Branice rocks come to life in the rhythm of drums

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3rd International Conference Sueneé Universe

The Branice Rocks represent a magical entrance to Prague for all those who used to arrive on the Vltava River or who are coming from the Barrandov Bridge today. Once upon a time one of the three points of the energy protection system of the Prague basin was anchored in the direction from the south. Other points were in Děvín and Vyšehrad, which together with the Branice rocks form an isosceles triangle.

Branik rocks

Despite 100 flights, the Branice Rocks almost reached the river, later bitten off by a quarry, main energy sites but at the top it was preserved. According to local legend they are associated with the mythical Princess Libuše, who allegedly examined the partnership suitability of lovers who were considering establishing a family.

We get in the middle 31. July 18: 00 We will inspect the energy points of the Branice Rocks, enjoy a unique view of Prague, and then enjoy together with the Music Dance Group Sueneéwhere Sueneé and his friends form a great musical ensemble that drums with joy and respect for energy venues.

We will celebrate the Celtic feast of Lughnasad

We will do so on the eve Celtic holiday Lughnasadthat our ancestors celebrated at the turn of July and August, when the sun's rays have the greatest power. Therefore, we hope that we will enjoy the nice summer weather, and our event will be held even in the event of some showers.

The meeting is in 17: 30 at Vávra's prospect. Get started in 18: 00 and the predicted end in 20: 00. Symbolic admission is 100 CZK, lending drum 50 CZK.

If interested, call the phone: 777 703 008 (payment may take place on site, but you need to know how many drums to take with us).

Do not hesitate and come to soak up the atmosphere, new energy and meet new friends.

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