conceived or just afterwards.
  • A unique form is body signals, which causes a certain need. A typical case is the effort of the body to force a visit to the toilet.
  • Astral traveling: it is not a form of dreaming - it is a deeper state of consciousness in which you can move across the dimensions of reality and (not) the realities of time. It can travel virtually anywhere. Space movement can be discontinuous or linear. Widespread perception on 360 ° is available in all directions. It is possible to walk through physical things, such as walls, or fly. To be anything and anyone. They come from here mostly flying dreams. Astral travel can be consciously initiated or can be triggered by other incentives. Astral travel usually takes place astral body od physical.
  • Alien meeting: Special cases are cases initiated by someone outside. Here they fall meeting aliens in the astral world.

Third Eye

Dreams take place in Design Hall known as shishinka or third Eye. It is a place in the brain that has similar properties to the human eye, except that it has no lens, and at the same time it is the source of many hormones that serve as supportive substances for naturally initiated altered states of consciousness. It's sort of like reactor, which can get us into other dimensions.

During sleep we go through different levels of dreaming. Some of you ask: "What did you think?", they answer that they do not remember it either. This is due to the fact that the subtle nature of dream and astral reality is sometimes difficult to digest for the brain, for the rough essence of the world in which we move in the waking state. In addition, we do not have any particular experiences in our memories a dictionary of experiences and emotions. I fall here too miraculous dreams, where people find a cure for all the illnesses of the world or they discover drink of immortality and / or technical drawings for a free energy generator. Upon awakening, they will tell you they do not remember anything, just that they knew in the dream - they had a clear idea of ​​how to do it. In the dream everything was very simple and it was not enough to do it.

Be careful what you want, you can do it

But our reality has a great inertia. From dream, thought, feeling, to physical manifestation, sometimes a difficult road sometimes leads. It depends on each of us how much is internally tuned to the harmonic frequencies of the universe, because "wish and you will be given ... as above and below ... both inside and out ... or take care of what you want, you can do it! " He describes his dream projection in his video Pjér la Sez: Dreams and Dreams

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