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As you may already know, the story of Thomas Townsend Brown is very interesting - this man was one of the secret fathers of antigravity technology. The reason why his name fell into oblivion (at least in terms of mainstream history) is simple - his work was officially kept secret for reasons of "national security". However, it was Brown who discovered functional antigravity technology in the 20s - and perhaps even before it. Nikola Tesla.

Philadelphian experiment

Although there are many great links to Tesla, this is especially useful - among other things because it describes 4 content. chapters of the same book, whose 7. chapter will be dealt with here. This is a chapter on the Philadelphian experiment. From this article we can draw in the future when writing some other articles.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

Thomas Brown

Thomas Brown

Even more amazing information

Dr. Townsend T. Brown found that strong electromagnetic fields produced an antigravity effect. Over time, his work has gained attention. The image below shows one of its prototype cylindrical prototypes.


As I am already on Divine Cosmos said, if you create a sufficiently strong current flow between the negative and the positive pole, an antigravity "pull" will appear, which will start to drive your device in the direction of its positive pole. Here is a sketch of how it works from the point of view "Flow" "Prediva"space-time, as he would call it Einstein.

In fact, it is a very simple physical law that reveals the hidden unity of gravity and electromagnetism. All that is needed is high voltage - higher than we normally use for home appliances.


According to Brown's suggestions jthe negative pole is much larger than positive. If you would like to produce a UFO on this principle, then the entire bottom of the ship would have to be a cathode, and a small sphere on the top of the ship would be an anode. You could drive the ship by dividing the cathode into several triangular sections and leaving a different stream to each of them.


At a meeting called Project Disclosure in May 2001 I met with Mark McCandlis, who told me that the picture above is a precise rendition "Replicas of the Extraterrestrial Machine" or "Torrent Ships" which is already being used by some secret government forces and forces.

The secrets of space, time and quantum mechanics

At the speed of light, a geometric formation called the torus is created - which you see in the next figure. Space can now be understood as its outer surface, time as an inner surface.


What happens when you curve the NAD speed of light? The torus re-emerges - but this time it will be NARUBA.

The time that was previously the INNER SURFACE is now going to be EXTERNAL.

What was before, now becomes space.

Everything turns over. And if our speed increases further (from our perspective) or decreases (from the perspective of the other side), the torus re-emerges in the area and becomes a stable, habitable plane.

You just created it "Space-time" gate - a parallel reality where time is three-dimensional (according to US) and a one-dimensional space (from our perspective). In this reality, the three dimensions of time become the space in which we move and which as space we experience - and one dimension of spacefor us) is becoming an even passage of time here.
I am aware that this may seem very confusing to you. What I have described is actually the place where the "plane of the ether" or "the astral plane" occurs. It is literally the "reverse version" of our reality. Everything is overturned. What is here "Particle", appears there as "Waves" and conversely. If you try to get part of the mass from here too suddenly, it will turn out very quickly and explode. We would call it "Antimatter" - so space-time is in a certain sense "Antimatter plane".

Crescendo (amplification)

With a sufficiently strong high voltage flow, you can simply curve the space up to ZA "breaking point" light and reach "Crescenda". At that point, you created a direct space-time portal. If any person or thing from our reality passes into space-time, it becomes invisible to our perspective.

Swirl into space-time may appear dark black "hole" in the area in front of you or as a gray surface - as is the case for some star gate technology; or - in the other cases I know about - as a bubble-like effect "Lens" rippling in the room around you like hot air.

In time and space, you can walk and then move anywhere in our space and time. But it's not easy at all, and we're getting to what happened in the Philadelphian experiment. I can only touch the tip of the iceberg because this area of ​​exploration is very extensive and complex. The more material you read here, the better you understand.

Nodal points of the planetary grid

In some places on Earth, the torsion field has a higher intensity - these points are called "Planetary grid nodes". At these points, space can be curved more quickly and more easily, thus triggering antigravity A "Deformation" effects. Readers of three books Convergencewhich are available on this site in the section "Read Free Books Here" (Free reading room), they should be well acquainted with the existence of a planetary grid. I was most concerned about it in the first work "Shift of the Ages" (The shift of ages).


It seems Norfolk in Virginia - located at the same latitude and near the site Virginia Beach, where Edgar Cayce worked - is from the point of view "Whirlwinds" on the Earth's surface a key point. Since there are electromagnetic fields of high intensity due to the continuous welding of arc welders in the norfolk docks, there have been frequent observations of strange "Deformation" effects. As soon as these reports reached the highest positions, the US government called on Dr. Thomas Brown to investigate everything - and Philadelphia's experiment finally emerged from his research and research.

