Buzz Aldrin on lie detector - aliens exist!

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The former American astronaut and the other man who landed on the moon, Buzz Aldrin, was tested by a lie detector for claiming that aliens existthat he saw them on their way to the moon.

Another three astronauts underwent a lie detector, Al Worden, Edgar Mitchell a Gordon Cooper. Their results were positive.

In an interview for the scientific channel in 2005 Buzz Aldrin said the crew of the famous mission Apollo 11 saw the UFO on the way to the moon. Later Aldrin claimed that his words were removed from the context, although his story was supported by Dr. David Baker, Principal Scientist Apollo 11.

Over the years, Aldrin has made other strange statements that indicate that knows about the presence of aliens in the universe much more.

In 2014, the famous astronaut NASA he explained in a number of questions to Reddit what he actually saw. Thus Aldrin spoke of his "extraterrestrial encounter";

"In Apollo 11, during the journey to the Moon, I watched through the window some light that moved along with us. There were many explanations of what that might be. It could have been a spaceship from another state or from another world, it could have been the rocket from which we were separated or the four panels that were moving when we launched the landing platform and faced two spacecrafts. So 4 panels have moved away from us. And I'm absolutely convinced we saw the sun rays reflected from one of these panels. Who? I do not know. So technically, there could be a definition of what we saw "unidentified".

But we knew very well what it was. When we returned, they interrogated and we were told what exactly we saw. I thought he'd learned about the whole world, but obviously it was not. Many years later I had the opportunity to reveal my observations in a single interview for foreign television. And UFO people in the US were very angry because I did not give them any information."

Crew Apolla 11 quickly came to the conclusion that what they saw on their way to the moon was the sunlight reflecting in the adapter panel, in one of the four hatches that closed the lunar module and were thrown off as soon as the rocket was disconnected.

"It was not extraterrestrial. Extraordinary observations require extraordinary evidence, said Carl Sagan", Concluded Aldrin Reddit AMA in 2014.

But now they appear new informationthat Aldrin passed a lie detector test for a UFO encounter during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969.

Did the detector confirm that aliens exist?

According to experts, test results show that Astronauts were totally conviction about that, during their journey to the moon discovered alien life.

Based on an analysis by the "Institute of Bioacoustic Biology in Ohio" astronauts nelhaliwhen they talked about extraterrestrial life and strange encounters on the moon.

In an interview with the controversial magazine "The Daily Star," a well-known publication of UFO stories, "The Institute of Bioacoustic Biology in Ohio" explained that the recordings show that Aldrin was "absolutely convinced" of the truth of his narrative.

Aldrin said he saw "something close enough to be observed and on L-shape" when traveling to the Moon, "Metro reports.

Buzz Aldrin places a seismometer in the sea of ​​peace

Buzz was not the only one who reportedly told the truth of a meeting with aliens. Another astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man walking along the moon, also claimed to see aliens on his way to the moon. The Institute conducted an analysis of his voice and just like Aldrin, tells the truth.

However, as experts have noted, we still have no idea what the Biological Institute is based on. Because the company is doing some relatively outrageous conclusions based on its technology.

The Institute says "As a bridge between the old ideas of sound treatment and Star Trek's futuristic Star Trek program, it is now possible to reverse the illnesses and traumas that were previously considered incurable, to reveal the secrets of our true nature, to improve our lives, to predict what our destiny is and that all over the frequency of our voice.

Scient alert explains that while bioacoustics is a legitimate science discipline, in this case, the institute's field of study has characteristic features of pseudoscience.

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