Film CE5: Contact Begins (Czech subtitles done!)

29. 04. 2020
4rd International Conference Sueneé Universe

At the beginning of the month (April 07.04.2020, 5), a new film produced by Dr. Steven Greer called CE5 movie or Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun 4K [Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Began (4K)]. The film focuses on the topic of close encounters initiated by man, ie the case when any of us is able to make contact with beings from space.

Dr. Steven Greer asks questions:

  • Who are the ones on board the ships?
  • Are they intelligent?
  • How did you get here?
  • What technology do they use?
  • How can we make friendly contact with them?
  • How can we find the things that unite us?

Since the early 90s, thousands of people have gradually gathered around the world, who, individually or in smaller or larger groups, hold open-air meetings and meditate together according to a protocol for establishing A close encounter of the fifth kind. (More information about the protocol can be found on the partner website

Thanks to your support and the quick response of some contributors, we were able to collect the target amount within a few days. The original amount is thus close to three times. Thank you very much for all the gifts! Movie subtitles are so done! Those who contributed to the project CZK or EUR received subtitles by email. For others, subtitles are available at Patreon.

Almost 3 times as much was chosen as the original plan. Thank you very much for that and we can certainly promise you for the money we earned that in translating the work of Dr. We will continue with Steven Greer. Another film we want to translate for you is a recording of Dr.'s live stream. Greera to the project DisclosureFestbecause it is very current. We will continue with translations of witness statements, which we will declare as a separate project.

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