Lost science found again!

At the last conference, my contact told me that all the information on this issue is to be found in the seventh chapter of the book Gerry Vassilatose "Lost Science“ (Lost Science) - and to my pleasure I have now discovered the entire chapter online! At least once I tried to book my book, (which my other contact persons warmly recommended), but the bundle never came to me. Now, of course, all the relevant text is online.

The key part of the book follows, apparently based on at least two or three eyewitness testimonies. I have modified the text according to the modern paragraph breakdown, which is today an internet standard - making reading easier.

The increasing financial difficulties caused by the Great Depression have forced Dr. Brown forsakeNRL - Naval Research Laboratory (Navy Research Laboratories) and get to Civilian Conservation Corps (Civilian rescue brigades) in Ohio. IN Year 1939 he became Dr. Brownlieutenant in reserve and after a short time in Glenna L. Martina was transferred toBureau of Ships (Vessel Office). Here he dealt with the magnetic and acoustic aspects of warships.

It was at this time that an adventurous story began to unfold, which was to change his career forever. Many facts and details of this story have been blinded together only by skillfully uncovering a complex network of government conspiracies and intrigues. Thanks to information gathered from various reputable scientific sources, awareness of the incident became public under the name "Philadelphian experiment". What were the events that prompted the NRL to embark on research opportunities "Invisible" warships?

Invisibility of warships

It all began when several Navy researchers were asked to investigate a strange phenomenon that occurred in a secret facility where arc welding was often carried out. This device was kept secret because it involved a new process of production of highly armored hulls that the Navy developed.

Resistance spot welding used an incredibly strong heavy-current discharge. It was a process similar to today's modern MIG welding (arc welding with melting electrode in intercooler), but was done in mammoth proportions. The electrical energy needed for this process was supplied by massive batteries of high-voltage capacitors. In this way, several metal plates could be thoroughly welded together, and the metal was incredibly strong and compact even at the welds. However, the discharge was so intense and dangerous that after setting the plates to the correct mutual position, the employees themselves were not allowed to go to the places where welding took place. However, dangerous shocks were not the most worrying thing that occurred in this workplace. Much more disturbing was the X-rays released into the vicinity of the blinding blue-and-white discharge.

The shock came out of a device like a mechanical arm that had a strong protective insulation. The discharge and the arm were controlled remotely, the power supply being provided by the batteries of the capacitors. As soon as the signal was given, a giant lightning-like discharge shook the entire building. Devices recording radioactivity measured a significant increase in X-rays. The process was another advance in marine technology.

However, extreme electrical or radiation hazards did not prevent this device from being deployed in other marine institutes. Security measures were at the highest level. Outside the welding chamber, employees were not exposed to any risks. But there were strange phenomena in the building that had no reasonable explanation.
Researchers have explored the entire building, heard the staff separately to make sure the rumors that began to spread were true, and then they watched the whole process from the control room themselves.

What they saw was really unprecedented. With the outbreak of the shock, it was equally intense "Visual failure". The sudden shock caused by the electric welding pulse actually created a mysterious optical failure in the perception of the space. This strange phenomenon was at first thought to be a matter of the eye. Everyone thought that the unusual outage was the result of intense and total whitening of the retina - that it was a chemical response of the eye to intense and "sudden" light. This was initially a traditional explanation. What went beyond common sense, however, was that the effect penetrated the control room as well, and "Retinal vision loss" also experienced employees who were protected by several protective walls.

Any effect that could penetrate the wall and cause such an inability to perceive could be used as a terrible weapon. The omission of vision, which was transmitted across the wall, was a neurological reaction that paralyzed physiology so that it was unable to respond to external stimuli. That's what everyone thought.

Military secrecy

Every day, the research gained a higher and higher degree of military secrecy. People were dealing with the possibility of a spreading phenomenon that temporarily neutralized nerve impulses, transmission and response. Weapons experts knew that any electrical radiation that could replace nerve gas would bring a major tactical advantage in combat. They would have a chance "Transmit" its waves on the enemy and cause the desired effect on them. If everything was on schedule, they could be the only one "A striking flash"All units of soldiers were eliminated.

