Will the world know about the existence of UFOs?

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Former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge in 2016 said in response to emails posted on Wikileaks to Hillary Clinton that the extraterrestrial alien world is "coming big." his interest in extraterrestrials, he appeared on headlines after it came to the surface that he was writing e-mails on extraterrestrial topics with Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, John Podesta, another UFO truth seeker.
In a report published on Instagram at the time, DeLonge said: “Wikileaks has confused some really important things. What looked in the eyes of some as nonsense is extremely important to the amazing National Security Leadership. It's easy to make fun of this from the comfort of your chair, but once you get to the meetings I attended… the end of the fun. Great things are coming. The project is still running, believe it or not, things just got bigger. #SekretMachines. ‟
In October 2016, Wikileaks was revealed that DeLonge had sent several e-mails regarding proposed appointments and even military whistleblowers he worked with, Mr. Podest. In one of them, he even revealed to Mrs. Clinton's election team where they had been taken away and hidden from the public after the "crashed flying saucer from Roswell." which contains Air Force research laboratories with a budget of approximately $ 3 billion exploring aerial military technology.
Mr Podesta and Mrs Clinton promised then that if she won a seat in the White House, she would publish as many classified government documents on the subject as possible. Wikileaks published two e-mails that Mr. DeLonge sent to Mr. Podest in 2015. However, it is uncertain whether Mr. Podesta answered them or whether there were any meetings. But when he left Barack Obama's office, he sent a tweet in which he wrote that his "biggest failure" was the "unsecured #disclosure" of the ufo documents.

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