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6 20. 09. 2022
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What is the origin of the word "vagina" ...?

Although we sometimes come up with various creative words to describe a given part of a woman's body, we most often use the word vagina. The truth is that vagina only a specific part of the whole organ representing the inner tunnel leading from the external genitalia to the vagina. But we commonly use this word to describe the whole thing.

The word dates from around 1680 and is derived from Latin, where it has meaning housing or scabbard. But when we look at the Latin explanatory dictionary, we get the answer: "any structure reminiscent of the case".


Where does your clit home have?

The clitoris is like a small button erect part of a woman's genitals. It begins to develop similarly to a penis with a foreskin. At about the sixth week of pregnancy, the genitals begin to differ depending on the chromosomes.

Although it is referred to as this hot button, the shape of the clitoris resembles something like a collarbone. There are 8000 nerve endings compared to 4000 nerve endings in the penis.


Mostly we know where the G-point is. But what about A-point?

The G-spot is a special erogenous region located in the vagina and resembling the shape of a bean. It is located on the upper wall of the vagina. This area was named after the scientist Grafenberg.

But did you know there was still another place? The zone is located on the front vaginal vault, has a designation A-point and is located deeper in the vagina.

A-point stimulation is said to lead to a staggering orgasm. However, finding an A-point is much more difficult than finding a G-point. But you definitely have a chance to succeed!


Can a woman really have a wet orgasm?

It was previously thought to be a great sexual myth, but now it has been shown that a woman can have a kind of female ejaculation. Some women say that at first they feel like they are getting help. That's why it's often confused.

The truth is that sometimes involuntary urination can occur during orgasm, but in other circumstances women produce a certain amount of milk substance (female ejaculate). Just find the right point.


Is sex good for you?

Yes. I'm sure this is the answer you wanted to hear, and I can assure you it's true.

Having an orgasm when you have sex with a partner or through masturbation is very healthy for your body. In addition to burning calories from exercise, sex has several benefits: it regulates the menstrual cycle, reduces dangerous depression, reduces the risk of breast and cervical cancer, prevents stress, relieves chronic pain and increases the resilience of the immune system.

Sex has always been seen as a great way to get rid of headaches!


Does hair on a native look have any sense?

Scientists believe that hair can be used to protect against dirt and thus protect the vagina against infection. It can also help to release pheromones and can act attractive for some sexual partners.

Nevertheless, the reality is that in combination with underwear, it can cause soreness, unpleasant itching and the smell of a mixture of urine residues and dead upper skin, so it is better to garden maintain.


What else would they know about hair?

There are several attractions here. Hair has lifetime about three weeks after which she tends to fall out of herself. That's why it never grows too long. Yet the longest known hair was 71 centimeters!

Hair follicles are oval-shaped, causing hair to be so curly.

Many people have also noted that the shade of hair on the head is often different from the shade of hair. This is a common phenomenon and is the result of different levels of melanin in the body. Sometimes the hair may be a completely different color than the natural hair color.


Did you know that the vagina can clean itself?

It is, of course, true that you should keep your female parts clean by using a soft, non-perfumed soap or, preferably, using pure water. There is certainly no need to perform any special internal cleaning. The vagina is able to clean itself! In fact, she does herself to clean her labia and her vagina and it's a natural thing for her. Otherwise, natural pH imbalance and infection may occur.


Are you aware of the strength of the vagina?

Vaginal walls are made up of a thick layer of muscles. Be aware that these muscles are strong enough to give birth to a baby! These muscles can be enhanced by exercise.

Did you know that there is a world record for the strongest vagina? The Russian gymnast, Tatyana Kozhevnikova, currently holds the world record in the Guinness Book of Records. She lifted 14 kg weights with her vagina.

Especially in Asian countries, there is a tradition of women who can control their vaginal muscles so perfectly that they can squeeze their partners' penises like a lemon.


Would you like to hear more peculiarities?

There are stories of vaginas that had teeth in them and were able to bite the penis. To some extent, this may be a reality. Some women may have a subcutaneous cleanser that may have something like teeth in them.

In connection with sharp teeth, we can also remind you that sharks and the vagina have something in common. There is a substance that occurs in both the shark liver and the vagina as a lubricant.

In some African countries, great ears are appreciated. Some women so intentionally put weight on their labia to increase their attractiveness. It is known a case where a woman had a length of up to 23 cm.



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