The unfortunate victim of frequent exposure to these phenomena was certain William Shaver. Mr. Shaver was a Navy welder who worked with older and many smaller handheld versions of this device. These devices broadcast intensive pulses with a short repetition rate. After the energy of these impulses was repeatedly exposed, the Shaver began to hallucinate. It was the unfortunate consequence of nerve cell damage - its common sense began to decompose into the primers.

Sometimes a balanced man lost contact with reality over time. He began to write strange pamphlets and continued this for the rest of his life. In the end, these texts were hundreds, and all of them were terrible"Beings from the underworld". Subsequently, it has been found that exposure to sudden electrical impulses of intense potential and extremely low frequency causes terrible nausea, in some cases even neurological damage, which can eventually lead to madness.

Outage effect

A new study of this phenomenon by the NRL was confusing. Besides, that "Loss effect" it was possible to experience it, it was just as easy to photograph. It could not, in any case, have been a mere neurological reaction to some mysterious radiation. The blinding discharge made something with space itself. Researchers have immersed themselves in the investigation even more fascinated than before.

Effect "Outage" he earned as much attention from the naval officers as his apparently offering army. After carefully studying the work of researchers funded by NRL grants, I found out that all these areas were associated with unprecedented interest in the perception.

But there were also "other aspects" of this phenomenon, of which they froze. Some strange rumors spread among some of the original employees who worked in the room where they were welding. Remember that these people have worked at this workplace all the time the project was subject to secrecy. They also witnessed some other phenomena that reason could not explain.
The staff raised the metal parts of the fuselage, and the individual plates were pulled together to be welded. As soon as a warning signal sounded, all staff and inspection teams left the room. Often, they often left the tools and tools lying where they worked.

Charging the capacitor took several minutes. Then it was enough to press the knob, and the workplace shuddered as a powerful discharge came out. The failure occurred, and when the procedure was completed and the room was declared safe again, the workers returned to it.

Over time, these workers noticed that the tools and other relatively heavy things they left on the ground in or near the room were somehow "relocated" during the welding procedure. They believed that the huge force of the shock had been pushed into the corners, or she had squeezed them into the walls, and they searched thoroughly for the whole welding house. However, the tools were no longer available. (Puharich) At this point, the mystery has deepened so much that the whole thing required complex and thorough study and careful gathering of information about this phenomenon, from the moment it was first observed. All employees were summoned to record what they had seen and felt. Their individual testimonies corresponded to the extent that the "rumors" had to be re-evaluated and are now taken as "eyewitness accounts". All the records were so secret that even some of the army agents had no idea of ​​their real content. Workers told investigators that their tools and other things from the building were simply "losing", and "for good". The rulers have repeatedly plundered it and considered it absurd until the same thing happened to them. One thing was certain: once the alarm started and the shock started to weld, the objects began to disappear. Where, nobody could say. Industrial camera shots confirmed that this really happened.

Demateralisation of objects

The objects were placed on the pedestals close to the arc of the discharge. Once it was launched, the objects dematerialized - they disappeared. The shots have proven this. Nothing is huge "Not thrown away"nor squeezed into the wall. First, a completely conventional explanation was offered for this. The failure effect was perceived as a strange radiated energy, perhaps some variant of X-rays.

These rays had the ability to both neutralize human neurological reactions and decompose matter in their immediate surroundings. Potential "death rays" that the military had been trying to develop for many years seemed to have been found. World War II was raging at the time, the Pacific was slowly but surely becoming a new battlefield, and this groundbreaking discovery had immense military potential. The potential to end the war. Only and only that. If the phenomenon we are talking about here were transformed into a weapon, it would be deployed immediately. A weapons program of this kind would require the country's foremost scientific minds, as well as the highest level of secrecy and the associated rigor and strictness. Therefore, several scientists from the Navy were invited to research.

The examination of this "phenomenon" was also called for Dr. Brown. His knowledge of phenomena "Electrical stress" and the arc welding activities made it a perfect candidate for this job. But his superiors knew it would not be easy to keep him "In ignorance"as for their longing expectations. Brown had a reputation as a famous dreamer. When Dr. Brown went through the materials, concluding that they were radically different from those deduced by the others. While academics stubbornly insisted that the observed disappearances were the result "irradiation" and subsequent evaporation, no evidence has ever been found for this "evaporation".

Careful analysis of the environment in the welding shop did not correspond to any such conclusions. During welding, there was no trace of metals converted to gas in the air. A real mystery. But the NRL needed to know more. Dr. Brown was sure he knew what was really going on. Although he had never seen such phenomena with his own eyes, he let himself be guided by proper intuition. He himself never observed the effect of the outage during his experiments, but Sir William Crookes Yes. In his research, now well-known Crookes Vacuum Tube, he made special observations.

