What was Aton, the solar disk of Pharaoh Akhenaten?

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One of the characters that has attracted the attention of proponents of theories about ancient astronauts more than any other is Pharaoh Akhenaten. The statues and engravings depicting the heretical king, as some nicknamed him, are already at first glance resembling an alien being. His wife, Queen Nefertiti, their daughter Meritaten, and his son Tutankhamun, whom he had with another wife, all had elongated heads and long, narrow limbs.


Ironically, Akhenaten and Nefertiti are today one of the most famous rulers of Egypt. Why? This is because those who followed them, including the famous Tutankhamun, tried to erase their story from history. It was revealed only after the Amarna site was uncovered in 19. The fact is that Tutankhamun's original name was Tutankhaton, but when he sat on the throne, he gave up and, with him, a reference to his father. The reason for this renunciation was probably the religious revolution induced by his father, which destroyed the cult of the god Amon. Amon's priests gradually gained wealth and political influence to such an extent that they could compete with Pharaoh himself.

Pharaoh Akhenaten was at the forefront of the Amarna Revolution during which he moved the capital from Thebes to the newly built city of Akhethon, later known as Amarna. Along with Queen Nefertiti, he tried to convert all of Egypt into a belief in a single god, Aton or Athena, who had the form of a solar disc. This was the earliest case of monotheism in a world in which countless gods were the norm. The name of Achetaton itself means “Aton's horizon. ‟The revolution also applied to all artistic expressions. Although the rulers had always been depicted in unrealistic, glorious poses, depictions of the royal family during this period were strangely realistic and often captured the intimate moments of the royal family.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica states:

“The depiction of the royal family bore signs that compared to the standards of conventional Egyptian art would appear to be markedly exaggerated: elongated jaw, narrow neck, sagging shoulders, strong belly, wide hips and thighs, long legs. The face was characterized by elongated narrow eyes, full lips and nosoret wrinkles, while princesses are often displayed with an enlarged, egg-shaped skull. ”

Strangely, in some cases it is not possible to distinguish whether it is a statue of a man or a woman. As if they were really interchangeable. These emerging features can be seen in greatly exaggerated form, including one that clearly depicts a king without male genitalia, especially on the Karnak colossi. Whether these statues were intended to represent the union of the male and female element in a single figure of the King of God or whether they are simply Nefertiti statues have not yet been satisfactorily resolved.

The appearance of the royal family is so strange that some scientists believe that the family suffered from a genetic disorder called marfan syndrome. On the other hand, proponents of theories about ancient astronauts believe that these were signs of their extraterrestrial origin. For the time being, their mummies have not been identified with certainty, so we cannot be sure, although some analyzes have been carried out on King Tutankhamun. However, these analyzes, which suggested that Tutankhamun was a descendant of incest and suffered from a range of health problems, are now believed to be unreliable.

What is Aton?

As the only mediators between Aton and the people, Akhenaten and the members of the royal family were far more important than the priests of Amon. Only they spoke to Aton, the only true god. Was Pharaoh really getting a message from Aton, or was it all a symbolic gesture? Be that as it may, Pharaoh ordered the closure of the temples and forbade and destroyed the old ways of worship. The surviving text, called Hymn to Atona, also describes Aton as the ubiquitous creator of all nature, who takes on millions of forms, not just the sun we know.

“The men slept as if they were dead; but now with praise raise their hands, birds fly, fish jump, plants bloom and work begins. Aton gives birth to a son in his mother's womb, the seed of a man, and created all life. It distinguishes between races, their nature, their tongues and their skin, and fulfills the needs of all. Aten created the Nile in Egypt and rain, as the heavenly Nile, in foreign lands. It has a million forms according to the time of day and the place from which it is seen; and is always the same. ‟

Moses and Aton

The hymn sounds quite similar to the story of Jesus, but comes from half 14. century BC

“He has feet, for you have created the earth. You drive them for your son, who came from your body.

The similarity to the biblical texts was noticed by the well-known psychologist Sigmund Freud and was written in his work "Moses and Monotheism" from 1939. Freud believed that Moses, which can be translated from Egyptian as a "child," could be an Egyptian who followed the cult of Aton. In fact, it could have been Pharaoh Thutmose, who had disappeared from the historical records and reappeared as the Biblical Moses. He believes that after Akhenaten's death, Moses was expelled. Then, as we know, a new religion was born, based on a single true God that changed the world. Before Akhenaten, the world was used to polytheistic religions. Some advocates of theories about ancient astronoute think that Akhenaten might have attempted to erase previous religious ideas to mask the true origin of the human species - a species created by extraterrestrial beings through genetic manipulation. A more common explanation is that Pharaoh tried to regain power from the priests of Amon, who became too powerful and corrupt. Did Akhenaten want to lead his followers away from the truth or did he lead them through the connection with a higher consciousness?

Wisdom from Heaven

In art, Aton is portrayed as a shining disc that radiates, enlightens and blesses the royal family endowed with divine status and wisdom in the form of sunrays. Majority experts say that Aton was just the Sun, but could Aton be much more? According to the advocate of theories about ancient astronauts Giorgie A. Tsoukal, Aton's description suggests that it was far from being just the Sun. “Aton was described as a flying solar disk. Egyptologists say that it was nothing but the Sun, but the question is: can the Sun teach you different disciplines? And the answer is no, T Tsoukalos explains. "So we have to think about whether our ancestors have encountered technology that they mistakenly interpreted as something natural," he adds.


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