Dr. Zahi Hawass: Intrigue in the Background of Egyptology (2.): Sphinx Fingers in the Dry

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Let's go back to Dr. Hawass and Sfinze The aforementioned work framework (the influence of organizations) was obviously functional even during April 2009 when Hawass said: Under my guidance, the Supreme Council for Memorials, works to reduce groundwater levels around monuments across Egypt. We have completed US-funded efforts to drain Karnak and Luxor and work on many other locations. One of the greatest recent achievements was the development of a system that prevented the damping of the Great Sphynx in Giza.
Surprisingly, Dr. Hawass in his report The Story of the Sphinx: Perhaps the most important result of the drainage project was that it allowed us to finally sleep with speculation about the mysterious underground tunnels and rooms carved into the rock under the Sphing ancient civilizations. For many years I have been debating with people like John Anthony West, Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock. They say the surviving descendants of the lost civilization 10000 BCE have buried their secrets under the Sphinx. These people also say that the erosion of the Sphinx is caused by water, and it necessarily means that its age would fall far beyond the Old Kingdom (the Old Kingdom of Egypt). None of these theories is based on the truth. Their supporters insist that we should drift into the subsoil to find these hidden chambers. I have always refused to allow such projects in the past because there was no scientific proof for such a thing. And because such drilling was an essential part of our work to protect the Sphin from groundwater. Although we finally drove near the sculpture, we found out that there are no hidden corridors or chambers.

Dry feet

As always, Hawasse goes about his usual hype, trying to highlight his greatest achievements. Unfortunately, they are unfortunate and unscientific conclusions. There are several studies, such as the 1992 seismological work or the 1996 Schor radar, which clearly show geological anomalies (clear cavities). Some are (of course) natural, but others are beyond the limits of nature.

One could argue that it does not make sense (what Hawass says). Hawass specifically tested the presence of groundwater in these specific areas where, as he said, he was absolutely certain that no cavities, natural or artificial hidden corridors or chambers, they are not. Yet Hawass roared in the area around the Sphinx ... (There's something wrong in Hawass's words.)

Dr. Abd'El Hakim Awayan said he was playing in the corridors beneath Giza as a child, that the corridors were there and were partially flooded at that time.
It is a fact without any further debate that there are cavities in the Sphinx. Dot-end. In fact, Hawass himself personally told 14.04.1996 in the Egyptian press that there are secret tunnels in the area under the Sphinx and around the pyramid. He also said that he believed these tunnels could bring (illuminate?) many secrets associated with pyramid building ...

Hawass report The arrival of the Sphinx is also in contradiction with the findings that Dr. Abbase and his team published in the NRIAG (National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics) conducted in 2007.

Instead of dealing with factual commentary on a partner scholar who published his findings in a scientific journal, Hawass, for reasons apparently not related to science, has hit people like West, Bauval, and Hancock. And why the older Sphinx (according to Hawasse) determined on the basis of water erosion, has nothing to do with the presence of chambers under the monument, it is also not clear. But with regard to other non-scientific jumps Dr. Hawasse should not have surprised us.

When we look closely at his report, we will find more interesting things. We know that at the beginning of 2008 The Supreme Council for Monuments worked with Cairo University of Engineering - Center for Archeology and the Environment. They drilled a total of 4 holes with a diameter of 10 centimeters and a depth of 20 meters into the Sphinx rock subsoil. They sent a camera to each of the holes to examine the geological subsoil.

Report The Story of the Sphinx contains several important details, which Hawass should rather engage (in depth) than when creating a smoke screen.

A separate scientific report contains information that more than 260 m has been pumped3/ h of water through drainage pipes. It gives 6240 m3/ day or 6,2G1 / ​​day (gigalitres per day). For comparison: one Olympic pool contains 2,5Gl water. This would mean, in short, that 3 pumped water pools every day out of the space under the Sphinx. The Sphinx itself would enter the Olympic pool. The report continues and states that it has been able to reduce the water level in the area before the Sphinx to about 70% of the original volume. But the moment: A total of 33 control monitoring points were set up to monitor the movement of the Sphynx body within one month. The measurement confirmed that the Sphinx is stable.

Now I am really confused by such a huge amount of water that has to be drained. It can be deduced that there is at least one cavity of size (small) pool that is (constantly) constantly filled with water. Something like an underground lake. The report itself shows that Hawass is deceiving.

Mark Lehner is one of the main opponents of the OCT. In 90. years was the opponent of JA West and his friend Robert Schoch regarding the geological finding of the dating Sphing until at least 7000 BCE. He also participated in the documentary film, to which we wrote a review in the past under the title The Sphinx showed a long nose to the Egyptians.
This leads us to another question: Why do they try to exhaust water from the underground lake? Because of the stability of something else? Some may argue that the drainage of the water can be a threat to the stability of the surrounding area of ​​the Sphinx that has been monitored. As we have learned, the drainage of water has not damaged the statics of buildings on the surface. So why did they try to draw water out of the area before the Sphinx? To keep the Sphinx feet dry?

One source, who saw a confrontation between me and Hawass's report, went so far as to say that Hawass, in cooperation with Mark Lehner, had actually found the lake many years ago. The lake is located below the entire platform. The area is surrounded by a concrete wall (its construction started in 2002). He added that, in his opinion, these projects are preparing for the exploration of the underground world under Giza.

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      I'm not Suenee, I'm hiding the reaction of Oka.

      Although this commentary is the edge of grace, yet we live in a free society where everybody has the right to self-determination and free expression, even if they have some salient expression, they are human beings.

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      I do not judge JL. It is up to him. As for the water movements under the pyramids, then go by the fact that under the pyramids there is a complex of tunnels through which the water runs through. The flow of water through these passages produced at least an electrostatic charge that passed through the shafts / holes in the ground.

      The effect of Nazism on the development of the US is obvious. Without the Nazi SS, the US would not have a rocket program and conventional space flight. The influence of the Jewish community of the Israelis is obviously also a fact because they have a strong political influence in the US. The rest is just an unnecessary invective.

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        Note on the Missile Program: The Americans had at least two programs. Both sent the satellites. The Germans only worked in one of them.

        Similarly, this was solved by the Russians, who also let the Russian team and the German team work parallel to the development of the missiles. Eventually, however, they only used their project.

        Note on static electricity:

        How do you imagine the movement of the charge by shafts? A high-voltage hub flows over the outer surfaces, low stresses through the mass of the conductor. Shafts are a barrier to electricity.

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    I know all four protagonists in the picture.

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    Did you know that JAWest and Dr. Z. are buddies? I will write more in the article.

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