Censorship, manipulation, intimidation, conspiracy, disinformation

08. 07. 2021
4rd International Conference Sueneé Universe

In the 21st century, freedom of speech, neutrality and the impartiality of the media on social networks are uncertain. The rules of truth are determined by non-publicly elected representatives, owners and directors of multinational companies operating social networks.

We consider it absolutely essential and important to preserve the principles of fundamental rights and freedoms in this society, so that material, critical and theoretical ideas are given space in mutual respect and consideration…

Modern censorship

Since January 2020, we have been witnessing a very sharp polarization in society and a shift in opinion, with unelected representatives of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and the mainstream media determining which views are right and which are socially dangerous. We repeatedly have the opportunity to see censorship in practice. Opponents of people (eg Jaroslav Dušek, Igor Chaun, Milan Calábek, Prof. Jiří Beran, MD, CSc .; Hana Zelená, MD, Jan Hnízdil, MD, Ctirad Musil, etc.) are systematically deleted, blocked and their authors dishonored. Modern media kings, judges and executioners in one person are becoming more and more websites claiming the right to determine which opinions are correct and which should be rejected as socially unacceptable. disinformation. But sometimes it is true: "The thief shouts: Catch the thief!" …?

Modern censors are not forced by anyone to make their decisions in any way justify or de facto verify. They make their judgments about who spreads conspiracies or misinformation on the basis of machine analysis of keywords, personal attitudes, political order or unfair competitive struggle.

Czech video sharing platform NasTub.cz

NasTub.cz project wants to offer respected personalities and already functioning independent media projects a place to publish audiovisual content without fear of being penalized in any way for fairly expressing their views and opinions or sharing the views of like-minded people.

We perceive that each of us has the right to assess the materiality of information, and there is no one who can speak for a theoretical majority and determine which information or opinion is the objective truth.

We're running www.nastub.cz

Part of a community

The project aims to function as a primary or backup space in addition to regular social media. (So ​​we don't want to compete with any of our current players.) We want media content without third-party ads. Easy to embed on another website or share on social networks. We place great emphasis on server security and data availability even in the event of an (un) intentional or forced outage. The existence and viability of the whole project depends on the strength of the community that will be it support. With this article, therefore, we appeal to you, the audience, to become part of the new - we believe in a safe space.

Trust but check

It is up to each of us to verify the facts and not rely solely on the judgment of any media or social network or the opinion of the individual. Gaining as much detail as possible into the overall mosaic of the image of reality that we have created by collective consciousness is a good step towards personal responsibility for our own lives.

The authors of the project do not intend to judge in any way those who publish on NasTub.cz. We want to honor Basic Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Otherwise, we would logically fit into the role of similar censors, whom, on the contrary, we want to facilitate the work by not burdening them with their views on their sandpits… :-)

Project challenges

We want to create a secure space not only for audiovisual content, but also for virtual social contact. Tests the platform Mastodon. We also want to run a platform for publishing photos and creating own blogs. All of these sites use and will use the protocol ActivityPubwhich enables decentralization and cooperation across island systems across the Earth. It can be compared to the paths between settlements, which can thus communicate, cooperate and share. The inhabitants of one settlement can refer directly to another and communicate with each other. This ensures that the failure of one part of the system would jeopardize the functioning of the whole. Everything can also be easily backed up.

Does that sound like a good idea to you? So let's get to it together! Please, support us in our intention.

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