Above the cathode there was a black spot in it, which "Glowing". This radiation, under certain specific circumstances, also spread outside the tube walls. Siru did not make it difficult for William to admit the fact that it was dark "Pervading space" - radiation, the significance of which goes far beyond a mere physical phenomenon. Crookes believed that this radiation was a spiritual gate - the link between this world and other dimensions.

Spiritual gate - the connection between our world and another dimension

However, when experimenting with the dropout effect, Dr. Brown found space distortions. What was the upper limit of the intensity of these deformations? What other anomalies could accompany them? His own small gravity-powered gravitators seemed to be now "Pitifully small".

Compared with the devices they used in the new welding shop, they were really miniature. However, his experiments confirmed the existence of small spatial deformations. The shuffling of things was one of their accompanying phenomena. In short, Brown assumed that any unusual inertia can be attributed to the effect of these spatial deformations.
When examining all aspects of this phenomenon, none of them should have gone through - each of which could be very important. Dr. Brown knew that even the masses of the hulls had played their part here. In some ways "Spread" electric field and determine its shape. The arc's arc focused on the hull with a mechanical arm was indeed an impressive energy source.

But there was something "more". As soon as the building exploded with an arc discharge, another reality began to appear on the scene. Brown was the only person, perhaps in addition to two other experts across the country who submitted the theory that this phenomenon is the result of an interaction that is inherently"Electrogravity". These were electrogravity phenomena.


His colleagues, however, ridiculed this view and rejected his thorough analyzes. But the army needed some results. If Dr. Brown's approach to the ultimate goal of developing a lethal weapon would be preferable to her explanation. Brown caught the attention of the top army specialists, and they asked him to explain everything to his elite team.

Dr. Brown informally explained what he believed was actually going on, quoting some of his work, and also mentioning the degree to which he was familiar with the issue of these phenomena. Although his own experimental device never caused spatial curvatures of such intensity and concentration, he had the possibility to observe effects similar to those that were also able to move through the mass.

Since there was no explanation from the realm of electricity, the only option was to apply Einstein's theory of the unity of electric and gravitational forces here. What matters, however, is how all this ultimately led to the creation of technology that made the entire naval vessel invisible. They recommend that you print out the entire text and read it in paper form, because the text does not read very well directly online.

The truth is coming out

All the time I collected information for my book at the end of the nineties Shift of the Ages (see the Read Free Books Here section), I wanted a book to get in my hands Morris K. Jessup "The Case for the UFO" (Case UFO), enriched by alleged remarks by three different high-ranking people from secret operations who also had key information on the Philadelphian experiment.

I mentioned this in the previous section, but if you do not know it, the Philadelphian experiment was an alleged attempt to transfer the US Navy ship (teleported) from the shipyard in Norfolk to the port of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania and back again.

The impact that this attempt had on sailors was devastating. Some of them say they have grown into the hull. Some just died. Others were mad, "they were nonsense, or they were running away like a sense of deprivation." Some of them started to make themselves invisible at various intervals, which is certainly deeply remarked mentally - in one documented case, the two sailors in the bar got involved in a fight and one of them disappeared in the middle. These individuals were given some sort of "Kidneys", which should keep them in the same phase with our mass and energy system.

Some seafarers apparently began to take a different time - much slower than normal people. When you touched them and scratched their hands, for a while, it was out of their unfortunate state, but you had a lot of patience with them. Two hours of scratching in their time frame could only have taken a few seconds. If any of us were looking at them, we should feel that we are watching someone who suffers from stiffness and inability to move. But when they were given enough attention, it was possible to bring them back to reality.

A major breakthrough in the whole event

A major breakthrough in this event occurred in 1997, on the fiftieth anniversary of the Roswell accident. He took care of him Colonel Philip Corso with his book The Day After Roswell. Corso revealed that it was not a USS Eldrige ship that had made a trip through hyperspace, but it was just "Skirt". This trip went through a minesweeper known as IX-97. That's why investigators who wanted to mark the whole thing as a scam, or to Eldrige nor at the interrogation of her crew, they found any evidence that the Philadelphian experiment would ever happen.

In the first part we dealt with fascinating new discoveries and information from Gerry Vassilatos. Extremely high-intensity electrostatic discharge, which is used to weld steel plates of large ships, has caused a crack in our space - a dark drift. The objects trapped in the zone of its jurisdiction could completely disappear from our reality. He was called Dr. Thomas Brown, who has encountered something similar - with dark cracks and anomalous physical behavior under these conditions - already in his research.

