Edgar Mitchell: Astronaut's testimony to the incident in Roswell

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Yes, I grew up in Roswell, that's true. Better said in the Pegasus Valley, in this area we had one of our ranches, farms.

In 1947, something interesting happened near Roswell.

Do you remember that?
Yes, I read it in the paper. That day, when a newspaper got into my hand, and how I read it ... there was an extraterrestrial vessel that had an accident and that alien bodies were also discovered. Thanks to the air force and the army, they were all gagging and saying it was only a meteorological balloon. So ... The story .... It has a reaction to it, and it was just a meteorological balloon.

I went to college and forgot the whole event until I came back from the moon and went to a lecture, because I was lecturing at the time ... I had friends and family there.

Some people, such as the funeral service that secured coffins for extraterrestrial bodies, I think it was either his son or grandson, in fact a granddaughter, came to me and told me that her grandfather was providing coffins for aliens' bodies. And then this story, published by the army, was deliberate mystification.

And then, another man whose ancestor, I do not know exactly ... father, yes, my father was a sheriff's deputy. At that time, he drove traffic and prevented people from entering the accident area. He told me his version of the story and yes, that's what his father did.

And then, we also had a family friend who was the major at the Walker Air Force Base in Roswell. Walker was at that time a new air base.

This officer was a friend of our family. He shared his office with Major Jess Marcel, who was at the scene of the accident and brought the bodies. One thing I know is that the young Jesse, his son who recently died, was supposed to be last week or something, actually, it's been two weeks since my daughter called me, who told me.

But these three people, major from the air base, the descendant of the funeral agent and the descendant of the sheriff's deputy, all told me their story.

I returned to Roswell after I was on the Moon. Citizens invited me to give them a lecture on their experiences. When they came to me, they came and talked about their experiences, which the army overwhelmed 40 for years.

The joke is that the army changed its version of the story roughly every 5 years. So if at least one of them were true, it would be fine. But there were at least five different stories about what happened during the Roswell accident. I realized that what people told me about the coffins, about the sheriff's representative, about the major who was also Marcela's friend, that they were true stories. And I was suddenly aware of it.

In 1997, I came to the Pentagon with this story. The Admiral, who was head of the CIA - Associate Leaders of the United States at the time, listened to our story and then told us that he did not know anything about it, but that he would surely find out. And now it comes. When he tried to find out, he was told: "You do not have to know."

Such secrecy has been done in many and many countries so far, when it begins with revealing the camera.

It's probably the most amazing story of all time. And you were there.
Yes, I agree, I was there.

How do you look at it? What do you think of such secrecy?
Actually ... for me .... At that time, I did not think so, but I thought this secrecy came from the government. And that's not the case, it's much bigger than that.

And now the so-called aliens who were discovered at Roswell will be introduced
That's amazing. Because as far as I know, aliens were delivered "gray". There were also other types of aliens who were visiting us. These are much more prominent. But I'm not convinced that ... I'm pretty sure it's not the only species we ever visited.

What should people think about them?
Excuse me, you could repeat ....

How should they accept this new reality? That they are here.
Well, I'd like to tell you a similar story. Let's go back a few thousand years. You grew up in a tribe, somewhere in the mountain area, and you had no idea that there was someone else. One day you went over the mountains and all of a sudden you came across a village that had been there all the time, but you did not even know that there was anything like that. It's very similar to what we have here. Except we talk about people from a completely different solar system.

Why do scientists not want to accept it?
I do not know that the scientists would defend themselves, maybe some of them. But the scientists who hold together, and those who are reasonable, accept it. There are many who accept us.

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