5 of mummified bodies of aliens was discovered

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Researchers from Peru reported a major discovery. It is a finding of five mummified bodies that have similar features to grays.

Found bodies were named as Mummy of Nazka on the occasion of a special conference that was exceptionally organized in connection with their discovery of the public.

A team of researchers, including Mexican scholars and well-known exopolitic journalist Jaime Maussan, agree that the bodies found look more like reptilians than humans (humanoids). Western mainstream opposes that it must definitely be the biggest hoax since the publication of the Roswell alien dissection in 1996.

A short film depicts an alien autopsy disaster that was supposed to be a Roswell incident. Until today, there is a dispute over whether it is an authentic film or a forgery. There are also reasons to believe that it is a film based on a real event.
The team investigating mummified bodies said that the radiocarbon dating of the bones showed the age of the bodies approximately 1700 years back. This brings us back to approximately 317 of the year. The report more accurately states that the bodies come from the years 245 AD to 410 AD. If independent testing would confirm similar results (mainly body form), then it would certainly be that key (last) stone in the jigsaw puzzle of the presence of aliens on Earth.

Team on press conference in the begining July 2017 published the X-ray images of mummies to confirm that they are the real bodies of unknown beings. The team gained access to more similar ones alien looking the bodies which, according to their words, are also owned by the (secret) US government.

Jaime Maussan

Jaime Maussan

Jaime Maussan is an investigative journalist in the field of exopolitics with more than 40 years of practice. He said to the camera: People must understand that such a type of body has always been in the possession of governments or armies. This is the first time we have the opportunity to take and examine them. The five found bodies have characteristics that are closer to reptilians than to humans (humanoid).

From some online reviews, we can read that the bodies remind people of grays - in exopolitical culture - of the most common forms of aliens.

Jaime Maussan also said that there was nothing to suggest that this was a fraud. We want to present to the media further ongoing test results that should confirm our assumptions. Tests have only been performed on one of a total of five bodies. The remaining four bodies have symptoms indicating that it is another species of animals.

According to available information, the bodies were found on Nazca Plain (we know the place with its shapes and lines). The exact location and manner in which archaeological excavations were carried out was not disclosed.

If the first tests have proven to be authentic forms of life nearly two millennia, the appearance itself suggests something extraordinary. Mainstrem tries to alleviate everything as a single fraud. However, the exopolitical world of South America is far more than others in discovering extraterrestrial issues. Where we seek the synergies of government structures to declassify key documents, some South American countries are openly cooperating with research UFO research groups. Viliam Poltikovic made a film documentary on this subject Teachers from the stars.

Found mummies from the Nazca Plateau are

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Mummy of Nazca

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