Egypt: Pharaohs were alien hybrids

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We recall this article. A new genetic study suggests that Egyptian pharaoh lines have been subjected to deliberate genetic manipulation by a technologically advanced race.

Some call it definitive evidence that pyramid builders have a strong connection with creatures coming from somewhere in the universe.

Beings from the universe

Stuart Fleischmann, assistant professor of comparative genomics at the Swiss University of Cairo, and his team recently published the results of a 7let study that mapped the 9 genomes of ancient Egyptian pharaohs. If their findings are correct, it could potentially change world history.

Fleischmann and his team have researched a rare sample of ancient DNA in a process called polymerase chain reaction (PCR). In the field of molecular biology, this technique is often used to replicate and amplify one copy of a piece of DNA that gives scientists a clear picture of the genetic information of an individual.

Eight of the nine samples had interesting but typical results. The ninth sample belonged to Achnaton, the mysterious pharaoh living in 14. century BC, who was the father of Tutankhamun.

A small fragment of the dried brain tissue was the source of the DNA sample, and the test was also repeated using bone tissue, with the same results being obtained.

One of the subjects had a gene called CXPAC-5, which is responsible for the growth of the bark. Anomaly can be seen in the picture below.


This increased activity in the Achnaton genome appears to indicate that it had the greater cranial capacity required for larger cerebral cortex. But what kind of mutation would make human brain grow? We have to discover such techniques in genetics.

Genetic manipulation?

Could this 3300 let old evidence point to ancient genetic manipulation? Was it the work of advanced extraterrestrial beings?

Is the mythology of ancient Egypt more than a collection of allegorical stories? Professor Fleischman explains:

"Telomerase (genetic enzyme) is exhausted by only two processes: extreme age and extreme mutation. Genetic and archeological data suggest that Amenhotep IV / Achnaton experienced 45 years. This is far from enough to consume all chromosomal telomerase, which leaves us with only one appropriate but possible explanation. "

"This hypothesis is also supported by the fact that electron microscope analysis revealed the signs of nucleotidic cicatrix, which is a sign of the healing process of helix DNA after being exposed to strong mutations."

Does this mean that Achnaton, one of the most mysterious ancient Egyptian pharaohs, has undergone genetic modification during his lifetime? These statements support the theory of ancient aliens who once visited our civilization and lived on the banks of the Nile.

Another interesting evidence provides support for this hypothesis. The picture below shows two microscopic photographs of bone tissue from a sample of the skull of Achnaton and other mummies of the same age.


Bone tissue on the left is much denser and fundamentally different in nanoscopic scale. Could this increase in bone skull strength be an indicator of increased brain development?

Bone tissue

"It's an exciting finding," Fleishmann River Prints. "My team and I handed the papers for review, but we did and re-test the tests so many times we're convinced of their accuracy. "

"I do not know the full implications of our findings, but I certainly believe they could at least direct the scientific community in the direction from which it was suddenly abandoned several decades ago."

If this study is correct, it will trigger an unprecedented shift in the paradigm. If extraterrestrial races were actively involved thousands of years ago into the lives of the most powerful individuals, does it mean they will return? Have they ever left Earth?

But the most important aspect is the existence of individuals, direct descendants of the royal Egyptian genus, who still possess extraterrestrial genes implanted in the genome of their ancestors.

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  • 26leonidas 26leonidas says:

    Hello Readers and discussers. I'm going to be here briefly and I did not like this article, but 14 comments have taken me from curiosity to read those comments and then rush the article. I have already heard about this "issue" of ancient Egypt. At the outset, I would like to call on everyone to be restrained and respectful. We know that we are different and basically mute you right, but you have to realize that your statements can act as a measure of your ways and intelligence. Certainly no need to judge, we are not judges. And it is not necessary to abuse the word "demons" and "shorts" - as appropriate. We do not want to unnecessarily moralize, but we are adult (we suppose) and, accordingly, we could behave. Anonymity should not justify this behavior. I read here ( a short article that also contained a video. There were some people in the boat where they recorded them on the video. After a while of about 1 sec 2, it was visible to fly at the top of the object at high speed. It did not seem to me trusted, and that's why I wrote what I think about it. I believe in alien life and even the intelligent one. Although I did not have such a personal experience. But I do not believe everything that "wants" to look like that. Easier - to give constructive criticism everything that does not meet at least the basic prerequisites to justify it with some decent arguments. To do so, we should not use "scientific" opinions and universities immediately to judge the level of possible or impossible. I would like, and perhaps many of you, to make this site more trustworthy, otherwise you can pack it right here! Everyone will be able to accept the peace they can believe. What is real or not about someone, on the basis of their own experience, the source they believe and what they think of their existence, or the very existence and meaning of the whole universe. I do not want to overburden myself with long contributions, so I will add the following. For some, it would not be enough or personal experience with something that is out of the ordinary experience and for some it would be confirmation of what they believe and what, a "mistress" talks about the boredom of the market. The truth will be somewhere else first. Where? It's up to you what you are willing to CHECK. I wish you all the successful new year of 2019, full of health, love, peace, and let everyone fill you with the most desirable touches you deserve. Have a nice day.


