Chronological History of the Earth

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During many of his meetings, Contacter Billy Meier learned a lot about our history. It is important that we know where we came from, where the human race comes from and what our bonds are. We have been cut off from our history, but many of us on this planet now know that we come from other worlds. The following chronology of the history of the Earth extends beyond 22 for millions of years back, and should remind us a few memories and fascinating knowledge.

All information comes from Billy Meier, what he learned from the aliens from Pleiades.

The origins of the human being lie in the ring of the Lyra nebula, from where it unfolds until the great Pleiades history. The old constellation Lyra appears to be the oldest home of the people we know. Before 22 for millions of years, the old Lyrans of ours first appeared in our system and built our colony here. Since it was the first attempt at space travel, it took them a long time to get to Earth. After the first arrival, they founded a group of very primitive human beings. There have been many expeditions over the next thousand years.

Ancient Lyrans were titans, tall 5 - 6 meters, their planet was much larger than our Earth. They were white, white or blond hair and usually had blue eyes. They were warriors who, in the next few millions of years, strengthened their power and controlled the spiritual energies. They brought their power into our galaxy and they controlled many thousands of less developed races here. The Lyrans considered normal, subjecting less developed races to force. Over the years, Lyrans genetics has begun to mingle with other races that have conquered and created so many different color races that have spread throughout the galaxy.

Note: transl. According to Alex Colier, the Humanoid human race lived about 40 for millions of years in the Lyra constellation. Lizards are distinguished by the appearance of a "Nordic" race, and apparently they were biblical, Elohim.

Later, the destroying comet found its way into the Lyrans family of planets, and 2 / 3 of their race was killed. Their civilization was destroyed, and the rebuilding time has come. After the restoration of civilization, they once again built beam-rivers on far roads and once again flew into space. Their leaders were great scientists, with the understanding of the spiritual power, and again began to subjugate other races. Their leaders soon realized the unlimited power of the spiritual powers and developed them until they became masters of their abilities and became what they called ISHWISH (JHWH), meaning "God," "the king, or wisdom."

The Ishwish leaders ruled with cruel power and eventually the population launched a civil war that lasted for four centuries and more than 60% of the population was killed. The three planets of the Lyrans system were broken. No one escaped this war in Lyra and Vega systems before 230 000 flights. Ishwish named Asael escaped from wars along with 360 000 people, 183 motherboards and 250 reconnaissance spacecrafts. This group of Lyrans traveled through the universe for many years until they found the 254 star system with the young blue sun. There were several inhabited planets there. They landed and began building their new world. After settling on three different planets, 300 lasted for years before their civilization grew and built their comfort in a new environment.

Asael then ordered them to explore and conquer the planets in the neighborhood. It took 17 years before they got into a system known as Hesperides. There was the early form of the hominids who had subjugated the Asael government. About 70 later Asael died and his daughter Pleja, like Ishwish, took the power. She commanded reconnaissance ships to search for new worlds. Tracking intruder comets that contained debris from the ancient Lyra system came back to our Solar System where they occupied three different planets - Earth, Mars, and Malon.

After several years, however, war was raging again on Earth, and many scientists left to return to the Pleiades, leaving these three planets to their fate.

These planets existed without guidance for more than 30 000 years. Plejad scientists have occasionally looked at Earth, how technology evolves, and whether people have turned again against each other. The same thing happened on Mars and Malone. The wars raged on Earth, the Pleiades leaders ordered them to stop, and the Earth was evacuated. Malona remained calm for another 40 years before she was also in the war that destroyed the entire planet from which the asteroid belt became. Her explosion pushed Mars out of his orbit to where she was flying now. During the next 80 000 years, many attempts were made to create small colonies, but none existed for a long time. On many occasions, groups of exiles were sent to Earth. At that time she even served as a prison colony.

