President Obama: there are videos about aliens (UFO / UAP / ET)

01. 07. 2021
4rd International Conference Sueneé Universe

Reggie Watts: There's a lot of talk about aliens right now. Yes, UAP may not be right away, but what do you think?
Barack Obama: When it comes to aliens, there are things I can't talk about on the air.
James Corden: So you're telling us off the record?
O: The truth is that when I first came to my office, I asked: Is there a laboratory somewhere in which to keep aliens or their ships? My people did a little research and then tell me: Ne. But what is true. And I mean it really. There is a video and report on objects in the sky (UAP), about which we do not know exactly what they are. We cannot explain how they move (what is their propulsion system) and predict their trajectory. They don't have easily predictable behavior I think there are people who are trying to take this topic seriously and figure out what it is. I can't tell you more about that now.

President Joe Biden

Based on the above interview, the current US President Biden was also asked for his personal opinion on what the objects are. He replied abruptly: "I will have to ask him again. Thanks."

A White House spokeswoman added: "We are working very hard on the report. We examine news from space or airspace. Very seriously known and unknown objects are examined. As for the revelation, it's up to them. "

Question: In the president's opinion, are these objects from other powers or do they come from other entities in space?

Spokesman: Honestly, we have a team that is actively working on it - they are working on the final report. They examine identifiable and unidentifiable objects. For many reasons, we do not discuss this topic publicly. However, the president supports the compilation of the final report. 

Unknown aerial phenomena

The term is based on government circles and secret services. It was first used in public in connection with the revelation AATIP at the end of 2017. Obama made his statement at 05.2021, approximately one month before the Preliminary Secret Service report was published. initiated by former President Donald Trump.

The American intelligence community publishes a long-awaited report on UFOs

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