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We leave the airport in Dubai. It is 09: 00 local time morning. We are waiting for an eight-hour flight on the island of Bali, where we should land at 22: 00. How little is enough to travel through time ... :)

Po Dubá walk we went back to the airport. There were still a few hours left until we left, so we were looking for a place where we could rest and possibly write. I finally slept for about an hour. It was very difficult - the more I took the last antibiotics. It was, for the first time, more than four years ago when I decided to resort to powders because the pain in my throat caught me just before departure. Sometimes I like to work with herbal energies and curative crystals, but now there was so little time. I almost figured out if the universe is trying me ... if I really want to big jump. The first wave of sleeplessness and the inner cold of fatigue came. However, the annoyance passed me after the morning green tea with baguette :) It was more cheerful.

We fly with Boeing BA777-300 from Emirates. The plane is beautiful, it can not be evaluated against FLYDubai. In one word amazing! We recommend - several times we were surprised - by both the mood of stewardesses and stewards, a great footwell and a great selection of movies and other entertainment. It was really nice and nice when you think we spent eight hours on the plane. They cared very well for us. During the flight we received twice rich vegetarian dishes. Free drinks of all kinds were available for that - all in ticket price.

Being beautiful and actually realizing that you are suddenly behind the equator. You fly around amazing places you only know from television, and it suddenly raises your heart. Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Singapore, Sumatra, and Java on the map of the plane are smiling at you from a distance in Hong Kong. The feeling that you have all the extras of your hand ... All those places have one thing in common and that's water. The power that smoothes every day with its shocks of the mainland and creates the shape of every beautiful part of our planet. I am interested in the map and the course of the flight.

We landed with a little delay, because intense rains and storms over the islands. We are more applauded and thank you! It's night.

A monkey king welcomes us in the airport hall with the inscription: "Welcome to Bali" (Welcome to Bali). I feel instantly how the energy of this island touched my soul. I meet friendly smiling faces. It is a completely different world again than in our country or in Dubai.

There is a long queue in the check-in hall. My fellow travelers are waiting for an hour for luggage. We still have to arrange a tourist visa for the 30 days at the Immigration Department and go through an exit check again. Even though there is 22: 00, I can not see you in the crib until after midnight.

Suddenly, one big joy comes. She is a millionaire !!! I change the euro on the rupee (IRD) and I suddenly have millions in my banknotes, which I can not even count on! It's a strange feeling. I feel my psyche move ... how I think about my own set of values. I feel a little insecure, because it's new to me. It's only slowly happening to me that proverbial he easily got up and left slightly, something will be;). The course is 1 CZK = 632 IRD and the prices of things and services are the same. I'm looking forward to discovering this special world ...

At the airport we pick a taxi according to the feeling. We are all very tired, so although we are all instructed that prices must be negotiated here, we rarely agree with the 10 USD. We drive to Bakun Beach Resort, which we chose for the first night. The hotel is surrounded by greenery and has its own swimming pool. Right across the street is a large department store. The room is very luxurious - on the star with the star.

In the room I still have a quick WIFI to send you the first few pictures from the landing. It's about 03: 00 at night. (The difference between Prague is 7 hours, so 20: 00.)

Let's go from YT Greentara mantra and we plan the plan for tomorrow's day. We want to hire a personal guide to help us get where we need it. We find that we were just arriving at the weekend when the most important celebrations of the year are on the island. It's a local tradition that most tourists can not, but we can arrange a special entrance ...

This is what I am saying to you today with the words of one of the Balinese monks: Keep your eyes wide open so you can see the beauty of the planet, your home needs to have an open heart and a wide mind. Then there will be miracles in your reality, unlike any kitsch.

You can look forward to telling a truly mystical experience of the local ritual. I'm struggling a bit with internet connection. I'll get a local SIM card and try to be more online. I would like to register in live broadcast, as soon as possible. There's so much I want to show you and say ... and I'm only here the first day! I'll get back to you as soon as possible. :)

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Journey to Bali

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