Time is not linear, it is a point (infinite sphere), or consciousness and aging process

13. 07. 2021
4rd International Conference Sueneé Universe

It is high time to look at our world from a different angle. Forget what your parents, school teachers, university professors, etc. told you. We have to look at the world completely differently.

1. An objective, observer-free world does not exist

Our world has its distinctive features, which must in no way be explored independently and without our observers. As a simple example we can mention a chair - from our point of view it does not take up much space, but from the point of view of an ant it is completely different.

Another thing is that we perceive the chair as a solid and hard object, but the neutrino "jumps" at high speed, because for them the atoms of the chair will be "kilometers" apart. None of the objective facts on which our reality is based is, in essence, credible. It depends on how you interpret them.

We don't even know and consciously control the many things and processes that take place in our body - breathing, digestion, raising and lowering blood pressure or cleansing, and we can control them at the same time. It is enough to focus on what is happening in our body and we can intervene in their processes and thus in the process of our aging.

All so-called spontaneous processes, from heart trauma, breathing, digestion to maintaining hormonal balance, can be controlled.

2. Our bodies are composed of energy and information

We think that our bodies are formed of solid matter, but physicists claim that 99,9999% of each atom is made up of empty space, and that the subatomic particles that travel through this space at the speed of light are in fact beams of vibrational energy. The entire Universe, including our body, is immaterial yet thoughtful.

In every atom, invisible intelligence pulsates in empty space. Geneticists place this intelligence in DNA. Life arises when DNA translates its encoded intelligence into its active twin, RNA, which then integrates into the cell and passes bits of reason to thousands of enzymes, which use them to make proteins. At every point in this chain, there must be an exchange of energy and information, otherwise life would cease to exist.

As we age, the flow of this intelligence weakens for various reasons. This process would be irreversible if man consisted only of matter, but entropy is not about intelligence, and our "invisible" part of time is not. In India, they call this flow prana and can control it - amplifying, restricting and directing it.

3. The mind and the body are one whole

Intelligence (consciousness) can manifest itself both at the level of ideas and at the level of molecules. Emotions such as fear can be defined as an abstract feeling or as the action of molecules of one of the hormones, adrenaline. There would be no hormone without fear, and there would be no fear without adrenaline. Whatever our mind focuses on, it also results in the creation of appropriate chemicals.

Medicine has only recently begun to make use of the connection between mind and body. As an example, it can serve all the known placebo effect when 30% has been shown to experience the same improvement as when using the drug. The placebo has a more versatile application; it can be used to relieve pain, reduce pressure and even cancer.

If one harmless tablet has different uses, we can conclude that the mind-body pair can trigger any biochemical reaction if the mind receives the relevant information. The loss of strength in old age is actually caused by people expecting it.

4. Body biochemistry is the result of consciousness work

Most people believe that the human body is just a machine without its own intelligence. But the percentage of people who succumb to cancer or diseases of the circulatory system is higher for those who are under mental stress than for people who go through life consciously and well.

According to the new paradigm, consciousness can also control the speed of the aging process. If someone despairs about their aging, they age faster. The saying, "You have as much as you feel," is deeply hidden.

5. Sensing perceptions

Perception of different feelings - love, hate, joy or contempt, stimulates the body very differently. A person who is trampled by job loss projects his mental state into all parts of his body, and as a result he stops producing neurotransmitters, hormonal levels fall, sleep disorders, cell surface receptors deform, and platelets tend to clump because they become "sticky". As a result, "tears of pain" contain more chemicals than "tears of joy." When we feel joy, the chemistry of our body changes the exact opposite.

All biochemistry comes from the depths of consciousness. Each cell fully perceives what and how you think. When you realize this fact, all your ideas that you are a victim of coincidences and degenerative processes will fade.

6. The impulses of the mind change the body every second

As long as the brain receives new impulses, the body is also able to react to it.

7. We are not cut off from the whole

Although it may seem to us that we are an individual, we are all connected to the intelligence of the Universe.

From the point of view of one consciousness, all people, all things and events that take place "somewhere far away" are part of your body. When you touch the petal of a rose, there is actually an exchange of information between your finger and the petal.

Your fingers and the things you touch are all "balls" of information from the unlimited field of information we call the Universe. If you understand this, you will know that the world is not dangerous, but is actually an extension of your body, without borders. The world, it's you!

8. Time is not absolute

The real basis of everything is unlimited time, and what we call time is the quantification of eternity.

We imagine time as a projectile flying forward, but the complex geometry of quantum space has dispelled this myth forever. It can move in all directions and can even stop. What you perceive only creates your consciousness.

9. Each of us lives in our reality

Currently, the only physiology we can stick to is the course of processes associated with time. But the fact that time is connected with consciousness means that we can choose a completely different scheme of the course of physiological processes.

From childhood we feel that there is a component in us that is immutable. This part of us was simply called "I" by the Indian sages. From the point of view of a single consciousness, we can define the whole world as the flowing stream of the Spirit, which is in fact our consciousness. That is why our basic task is to connect with our "I".

10. We do not have to be victims of aging, illness and death

All this is part of the scenario and not the observer himself, who also has the ability to change anything.

Life is essentially a creative process. When you connect with your consciousness, you come into contact with your creative center. Not being conscious ultimately means losing control of the body. And so the new paradigm tells us, “If you want to change, change your consciousness. Try to perceive the Earth as a planet where no one ages; is "somewhere out there" and inside you.

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