Bulgaria: Wamphyri

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The Bulgarian name for the vampire originated from the original Slavic word opyri / opiri and gave rise to shapes such as vepir, vapir, vipir or vampire. It was believed that the souls of the dead would rise from the grave immediately after their death and go to the places they visited in their lives. Their journey was supposed to take 40 days, then they came back and fell asleep with eternal sleep. Some people, however, were not properly buried, which allowed them to enter the post-mortem world, and then they became undead.

Vampire transformation

The group of people susceptible to this transformation belonged to individuals who died of violent death, were excluded from the church, drunkards, thieves, murderers and witches. Even legends have been told that some of the vampires have returned to 'living' in a completely foreign city, found new partners and even begot children. But they had to deal with the new aspect of their being: the desire for blood.

Cognitive vampire characters

One of the smallest European nations, Gaugaz, called vampire vampires. He believed in their blood-borne ability, the ability to move objects like a poltergeist, and the ability to create a racket similar to, for example, petards. People have tried to obfuscate their towns from the cities in the form of various snacks and delicacies, or what is very interesting, as it is the opposite of the first example, feces.

Ustrels - Souls of un-baptized children.

An assassin is another type of vampire. It is a child born on Saturday, but unfortunately it did not last the next day, that is Sunday when she was baptized. The fugitive awakens on the ninth day after his funeral and saves the blood of domestic animals. She wakes up all night and returns to the coffin before dawn. After ten days of feeding, the shot will become strong enough that he no longer has to return to his grave. Now rests during the day, even if it is set between the horns of the calf or ram, or between the cubs of the dairy cows. In the night he attacks the most untouchable animals in the herd.

The people at vampirdzhija (vampire hunters) sought help against these creatures. When the vampire was identified, the entire local community met to perform a ritual, firing a guard fire. The whole event began on Saturday morning. All the fireplaces in the village were extinguished and the cattle were driven to open space. The villagers then led the animals to the intersection, where each side of the camp was burning campfire. The idea of ​​the whole ritual was to get out of his hiding place in this way and to appear in an animal that rests during the day. That would allow the wolves at the crossroads to kill not only the domestic animal but also the vampire himself.

How to kill a vampire

Another vampire removal expert was Djadadjii. Again, it was a vampire hunter who tried to catch a vampire in the bottle. It first filled her with human blood. Then he went looking for a vampire's lair. For this purpose, as well as for protection, it used religious icons of saints, Jesus or Virgin Mary. As soon as the icon began to shake, it meant that the vampire was somewhere nearby. The hunter then hauled the vampire into a bottle that came into it either voluntarily (because of the desire for blood) or forced to do so by a holy relic. The bottle was then very tightly closed and thrown into the fire. When she cracked, the vampire was dead.

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    I recommend to the visitors page About the vampires.cz where an unknown Romanian author describes a meeting with vampires and everything connected with them :)

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    this is a pretty interesting topic when a reader tries through a ballast of various fantastic fiction enriched with religious thought, so he concludes that the term "vampire" would be sitting very well today's term "mutant." And it's hard to tell where this evil mutation can come from. Often, his immense bloodthirst is mentioned, even if he has enough blood to survive for survival. It kind of reminds a little of a movie intruder - if it can, it sounds like a Terminator, but otherwise it suffices with little. It is quite possible that it is an infection of a predatory organism from space that uses man to survive, because the aggression and predity attributed to vampires is terrifying on the current earthly conditions. But it may well be a remnant of the times when the earthly fauna was much more predatory ...

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