Bosnia: two water canals under local pyramids

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Expert team led by Pyramid discoverer in Bosnia Dr. Semirem Osmanagichem announced another breakthrough after months of hard work full of obstacles. In the underground labyrinth, Ravne has discovered two new freshwater water canals that bore under the ancient pyramid complex of the Bosnian town of Visoko.

"It's not the first time I've found free stretches that the human leg has not entered for a long time. It's a strange feeling everyone knows. It's a moment when dreams come true, " he confided on his site Semir Osmanagich.

While most of the corridors previously explored are filled with sand and small river stones to the ceiling, the newly discovered water canals are loose and there is no need to make any excavations.

On the first water canal, he encountered during the cleaning of the side corridor leading to The Pyramid of the Sun. The tunnel is tall 110 to 120 centimeters and the water here reaches the height of 20 to 30 centimeters. It ends with a dry bottom with pebbles and a half-meter deep pond filled with clean water. The second channel runs in the northeastern direction and has a higher water level - about one meter. In some places the ceiling height reaches up to two meters.

In some places, the water reached up to a meter high.

In some places, the water reached up to a meter high.

When the team waded through mud and water, he also discovered several intersections with stowed or rolled side corridors. The tunnels crossed at right angles.

The total length of newly discovered tunnels is 127 meters. The wine is about 35 meters under the surface of the earth and the water in them is clean and pristine.

"Our hypothesis that it is a labyrinth with countless tunnels and that there is always a way to find a freeway is thus confirmed" Osmanagich said. "We want to clear the tunnel leading north to the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. We must still span nine meters of water and overcome the obstacles on the way to the remaining free corridors, " outlined other plans of the archaeologist.

Osmanagich says he is in Bosnia the largest and oldest pyramid complex in the world. Below five pyramids, a complex system of corridors and chambers is tilted, measuring tens of kilometers. So far, 1 550 meters have been explored. Satellite images taken by the georadar in the 2011 and 2014 years have revealed that the underground system leads to both pyramids - the Sun and the Moon.

Graphic depictions of satellite images captured using a georadar that show a network of tunnels at different depths below the surface

Graphic depictions of satellite images captured using a georadar that show a network of tunnels at different depths below the surface

In the labyrinth they get throughtwo cultural layers: one that built up underground tunnels and chambers more than 12 a thousand years ago, and the other one that was hanging out for 5 000 flights for unknown reasons. The mystery is also why some sections remained free and flooded with water.

In the construction of the labyrinth, thousands of tonnes of material were excavated. It was later used as a building material for the production of high quality concrete, which is lined with the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.

Teachers of physicists, electrotechnics and sound engineers recorded in the underground labyrinth unique electromagnetic and acoustic phenomena. It turned out that it exists continuous EMC field 28 kHz, as well as ultrasound at the same frequency. That's supposed to be the best frequencies for spiritual development. Inside the labyrinth, ultra low electromagnetic frequency 7,83 Hz was also measured, the so-called Schumann's resonance, which is the best energy field for all living beings.

"In addition, we measured the high concentration of negative ions in the labyrinth. Medically, negative ions have been shown to increase oxygen levels in the blood, cleanse the atmosphere from dust, kill viruses and bacteria. And finally, in the tunnels there is an environment without cosmic radioactive radiation, which is everywhere on the surface of the planet, " summarizes the results of the Osmanagich measurement, which believes that these areas were previously used for regeneration and healing.

Bosna pyramida Slunce

Bosna pyramida Slunce

However, mainstream archaeologists and geologists are reluctant to accept the theory of pyramids in Bosnia, claiming it is only a common, wooded hill with perfectly molded slopes. Everything else, according to them, is only a part of the exaggerated human imagination and well-performing archaeological business. Osmanagic, however, intends to continue in the excavations ...

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    • S S he wrote:

      Exactly. This article clearly distinguishes between a low frequency electrostatic field (ELF). so even this article confirms that once the frequency, the black and the electrostatic field are spoken.

      I remind you that the word “static” means “immovable, solid, calm, unchanging, constant” - not something that changes (perhaps periodically).

      • S S he wrote:

        In the second sentence, the conjunction “a” with the following word dropped.
        I am sorry.

        Corrected version:
        The article clearly distinguishes between the electrostatic field and the low frequency field (ELF).

        • V. he wrote:

          well S., now that he has been on vocabulary and helped his ego (you were right), could your wonderful intellect engage a little more creative and try to comment on the radiation of the electromagnetic field of the pyramid and what effect it might have on people, earth , or other objects?

          • S S he wrote:

            I still have not found out what intensity (or amplitude in the case of alternating fields) was measured. Without this information, the influence can not be properly assessed.

            If the intensity is small, the effect near zero will be zero.

            The intensity of both the electric field and the non-directional electromagnetic radiation furthermore decreases with a square of distance from the source.

  • anunaki he wrote:

    what about el el. state. field, resolve alternating, pulse, static. also frequencies, frequent passages ..

    • S S he wrote:

      Can you give a link to the source where this division is mentioned?

      In my opinion, the electrostatic field is defined by the zero-frequency powder - invariance, staticity. As soon as the value of the field changes, it is no longer an electrostatic field, but its magnetic component begins to emerge and is already an electromagnetic field.

      But please correct me with a reference to a parable source of information.

  • V. he wrote:

    M. and S. I think the radiation (radiating) and EMC field values ​​can be quite interesting data (for you technicians) to develop hypotheses about the true purpose of the pyramid.
    The tombs, as far as I know, have not been found so that this blind alley can be thrown out of the head and concentrate on something more sublime than the wasting of these incredible stable pyramid features for something as insignificant as the burial of the dead in such an enormous work. .

    • S S he wrote:

      Without naming the amplitude and comparing it with the complete spectrum of measured frequencies, the information is totally null.
      Beginning would be enough if there were information about how they measured it.

      The article also lacks the inforlacre of the rock from which the alleged pyramid is composed.

      By the way: what is EMC? Meaning is more, but I do not know which one the author has in mind. (

      • anunaki he wrote:

        emc - electromagnetic capacitance, electrostatic field

        • S S he wrote:

          I do not understand.

          If the field is to be electro-static, how does it have to have a frequency at the same time? However, the frequency has dynamic fields.

          If you are writing about electromagnetic capacities, I'm not too clear about what to do. Is that the sum of the electrical capacitance and the magnetic inductance? Or something else? But how does it relate to the static character that you name next? And how does the capacity relate to the frequency mentioned in the article? Frequency is by its nature a description of a dynamically changing process, while capacity is a static property of an object.

          Could you explain these (perhaps only seeming) contradictions in more detail?

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