Big plan

Prior to 60 000, settlers from the Pleiades system arrived again. It was decided to colonize the Earth. Hundreds of large mother ships arrived with thousands of people to build a civilization that lasted for 6000 years before the scientists again caused war. This war was so devastating that the Earth remained almost alive. There was a time when only savages walked on Earth. About 50 000 came to Ishwish Pelegon. At that time the war raged on three native planets in the Pleiades system, so Pelegon decided to flee, took 70 000 with him, including 200 scientists, and arrived on Earth. Given that the Earth flourished under the leadership of 200 Pelegon's leaders, the worst war of all time took place in their home worlds. Earthmen were astonished at the great power of Ishwishe Pelegon, who ruled over all the continents of the Earth. He was known as "God" or "King of Wisdom".

In the end, Peace took place, thanks to the spiritual leaders who mastered the scientists. The people have learned to trust the truths of the creation, knowledge, and wisdom of the spiritual laws. For 8000 years, the peoples' peoples have developed to a very high spiritual level, and according to these rules they still live.

There was nothing known on the Earth on Pleiades on Earth. Pelegon was the highest ruler and for the first time

300 000 The Earth lived in peace and developed. All the continents on Earth were inhabited. This magnificent civilization lasted for 10 000 years before he took on much more of Ishwish by the name Jesas by murdering the successor of Pelegone.

Jesas was in power only 20 years when people stood up against him and the war broke out again. Hundreds of thousands of people fled to the star, now known as Barnard's Star. Again, the complete destruction of the planet occurred, and Earth fell into barbarity.


After 7 000, the Earth avoided occupying until the descendants of the refugees led by Ishwishe Atlanta, who settled their Atlantis continent with their wife Karyatida. The Karyatida built a smaller Atlantis in the Mediterranean while her father Muras built a gigantic city on the mainland of Mu, which later became the name of Lemuria.

The cities were built far from each other in order not to be affected. Together with Him, the underground city of Agharta and the alien Alpha and Beta were built. Between these two nations he insisted after

18 000 let peace, until some scientists thirst for power, did not rise and threaten peace. But people did not want it and drove them out. Scientists and their followers fled to space before 15 000 flights. Again, 2 000 has been a year of peace, while evicted scientists have planned revenge.

In Beta, they have consolidated their great power and increased their life. From hatred to others, they attacked Earth, led by the evil Ishwis Arus, who intended to destroy Atlantis and Mu. They stole, murdered, and managed to humble only the small areas of the country when they settled in the northern Hyperborea. This area was part of Florida before it was moved to the north after the earth's axis shifted.

Arusus' son Arus II continued the attacks on the takeover of the government over India, Pakistan and Persia, where he met the Sumerians, the loving people who fled north. Sumers were the tall descendants of the Sirians who originally settled on Earth, along with Ishwis Atlantis, who built Atlantis. India was called Arya. After several centuries, Arya stripped Aruse and joined with Mu and Agharta. These local wars took another 1500 flight. Arus was old and dying, but he managed to infiltrate his followers into Atlantis and Mu, causing enough controversy to talk about the war again.

Thousands of people fled from Atlantis and Mu and returned to the Pleiades for safety. The armies of Atlantis and Mu were very numerous and powerful. The Atlantis Army had 4,83 of a million big ship fighters, 123 000 small space ships and 16 431 warships equipped with the most sophisticated beam weapons. They also had 24 230 laser weapons on medium-sized ships. But even with this power, they were superior to him in technology and bragged with more efficient weapons.

Scientists, who knew of the coming events, hid their fleet in the asteroid belt, where one of the largest asteroids was connected to the propulsion system to be thrown on Earth. When the Atlantis attack began, the commander ordered that this huge asteroid be launched to Earth, but it was too late to save Him. The Atlantean fleet destroyed the city of Mu in a snap. All of His remains were melted, as is evident from the smooth, flat ground in the Gobi desert where it once stood.