I read that the same thing happened to Lieutenant Colonel Tom Bearden when he examined the "scalar interferometry", that is, he aimed two different torsion field generators in one place to make the waves come in and "interference." Seeing an overshadowed and ominous black trick - reminiscent of an elongated oval - apparently scared him off and turned off the device. Ever since, he did not want to play with these things-for he did not know what might crack in. Do not try it at home!] Brown, who had already had similar experiences, gave the impression that the attempt could be made with a ship full of sailors. The steel hull of the vessel but the effects apparently scattered to all sides. The Philadelphian experiment is believed to have failed because the structure of the hull was not consistent, so that the hazardous radiation zone spread to the crew-even though the radiation was intended to operate only outside the ship and not to engage people at all.

A new look at antigravity

Another key revelation made in the chapter G. Vassalitose (in the chapter about Dr. Brown) says about this: the antigravity effect is something you can run, and it will work for some time - like a siphon. The effect fades in steps and fades smoothly.

It was something like a revelation to me. I've been studying the concept for years Tibetan acoustic levitation (The Science of Oneness, section 8.9), but I have never really understood how it works. Brown's discovery helped me understand - and the insider's notes in his book all gave clear outlines. Here is a short excerpt:

8.9 Tibetan acoustic levitation

pe8The similar use of sound to induce levitation is also reflected in the notorious story of Tibetan acoustic levitation. Throughout the Internet, various articles on UFO and free energy websites and various discussion forums reveal fragmentary information about this phenomenon, but the best issue is given in the article Bruce Cathie, which is part of Anti-Gravity and the World Grid (Aand the planetary grid).

The beginning of the report is an English translation taken from a German magazine, and we will begin where the translated article begins.

We know about the friars from the Far East that they were able to lift heavy boulders with the help of different sounds at high heights ... knowledge of different acoustic spectrum vibrations to scientists-physicists shows that vibrations and condensed sound fields can reverse the effects of gravity. He wrote about this phenomenon in 13. the Implosion magazine and the Swedish engineer Olaf Alexanderson.

The following report is based on observations made before 20 flights in Tibet. The text came to me through my friend Henry Kjellon, who then published it in his book The Lost Techniques. This is his message:

Dr. Jarl, a Swedish doctor and Kjelson's friend, studied at Oxford. He then made friends with a student from Tibet. After several years, In 1939, Dr. Jarl's expedition to Egypt under the auspicesEnglish Scientific Society (English scientific societies). There was the messenger of his Tibetan friend, where he asked him to go to Tibet as soon as possible, where one of the high-ranking lamas was ill. Jarl was going to treat him.

Once he got Dr. Jarl consented, followed by a messenger, and after a long journey by plane and on the roach of the horse, he arrived at the monastery where the old lama lived, and Jarl's friend from Oxford, who was already in high standing.

Dr. Jarl stayed in Tibet for a while, and because he befriended the Tibetans, they taught him many things that another foreigner had never heard of or had a chance to get to. Once his friend took him to a place near the monastery, where there was a sloping meadow surrounded by high rocks. In one of the rock walls he was about a height 250 meters large hole, which looked like the mouth of the cave. In front of this hole was a plateau on which the monks built a stone wall. The platform was accessible only from the top of the rock, and the monks had to be lowered down to the platform by ropes.


In the middle of the meadow, about nine feet from the rock's heel, there was a flat, polished boulder with a bowl in the middle.

[Note: The following is a description of how the resonance sound has been routed to the subject.] The denture had a diameter of one meter and was about 15 centimeters deep. In the recess, the monks (with the help of the jaws) brought a piece of stone. The stone was a meter wide and a meter long. Then, at 90 degrees, the 19 musical instruments were placed, each at a distance of 63 meters from the polished boulder. The distance of 63 meters was measured accurately. The musical instruments consisted of 13 drums and six trumpets (Ragdons).

[Note: This place was followed by the exact dimensions of all the tools we omit briefly because they are still writing about them.]

All the drums were open at one end, while at the other end there was a metal "membrane" on which the monks were drumming with large leather sticks. A number of monks stood behind each instrument. The situation is illustrated in the diagram above.

When the stone was in place, the monk gave a small signal, and the concert could begin. The little drum had a very penetrating sound, and it was heard even when all the other instruments made a deafening noise. All the monks sang prayer and gradually accelerated the pace of that incredible sound.

