Dr. Steven M. Greer: What happens when the aliens land

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Here we publish a short snippet from the just-translated book, Dr. Steven M. Greer called UNACKNOWLEDGED (have you already sent a tip for a Czech name?) If not, Join, we are still looking for the name of the Czech version of the book!).

Steven Greer: At the beginning of 40. to 50. years of UFO / ET ruled fear and uncertainty. The Soviet Union tried to expand its empire and arm itself with increasingly lethal, more destructive nuclear weapons. The Soviets launched the first Sputnik and provoked us to race for the conquest of the universe (USA). It was the extraterrestrial flying machines (ETV) that began to acquire technologies and dead bodies (alive) aliens. There was a great fear, panic, and confusion from this cocktail. In the heads of contemporary contemporaries dozens of questions are born without clear answers, and deep archetypal fears accumulate.

Dr. Steven Greer: Why did they come to us?

How will the public react? How can we secure their technology and keep them out of reach of our enemies? How can he admit to people that America's most powerful air defense can not control its airspace? What happens to religion? What will happen to the economy? How will the political situation change? How will it affect technological development?

Sueneé: In his book, Steven Greer tries to illuminate the initial psychological context that the world has driven into a dead end of lies and concealment. People in the middle of 20. century just passed through 2. World War II and were hijacked by hidden interest groups at least in the so-called Cold War, which kept the weapons machine still at least partially running. Against the backdrop of this harsh situation, ETs are coming to the stage to make it clear that warfare, and especially nuclear weapons, have been enough ...! 2 sounds. world war in the souls of those who are currently at the helm, and who have personally experienced it, however, create a field of fear that leads them to the utter blindness in which these questions arise ... questions that psychologists and sociologists give in general non-specific catastrophic responses.

Let's look at the possible reactions with 1948 and 2018.

Q: Why did they come to us?

  • 1948: They demand that we surrender (nuclear) weapons. This is unacceptable. We should not be able to defend our enemies effectively.
  • 2002: Grain image: "... believe there is good out there."
  • 2018: Nuclear weapons apparently at the quantum level disrupt the structure of the universe, which interferes with space inhabited by other beings. It's similar to having a party in the garden and throwing a completely uninvolved neighbor garbage through a fence.

Q: How will the public react?

  • 1938: HGWells broadcast the World of War radio. The broadcast was so suggestive that people started to run from cities to mountains. There was a panic.
  • 1948: It has been stated that humanity in an open encounter with other civilizations is not, according to psychological surveys, still prepared with reference to the incident before 10 flights.
  • 2018: 70 Years of constant media propaganda that aliens do not exist, or that they are definitely not within reach of our planet Earth, have divided the public into two camps: Most of the mass media think that this topic is not worthy of serious discussion, and rather steals the stereotypes of life. The second group constantly points to some aspects of unusual / unknown phenomena that suggest that someone / something is there. It follows that the reaction of the majority of the public would be rather outrageous. There is no time to land the ETV. Folders must always pay and work will not work. In addition, the Army machines would unfortunately have unloaded the landing place so quickly that there would be no chance of learning about it. Unfortunately, we are still blind.

Q: How can we secure their technology and keep them out of reach of our enemies?

  • 1948: Or what if the Soviets get technology from aliens and they will be against us in power?
  • 2018: The purpose is cooperation and collective work. Any intimidation, threats and violence do not make sense.

Q: How can he admit to people that America's most powerful air defense can not control its airspace?

  • 1948: After winning 2. World War, when there were festive speeches on the size and importance of American allies, such a statement would most likely cause chaos.
  • 2018: It is natural to realize that a civilization that can travel across the universe will be technologically advanced and hence more likely to be more developed with respect to some defense technology.

Q: What happens to religion?

1948 + 2018: It might be possible to compare the psychology in that direction today. All fundamentalists, regardless of religion or religion, will have the greatest difficulty. These include atheists or sciencists (orthodox devotees of rigid science). A major difficulty causes the recognition that some contemporary religious directions are derived from real events in the past past when one met the aliens who, from an ignorance of contexts, put themselves at the level of God.

On the contrary, people who put their faith on the inside spirituality (whether based on one's own invention or some learned spiritual doctrine) will make their way easier because they do not need external announcers, and it is almost indifferent to them whether the biblical god is an alien.

Q: What will happen to the economy?

  • 1948: There are logical questions: "Do aliens have a market economy? Do they use money? ". If the answer is "YES" then everything is OK. We'll introduce the exchange rate and we can start trading. If the answer is "NO," then there is another question of the type: "And how do you deal with the exchange of goods and things?". The answer could be: "It does not solve, because everything is available according to real needs." But that would mean that someone might start asking, "Why do not we, people, do we do that?", Which in practice it meant the ending of consumerism, the economy, the flow of money and, above all, the ending of class divisions, where there are the poor and the rich, when some have more and others less. It would also mean the end to all the nadnarodné group and all the power that is controlled through money. The Exclusive Ownership Institute would disappear and financial and property crime would disappear. There would be envy and warfare on mineral wealth. All these differences would suddenly end, which would mean a total collapse of the established order.
  • 2018: Paranoia in this matter is the same. Just a little different. Most people would like to welcome this change because few of you who have a clean, conscientious nod to say that this marathon is OK. At most they say, "Well, but it is not better. We keep hold of the jerk and step ... "

Q: How will the political situation change?

  • 1948: Loss of political and power influence is simply unacceptable. Just as in the case of religion or the economy, people could ask unpleasant questions. And if the question arises once again why they do not use elected representatives or political leaders, it could happen that such roles could become superfluous even on human scale.
  • 2018: Again it is a psychological problem. People do not need politicians to worship them, but to act on behalf of the majority for the work done for everyone. In this sense, it will probably change that a politician without a clean conscience will not have the chance to stand at the head ... Do we want it?

Q: How will this affect technological development?

  • 1948: Anti-graft and free energy sources lead to decentralization of power. Something like that can not be admitted.
  • 2018: We see in practice what technological stagnation is causing. Today he again amused the headline in the newspaper: "Electricity will become more expensive." Give people free energy generators… and a few people will be out of work. A few people will feel that their lives have lost their meaning, and a few people will be threatened with death because they will not be able to imagine a life in which they would have to take responsibility for themselves. People wanted to destroy the machines because they took their jobs. Let's get rid of doing things that don't make sense and go back to our essence, to do at this moment, in this life, above all, why we were born here ... :)

A book UNACKNOWLEDGED is just in the translation phase, you can expect it to be released in 2. mid-year 2018. Book you can do it now! We also thank all of you for the financial donations that make translation faster and the level of the site Suenee Universe still rising!

What kind of question from the above is the biggest social problem in the face of the ET presence on Earth?

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