The giant asteroid was rapidly approaching the Earth, directed by the connected control units. Some Atlantis leaders and scientists revealed the approaching asteroid and fled to the universe, but it was too late to save everyone. Asteroid crashed into the atmosphere and exploded as a supernova, generating temperature over 34 000 degrees. The Atlantis continent melted within a few seconds of this heat. The asteroid exploded at an altitude less than 110 miles and collapsed into a thousand little pieces that hit Earth like a shot. The Atlantic Ocean was divided, the volcano erupted, and the sea was boiling. The water from the ocean flew up to 70 miles. The tidal wave across the continental continents was over four miles high. It happened exactly in 9498 BC, on 6. when Atlantis fell to the bottom of the ocean.

Soon after the war, Arus was murdered by his third son, Jehoven, who seized power over the Aryans and the three remaining peoples on Earth.

The first people were descendants of the Armus race, who lived in 33 000 years in an area known as Armenia. They had once moved from the Pleiades system.

The second nation was scattered in Persia, India, and Pakistan, known at the time as the Aryans.

The third nation was a worldwide expansion of the Gypsies, who were spies and murderers, as they called Jews, which Hebron sounded in the ancient language of the Pleiades. This name meant the bottom of the company. Today's gypsies are not the same.

Jehovah reigned before 7000 years until his only son, Jehav, who, like his father himself, called Him Creator of Man, killed him. During this time, the 160 000 group of large Aryans left the territory under Jehovah's rule, sidled with the countries to the east and moved into the area between the Caspian Sea and the Ararat Mountains. This area was full of descendants of the Sumerians who led the local population to discipline as a result of their highly developed knowledge of the spiritual powers.

The Aryans attacked them, oppressed people into slavery and created a new state here. The Aryans, deprived of all the techniques, soon began to mingle with the natives, all the former conveniences and knowledge soon disappeared and were forever forgotten. Before 3320, Jehav was murdered by his first son, Aruss.

He also had two other sons named Salam and Ptaah. Ptaah and Salam were quieter, they stood up against Aruss and drove him and his followers. Aruss secretly returned and hid in an underground city under the Pyramid of Giza. He and his followers made plans to take over the world by bringing many people out of the right path, using false teachings and religious illusions. Ptaah and Salam led the world together and maintained peace. Ptaah, however, was affected by the disease and died at the age of 93 for years when he left the government of Salam, who ruled until he was old and weak, then left his government to his son Pleia.

Plejos was a peaceful ruler and assembled with the Supreme Council of Pleiades. At that time, Arrus led Egypt, about 3010 years ago, a group of godless followers called Bafat. But he was captured by the evil leader named Henn, whom the Hebrews once again called Jehovah. His followers called him "cruel". In 2080 BC, Henn was overthrown by a new leader, Kamagol I, but they were all separated from society, their technology did not work, and the length of their lives was reduced.

Kamagol II was even worse than his father. Not only did he take power, but he put his father in a deep dark cell and left him there until he died.

Kamagol II was one of the last long-lived rulers, he died only at the age of 1975 years and left 2100 behind his evil followers. At that time, the Bafatas, deprived of most of their technology, were only controlled by 723 earthlings through telepathy. It was their last hope of dominating the Earth. Meanwhile, Plejos, the last leader of the Pleiades on Earth system, was informed of the peace agreement between the Plejád system and the Andromeda High Council. There has been a new era of spiritual growth and peace in the Pleiades. Plejos and his followers wanted to return to their home system. It was decided to leave a prophet here who could spread his teachings. Plejos ordered that the truth-spreader and educator be born here.

This man was called Immanuel. He lived 105 for years and through his teachings brought the truth to everyone he could. In 182, his name changed to "Jesus Christ," and his teachings have been redesigned to create the structure of the religious power that still exists today.

Chronological History of the Earth

This report shows important moments in the history of the Earth based on information from the Pleiades. Dates are only estimates that illustrate the course of events.

The sign - (minus) before the number means the number of years before our date.

