NASA Astronaut: I've seen alien bodies

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NASA's astronaut admitted he had the opportunity to see a military video footage of the most famous ETV downing incident in Roswell. The record also showed the bodies of dead aliens.

Astronaut Ellison Onizuka was to die during the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986. (But there is evidence that suggests that the crash survived just like the entire crew.) Before that, he should have mentioned his good friend and colleague Clark C. McClelland what he had seen.

McClelland is a former NASA flight shuttle operator. Somewhat strange conversation mentioned earlier in the article: I saw what I didn't have.

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As we all know, the history of the Roswell incident began at the turn of 6. and 7. months of 1947, when the military began to systematically monitor ETV activity over the military area near Roswell. Everything culminated in the damage to the telemetry of three extraterrestrial ships, with the help of a new secret weapon based on the principle of coherent electromagnetic pulses. As a result, three ETVs fell to the ground, two of which even collided.

At first, the army admitted that an object of extraterrestrial origin was found on Michael Brazell's ranch, but the day was ridiculed by a story about meteorological balloons.

Witnesses later confirmed (including Philip Corso) that 9 aliens were found on site, of which 7 was dead on the spot, one was Corsa shot while trying to escape and one was held on White-Petterson AFB by 1952 when he died . The wreckage of the ships and the bodies were also deposited on the same foundation, as confirmed in Corso's personal testimony.

McClelland mentioned that Onizuka had entrusted him with a special movie recording experience that was shown to him as part of the space flight preparatory phase. Apparently it all started with the fact that Onizuka asked him about his opinion about the existence of extraterrestrial life. Literally said: "I've experienced something special. There were other people from the USAF from McClellan AFB - all engineers and pilots on a compulsory training course like me. ” The whole thing happened about 8 years before he started astronaut training.

McClelland: "Ell and the other guys from the special group were once sent to the screening room. When everyone sat down, the room darkened without anyone saying anything at all, as was customary in such situations. ”

According to McClelland, Onizuka described: "I saw a kind of room in the movie that resembled an operating room where small bodies of unknown humanoid species lay on the table." He added: "The bodies reminded us of the well-known description of the Roswell 1947 incident witnesses. They had large heads, large eyes, thin bodies with flowing hands and feet. Certainly they looked like something from Earth. ”

Clark C. McClelland

McClelland: "Ell told me that when the movie was over, there was a grave silence again." Immediately they were called to perform other tasks. He didn't talk to them about what they saw or even give them a space for discussion. "

Ell Onizuka by McClelland: "Maybe they just tried our psychic reaction. Maybe it was a targeted psychological test forced by the military. Maybe this even helped me because in 1978 they accepted my application to participate in the space program. Can you imagine how I would really look if I met an alien…? ”

Onizuka and McClelland seemed to have planned to keep this strange discussion on, but that didn't happen anymore, because Ell Onizuka became 08.01.1986 part of the Challenger crash incident.

Mainstream tried to clear this story under the rug with the unspecified trustworthy witnesses claiming McClelland to be the unequivocal wandering fool who sees aliens everywhere: he said he saw astronauts putting their ET on the ISS.

Yet in a poll on the UK mainstream server EXPRESS, more than 52 respondents said they considered this story as more evidence of the presence of aliens on Earth. What is your opinion? Write in the comments and vote in the poll.

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