Ayahuasca - The Wisdom of Cosmic Wisdom (2 / 3)

12. 04. 2023
5th international conference of exopolitics, history and spirituality

When I met DMT, I asked about what causes this substance in our bodies? Or, more precisely: why can our DMT bodies produce?

Answer: Because it is the molecule of the soul.

Let's start with the moment of birth. For mothers, nursing without anesthetics is a painful psychedelic affair. This is more for the newborn. DMT has been shown to be present in newborns.

Egyptian and Buddhist texts, and then modern human embryology teach that human development processes last about 65 days. Even then DMT forms.

When we die, there is a strong liberation from identification with the body (according to the knowledge of those who have experienced clinical death), which is the same with the use of DMT. So the pineal gland releases the special non-bodily contents of consciousness and is the most active organ at the time of death. It could be argued that life energy exists precisely through the pineal gland. As a result of death, a veil unfolds in our dying brain and mind, which normally hides what might be called a state or a gateway to things to come. The soul molecule continues to play the role of the original guide to the world on the other side, where we become "ourselves." Why in this most important case?


Inner - outer universe

It is incredible that such a simple substance as DMT is able to convey such a spectrum of real experiences and feelings from tranquil to extremely dramatic. From insights to encounters with extraterrestrial beings and galaxy paths. It's as fascinating as asking why nature or creator created DMT? How does this substance bioavailable, an evolutionally beneficial feature that plants and animals can synthesize this molecule? What is the intention and what is it to serve?

In that simplicity, power will be.

Continuing my journey…

The clock stopped ticking and I sank into space. A snake like a living form of DNA has penetrated me, and I can feel and see every cell of my body. The space lights up and there comes a kind of crackling like opening a door to infinity, and I hear, "Hi, I'm glad you did. Come and I will show you what you have longed for all your life. ”I open my eyes and see a creature taking my hand.

"How do you think you can travel in space (as you people call this space)?"

"I think…" I say and the being will fill me smoothly…

"Well, you see how simple," he makes a gesture of closed eyes and continues, "the thought of a wave of living cosmic energy is the fastest and most essential primitive form."



"I thought so, but it's hard to make sense for an earthly entity when there's no evidence. So why do I have a body on planet Earth, even though my original essence lives elsewhere? ”The question flashes in my head.

The creature smiles, and at that moment I see the entire universe as one being. Thousands of "why" will turn into the one most important answer.

"We live here, right now and forever," he replies.

"Seek, seek, and you will find the truth only within," the being tells me tenderly and kindly. "Who do you think I am?" He asks me with a wonderful smile.

"I feel like I know you. As if… "I answer with a pause," at first I took you in amazement as a contact or guide, but now I have an idea that you are… "I will stop a little in the sentence. She Being pushes me with my senses, I feel it completely inside me and then I finish the sentence. "You are Me!" I exhale into the space of those few fascinating words.

"Well, you see how you understood it." I hear her answer.

"I am You and You are Me," I say with relief, and continue, "It's unbelievable, but in fact I've always felt You all my life."

"Do you want to see him?" He asks me, or I ask myself.

"You mean Mars?" I answer.

"Mars is just your word, more important is the concept of a place," I smile to myself.

"How long will it take? Human probes have been flying there for half a year. ”The creature smiles. "Ah, sorry for the weird questions about the meaning of time and speed," I answer with a smile.

Instantly I feel the touch of the Beast's hand, then the connection in one body and I hear. .

"We are here. Do you feel and see Mars? ”He asks me.

And I stared at the plains covered with…

To be continued…

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