    Did not my coincidences of my usual incest disappear?

  • Martin Horus Martin Horus says:

    If you do not like someone's opinions, you do not have to behave like a Neanderthal. Generations have fought for democracy before you to be able to freely and freely manifest, so I hope your hysterical scenes were just a nightmare.

    • AROUND AROUND says:

      I just claim objectivity (translate: probability). Demagogues and snakes, beneath the cloak of good, is about enough and enough. My point is that we need to fight against it. People do not have to be sheep. It is necessary to help with general education, because otherwise this opportunity for educated manipulators is created to control unconscious and trusting sheep.
      It seems like it seems that democracy and the use of reason is the last thing that suits you.

    • AROUND AROUND says:

      By the way, it was my generation :-) I am no young man.

  • V. says:

    Standie, something skeptical would not be?
    Is not it your cup of coffee ???

    • S S says:

      I thought the article looked pretty unbelievable in itself. But if you do not, I'll add a few hard questions to think about.

      I tried to verify information from the article, which should be traceable even in public sources. But I was not very successful. Of course, this can only be my uneasiness to find. Maybe you can help answer some questions:

      1. What is the "Swiss University of Cairo"? I found Egyptian universities named by different states, but not Swiss. Is there anything like that? Or is the university just the fiction of the author of the article? If not, where can I find a link?

      2. Who is "Stuart Fleischmann"? I tried to find such an academic but I was not successful. Is there the gentleman at all? If so, I would be interested in linking to his profile page.

      3. Where is the genus CXPAC-5 in the human genome? I would be interested in a reference to the description of this gene. I could not find anyone. Or is the existence of such a gene merely an author's article?

      4. What is the dimension of the alleged microscopic photograph? The color scale, which is supposed to describe the depth of the relief, indicates a size comparable to the size of a few atoms. For tissue made up of 3-4 orders with larger cells, such resolution makes sense to me. But let me teach you some links where the scale used in the article is used for bone tissue analysis.

      • Martin Horus Martin Horus says:

        The idea described in the article is completely true, and you have Stando in it, even if you are protecting your nails from your teeth. That something is not something to see does not mean it does not exist see the convenient scene here:
        something for you ..
        even. from what / where did you come from / do you think of a human race?

        • S S says:

          Regarding the referenced article on the blog site:
          The first part is practically the same article as here. And just as there is no reference to the alleged Swiss university nor to the alleged Mr Stuart Fleischmann.

          In the second part, the site quotes the newspaper article about skulls, which, for example, the size of the skull from Peru is lying loudly. The skull is much smaller (roughly 2-3x), described in 50 cm. 50 cm is the approximate length of the entire body and the skull (at least according to the traceable material and the television program from the museum, where the size of a normal person can be compared with the size of the body and the skull).

          The specific ideas from the article will begin to take more seriously when someone gives a link proving the existence of Mr. Fleischmann and the existence of the university he is supposedly engaged in. In the meantime, I would consider the article as a nice attempt to mystify.

          As for the film show: I do not say that what is not seen, it does not necessarily exist. Therefore, your missile is completely out.

          On the other hand, I am convinced that the ideas that the authors need to keep up with untruths are somewhat suspicious and require a very thorough snap before taking them.

          • Martin Horus Martin Horus says:

            Stando nobody will shoot you, we are peaceful aliens. . we are primarily concerned with remembering.

            • S S says:

              Literary and film fiction is not difficult to remember.

            • AROUND AROUND says:

              Sorry, but you would have to be really poor. And you are not. Just when there is a lie, it is a lie, even if it rhymes with your "conviction". And if you can not admit or understand this, then you really do not want to. And less about your fairy tales about the truth. In that case, go simply and simply stuff it.

        • AROUND AROUND says:

          What are you swinging? Do you really mean that? So being a fucking liar is all right? How does it combine with that "extraterrestrial" good, what are you doing here with him all the time? To breed unconscious sheep, what will they believe in any bullshit is ok? It is not a principle or a truth at all. You just do well to warm yourself on a mat of "New Age" jude who do not even know why metal is heavier than water. But they're pretty sure Achnaaton was an alien.

          • Martin Horus Martin Horus says:

            If you do not like someone's opinions, you do not have to behave like a Neanderthal. Generations have fought for democracy before you to be able to freely and freely manifest, so I hope your hysterical scenes were just a nightmare.

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