Egypt: Sun Temple in Abu Garab

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There are ruins of the Sun Temple in the area called Abu Garab. A special object - a monoblock made of white alabaster calcite, which is also placed on the ruins of heavy stone slabs that apparently formed the floor of the original building - is on a vast plain full of stone rubble.

The subject is a large estimate of 7 x 7 meters and a tall one meter. The stone is worked in a way that eliminates manual machining according to Christopher Dunn. In many places there are still no cuts due to overlap machine tool, which occasionally has gone from the desired line.

According to Dr. Abd'El Hakima Awayana claims that there is a deep shaft beneath the stone that served as a water tank. The stone then served as a pedestal for a massive crystal, which together with the flowing water produced a source of energy.

Source: Facebook, documents Pyramid Code and Ancinet Advancet Technologies

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5 comments on "Egypt: Sun Temple in Abu Garab"

  • Sueneé says:

    First, please see some more info. about that "smut" before you get theorize ...

    • S S says:

      I came out of the claim that it is a white gypsum limestone. Gypsum has the hardness of 2 according to Mohs, limestone has 3. Their mixture could have something in between. Copper has 3, hardened more. Even if it was a pure limestone, it is a cutting technology. What is wrong with my consideration?

      • Sueneé says:

        We've already dealt with Balbek. see Chris Dunn.

        • S S says:

          I tried to google

          Chris Dunn site:

          … and nothing.

          Even in the Baalbek article, I did not find that we would be cutting lime or gypsum.

          The only such discussion was conducted under the article "Serapeum in Sakkaře", but it was granite - a more difficult mineral.

  • S S says:

    Why would it need to be machined by a machine tool?

    Ancient nations proved to know the frame saw. The bronze (and even copper) blade is harder than the alabaster.

    The cut should therefore be cut by a frame saw that would be driven by a template. The wavy shape of the edges reminds me of the wrong shape of my own cuts by hand saw.

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