The first four minutes did nothing, because the drum speed was increasing and the sound gained strength. But then the big boulder began to swing and swing, then suddenly he roared into the air and began to move to the platform, located 250 meters high on the rock. After three minutes of climbing, the boulder landed on the platform.

[Note: Note that it took three minutes for the rock to rise to a height of 250 meters. We do not talk about the effect of the "cannon ball", but that the force of levitation slowly overcomes the force of gravity, and the stone finally lazily.]

More and more stones were gradually added to the meadow and the monks transported them upward (speeds of about 5 to 6 boulders per hour) after a parabolic trajectory long about 500 meters and overlapping 250 meters. Sometimes it happened that the boulder broke, and such monument stones were aside. Incredibly.

Dr. Jarl knew of the flying stones he knew earlier. Experts on Tibet talked about them like Linaver, Spalding and Huc, but none of them have ever seen it before. So it was Dr. Jarl, who became the first foreigner to watch the scene with his own eyes.

Because he initially seemed to have been the victim of mass psychosis, he filmed two videos of the incident. It was exactly the same thing he was eye-witnessing when filming.

The English Company, for which Jarl worked, confiscated these films and declared them secret. They were not revealed until 1990. Why it was, it's hard to explain, even to understand. "End of translation."

[PMark: And now from the beginning of Cathie's remarks:]

The fact that the existence of films has been taken off immediately is not as incomprehensible as one realizes what was captured on them. It was evidence that Tibetan monks are well acquainted with the laws describing the structure of matter that scientists in today's modern Western society are only starting to furiously explore and slowly understand. The calculations show that these were not monastic prayers that would directly cause the stone to be levitated - it was not a religious fervor and devotion but a perfectly accurate knowledge of the science possessed by a high spiritual position.

The secret lies in the geometric distribution of musical instruments and their relative position relative to the boulders to be moved. Also important was the tuning of drums and trumpets. The loud singing of the monks seemed to enhance the effect - human voices of a certain height and rhythm - but I do not think the meaning of the words played a significant role here.

Cathie's text then explains how these findings correspond to his own research and discoveries in the field of the Earth's energy harmony. More about his work in the book The Shift of the Ages.

Cathie's knowledge leads us to believe that the ether vibrates in harmonic resonance and that these vibrations can be accurately measured and quantified. Now we see that levitation is not just a fabrication, because the whole process has been observed, measured and yes, even filmed.

It took three minutes for the stone to rise to the appropriate level, so there could be no ejection - it was a slow, cautious move.

8.9.1 Scientific analysis of Tibetan acoustic levitation

For those who are interested, there is an article by Dan Davidson that will help us describe this amazing event as the language of science. If the technical numbers and terms do not matter to you, just skip and read the following excerpt, nothing of the overall understanding of the whole thing will get you away.

Monks with 19 musical instruments - of which 13 drums and five trumpets - were disassembled at an angle of 90 degrees ahead of the boulder. The tools had the following parameters:

  • 8 drums had an 1 meter x diameter x 1,5 meter x 3 mm thin metal sheet, and weighed 150 kg.
  • 4 drums had 0,7 meters on average x 1 meter in height
  • The 1 drum had a 0,2 meter x in diameter x 0,3 meter in height
  • All trumpets had a 3,12 meter x 0,3 meter length

The calculations confirmed that the volume of the large drums was similar to the volume of the boulder. The middle drums had a third volume of the drums, and the volume of the small drum was larger than the volume of the middlesmaller 41 times and against large volumes 125 times. The exact volume of the boulder is not available, however, it can be deduced from the harmonic relations between it and the drums that it has a volume roughly 1,5 cubic meter.

Another interesting aspect of this demonstration of levitation in practice is the small amount of power that is needed to do it. The loudest, most tolerable acoustic pressure that man can take is approximately 280 dynes / cm2. This is in the speech of physical analysis approximately 0,000094 watt / cm2.

If we suppose that every monk produces, say, half of that amount of sound energy, (which is very unlikely), and then made another rough estimate that it is the quantity that gets to the boulder (the sound actually diffuses rapidly in the air), then we would get around 0,04 watts (ie (19 tools + 19 times 4 monks) times 0,000094) that would hit a huge boulder.

