Evidence of giants? No! Taiwanese artwork

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Two large installations by Taiwanese creators, containing a giant skeleton with a snake and a fishing boat, were the main attractions at the start of a two-year cycle in Thai Krabi, according to the Ministry of Culture (5.11.2018)

Giant Ruins and Time Journey

The organizers selected works by Tu Wei-cheng and the art group LuxuryLogico, Giant Ruins and A Journey Through Time as a permanent exhibition, even after the event, as a demonstration of a strong bond between the two nations, the Ministry of Culture said. Cooperation between the two Ministries shows an effort to deepen the links of the new policy between the target countries.

Network Service Providers seek to improve Taiwan's agricultural, business, educational, tourism and trade relations with the ten member states of the South Asian Nations Association, with six Asian countries, Australia and New Zealand. It turns out to be the most effective way to integrate Taiwan into the Indo-Pacific region while promoting peace, stability and prosperity.


Taiwanese artist Tu Wei-cheng smiling next to a sculpture of a giant skeleton in an imitation of an archeological excavation, which he created on the occasion of the beginning of the Thai two-year cycle on February 28, 2018

The exhibited work of Tu Wei-cheng, a replica of the archaeological excavation of giant bones and a large snake emerging from the ground, was granted special permission to exhibit in Khao Khanab Nam Caves, the Ministry of Culture said. The artist was inspired by a folk tale about two enemies fighting for a princess.

The fishing boat, built by the ArtLogico team, long 26 meters floating on the Krabi River, carries the mark of local traditional building and decorating techniques. Its shape is distorted in places to copy the distorted panoramic photo.

The event ran from 2.11.2018 to 28.2.2019 and featured 55 works by international artists and bands located in outdoor locations throughout the province.

So if this photo circulated on the Internet as evidence of the existence of giants, be sharp. Not always everything is true and not everything that is presented to us is a reality.

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