Soul K: This time with healing herbs with Vladimir Vytask

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This time he has Jaroslav Dušek in her program of herbalists helping people and nature. They'll talk about herbs and pharmaceuticals. His name is Vladimír Vytásek.

Vladimír Vytásek is a herbalist since 1984, when herbs healed stomach ulcers. In her gardening practice, she began to cultivate rarer herbs and medicines. He has completed several courses under the supervision of experienced herbalist Pavel Váni and JA Zentrich. Since 2000 has held lectures and courses.

He writes about herbs in the Regeneration magazine, and contributes to radio and television programs with his advice. She is a herbalist adviser in the Prostějov botanical garden, supplying herbs to the Botanical Gardens in Prostějov and Olomouc. They teach their pupils the practical knowledge and use of herbs and at the same time leads them to love for all living. Herbs are perceived as their friends and helplines who help people to heal them. In the autumn, Eminent will publish his book on herbs, which is co-authored by Pavlína Brzáková.

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