That's a very small amount of energy to move a 1,5-meter boulder. Pick up the extra stone to the top 250 meters requires a much larger proportion. For rocks such as granite and limestone 1 cube track (about 0,3 m cubic) weight 60-80 kg. If we take the middle weight 70 kg per cubic foot, then the bulk of the volume 1,5 cube meter weighed over 4 tons!!! Raising the weight of 250 meters would require almost 7 millions of stopo-pounds (Anglo-American unit of work or energy) - joules would be even more, 1 stopo-pound = 1,3558 joules (Note: transl).

Since this quantity was produced for 3 minutes, performance was used 70 horsepower. This is equal 52 kW. The unit performance factor is thus based 5 250 000 per unit.
Monks either apparently conquered a vast amount of free energy to move the boulders or, after understanding how gravity works, little power was enough to shield its effects.

In his analysis, Davidson has forgotten that "Levitation" strength with strength "Gravitational" almost straight, so moving the stones was not as difficult as it might seem. Everything was precisely adapted and arranged to create resonant waves, which were to vibrate the boulder so that it moved, and at the same time to absorb or reflect the forces acting on the ground, thus causing levitation. Returning to the deployment of monks with trumpets (with ovens), we find that they formed a precise quarter circle and all the acoustic pressure was directed to "Bowl" a recess in the land where the rock was resting.

Once the boulder inside the bell had reached the desired sound resonance level, which took several minutes, a gate that could begin to flow into the reality of our etheric energy and a polarized spherical field "Consciousness units".

As a result, gravity was absorbed by the stone, just as the water was swallowed by the swirl, so there was no effect on the stone and it did not drag it to the ground. Thanks to this, it has gained much weaker, countervailing levitations over the stone "Lift" the force that rocked upward. If you've ever seen an air bubble moving upward with a dense liquid, then you have a clear idea of ​​how the pressure change can cause the effect of slow levitation.

Let us also remember that Cathie did not think that the singing or concentration of the monks had an effect on the effect. However, the work presented by some gifted media (mentally sensitive people), like Nina Kulaginová, reminds us that the energy of consciousness, centered on one place through singing and meditation, undoubtedly has a greater influence on levitation.

It is quite possible that without the meditation that contributed to the process of the energy of consciousness and which organized what had already formed, the experiment would fail.
This dramatic example of levitation makes even more sense when we consider that the Tibetans could be heirs of the lost ancient etheric sciences that some of the earlier technologically advanced civilizations possessed. More about this in the book The Shift of Ages.

This I understood in the past when I was working on The Science of Oneness, but at that time I still missed that gravity is the main force of spacetime and levitation by the main force of space-time. When you create a "passing point" into space-time, you will trigger antigravity together with the space-time portal. In fact, it seems that without the penetration of time-space, anti-gravitation is not possible.

This explains everything from the bizarre features of the flying platform Dr. Viktor Grebenikov, after recent information Dr. Ralpha Ringa, which appeared in a video on Project Camelot. In both cases, it seems that the use of anti-gravity will get you into space-time - passing through the field of faith. I really do not like to push you, but we will have to leave more details in the next part of this article.

And an addition

I believe the truth will free you - and thanks to the glossary information I read in the past in"UFO case" it is more than clear that we have to deal with real "Leaking" information from within. I'm placing this link here now, even though I have not read the whole text yet. I consider him to be"Research into the current limits of knowledge," and you have the ability to read the text with me at the same time. Something about it may not be comprehensible, but with time and the increasing number of "leaks" that have arisen from the beginning, we could understand the parts more and more and eventually understand quite a bit.

We continue our discussion and analysis of the remarks made by Jessup's UFO case by unknown people inside the secret operations department, and we are also revealing the story of two angry and warring ancient civilizations on Earth! One way to read a book is to read ONLY marginal notes (glossaries) that have been typed into the text by those members of the secret operations unit. If you do, you'll find interesting things. Let's take it from the beginning: this group is presented at least once as "Gypsies" (Gypsies). I would not recommend anything to look for in this, probably to be some kind of code, a cipher of a secret group or a group within the group - something like the Illuminati or an opposition (rebellious) group to the one from which the Majestic / NSA (National Security Agency) axis of neoconservatives. [Interviews with Dr. Dan Burisch confirmed me that there are two main opposition groups of rebels - I have long suspected this is so.] In these remarks, people are referred to as "confessing cults" - the term "Gayim". It is quite common that in genuine material coming from people "from the inside" you will encounter the debauchery of outsiders. With secret knowledge often comes a feeling of superiority.