  • - 22 million years: The first Lyrans come to Earth and colonize it.
  • - 387 000: 144.207 Lyrans is coming to Earth and settling here, forever changing Earth's genetics.
  • - 228 000: Lyran leader named Asael leads 360 000 Lyrans to a new home in Pleiades.
  • - 226 000: Asael dies and his daughter Pleja becomes the ruler of the system, now called Pleiades.
  • - 225 000: Pleiades reconnaissance ships will discover the Earth and there are colonies, as well as Mars and Malonas.
  • - 196 000: War breaks out on Earth and people are evacuated to the Pleiades. Forty years later, Malone was destroyed and became a band of asteroids. Mars is thrown out of his orbit and all his life is destroyed.
  • - 116 000: Over the past eighty thousand years, several Lyons - mostly expelled criminals - have attempted to establish several small colonies.
  • - 71 344: Lyra are built by Great Pyramids in Giza, China and South America.
  • - 58 000: The big plan of the Pleiades begins to build a great company that takes on Earth almost 10 000 years.
  • - 48 000: Ishwish Pelegon is coming to Earth to build a perfect company that lasts for approximately 10 000 years.
  • - 31 000: Atlantis is founded, a leader named Atlant, who comes with his people from the Barnard star system.
  • - 30 500: The great city of Mu Muras, the father of Atlanta's Karyatida, is founded. His realm is called Lemuria.
  • - 30 000: From Syria comes black race.
  • - 16 000: Warlord Arus is expelled from Earth because he was trying to start a war. He hides his supporters in the Beta Centauri star system.
  • - 14 000: Arus and his followers will return to Earth and settle down in Hyperborea, a Florida location.
  • - 13 000: Scientist Semias, the second commander of Arus, creates two human beings who have a baby named Seth. This creates a legend about Adam and Eve.
  • - 11 000: Arus II will attack the Sumers who flee to the mountains.
  • - 11 000: A group of aliens of unknown origin, led by leader Virakoča, who will establish the city of Tiahuanaco, will arrive. Its base is on an island named Mot. It will provide Easter Island residents with tools to build strange statues that display it.
  • - 9500: The Pleiadians cause the old spiritual form of Lahson to come to Earth - later incarnate in Meier.
  • - 9498: Atlantis and Mu will destroy each other and destroy the planet. Air is not breathable for 50 years. All survivors are hiding underground.
  • - 9448: Jehovan, the third son of Arusha II, will take over the three remaining tribes that remain on Earth and become their sovereign.
  • - 8239: The Comet, Destroyer 'is flying over the Earth and causing the Atlantic Ocean to divide.
  • - 8104: The Biblical Flood.
  • Around - 6000: Venus is pulled out of orbit around the planet Uranus by the comet Destroyer and is in a new orbit around the Sun.
  • - 5981: Comet Destroyer is approaching the Earth and causing great destruction. It will also change the orbit of Venus.
  • - 4930: The destructive comet passes again around the Earth, causing catastrophic tidal waves.
  • - 5000: Jehav, son of Jehovah, takes over the government.
  • - 1500: The destroying comet passes again around the Earth, causing the Santorin volcano to explode. It also moves Venus into its current orbit around the Sun.
  • - 1320: Jehav is murdered by his son Aruss, who has two sons, named Salem and Ptaah.
  • - 1010: Aruss is removed by his sons and hiding under the Great Pyramid of Giza with his followers. They are called Bafath. The end of this review lists the important moments in the history of the Earth until the expansion of the spiritual teaching of Immanuel, which proclaims the teaching of the creation of mankind.
  • + 32 nl: Immanuel is crucified.

Translator's note:

Given that this report can not be verified, perhaps only by taking into account some of the natives' reputation as to their origin or the communication of various contactees who have been informed by their extraterrestrial friends or by various telepathic contacts with spiritual entities (Anton Parks) to the reader, whether this history of the Earth will be considered probable or fictitious.


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