Two suns

6 06. 05. 2022

A special phenomenon has been observed in several places around the world. It happened in 2011, but as far as I know, this phenomenon is not unique. On the video you will see that for some mysterious reason it looks like if we had two suns. Two brightly lit discs of light. It's definitely not the glare of the moon. The second sun on various shots is different. Sometimes it is tiny and close to the sun. Other times it is as large or even larger and at a distance of about 90 °, but at the same height above the horizon.

I personally do not like explaining to me with the glare of the Sun in the atmosphere. I can imagine it even if the second sun is really a short distance from the Sun. Like when you capture light shining in the photos. But if the difference between the original and the second sun is more than a quarter of the hemisphere, it is strange to me. I do not get it.

Interestingly, we could see this phenomenon in the movie Star Wars, when the Skywolker Bow boredly looks at the sunsets on its home planet. :) There it was undoubtedly a movie trick on a short static shot. I don't suppose people around the world spend hours at the computer trickling the background on shattered cameras to make a big hello on the internet.


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