As you scroll through the notes, you also often encounter issues related to the planetary grid system I wrote about in each of the Convergence books - references to "diamond strata", etc. They also write fascinatingly about antigravity and the Philadelphian experiment. The most striking passages, however, relate to the war between the two ancient ruined groups that the glossaries call "LM" and "SM".

"Little man" - "Little man"

It is clear, and it results from more passages that "LM"Means "Little Men" - "Little People" or also "Lemurian people " - "Lemurian Men"… Both terms are interchangeable because they are about the same group. The lemuria being talked about here is most likely the same country he was talking about Cayce in their readings as "Rama" realm. Therefore, a particular population group had to settle in today's India. Indeed, their knowledge is still preserved in the ancient writings called the Vedas, which are still the key religious sources of the Hindu faith.

In the oldest writings of the Vedic, you read about flying machines called the vimans, about the horrible war of the two defeated factions, and there are also passages that almost certainly describe the use of nuclear weapons in this conflict ... I tried to give a comprehensive summary of all Vedic physics in 14. chapter of Science of Oneness.

Since Lemuria was supposed to lose part of its territory as a result of a devastating flood, its inhabitants could also colonize other Pacific island regions, which then sank, as in the legend of Atlantis. Either way, the Pacific is a vast empty wasteland where there are not nearly any flooded areas that might have been in the past by giant island continents.

Therefore, I believe that the Lemurian Empire had its center in India, China and Indonesia - in the Philippines. As the overwhelming majority of civilizations settled in places like this to have access to the sea, it could have suffered great losses in life and the destruction of a number of port cities. However, the Lemurians could reach the western shores of South America, as one of Cayce's readings says.


Work Graham Hancock, like "Underworld" (Backlight(i) reveals hidden megalithic underwater objects near Indian shores (of giant stones built) architecture. This could be an explanation of the legend of "sinking" Lemuria.

Add to this the Hartwig Hausdorff research, which deals with ancient pyramids in China, in Shenzhen Province - this research first appeared on Laura Lee's website - crystallizes the expanse of ancient civilization even more clearly.


But somebody did the job, and Laura Lee removed the copyright data, so the photos got into the internet circulation and they were published on other sites as well.

"Space-men" (SM) / Space people = the original Atlanteans

From the text, we will not know what it means at any point "SM", but if in the previous case"L" it meant simply "Little" (small), then "WITH" will surely mean something like that trivial. In my opinion, this could be the word "Space" (cosmic), which supports most of the evidence around. The Atlanteans apparently succeeded in populating the Moon, and perhaps Mars, so when the island sank, it was not nearly all of them vanishing.

If they can be considered the legacy of those who survived the Atlantean catastrophe, inscriptions in wedge writing, then it can "WITH" to refer to "Sumerian People" - it seems that survivors have left the planet after the flood, and those who have stayed on Earth have not left too much information - it was a people who, after the flood, were in the primitive stage of development. There is at least one passage that suggests that civilized competing civilizations have started as advanced earthly societies - namely, Atlantis and Rama's empire. Then we are told that the warrior Atlantians have moved into the universe - hence their denominations "Space people". There they said they had their asteroids captured by their giant ships, and they metat them on Earth Lemuřany / Rámanů, which would force them to move their homes under the water.

The technology of the two groups was significantly more advanced than what we now have, including the ability to move massive masses of water to build their cities under the sea. This could have been the anti-gravity technology.

The whole thing becomes even stranger when we find that the Lemurians then went through genetic changes and mutations, an inevitable result of long-term underwater life. In the process of adaptation they developed gills, so they could be able to swim and breathe underwater somewhat without difficulty.

Support may be used to support this claim John Kearns, which he often quotes Dr. Bruce Lipton. According to her, if you take a bacteria that is incapable of digesting lactose and place it in an environment where lactose is the only available food source, the bacteria eventually genetically modifies your oral system to take and take lactose. Even our DNA is a kind of receiver that is able to adaptively change-mutate when exposed to conditions that require new features to survive.

The "Water World" actually confirms this. The viewer learns interesting information about the character he's playing Kevin Costner, he has gills. With its species of animal, the gills developed after a massive flood that faded most of the earth's population. In connection with this, it may well be that someone from the next generation of people inside the secret organization, whose predecessors are the authors of our glosses, is responsible for the presence of this secret information in the high-budget movie.

"Water World" it's going to be different "Direction" - realize that rather than a story from our future, it could be a story from our past - a small group of people who survived the "Great Atlantic Flood", some of whom may have evolved into creatures capable of living underwater.

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