Photograph of the Arctic UFO USS Trepang 1971 (Part 2)

11. 08. 2021
4rd International Conference Sueneé Universe

On July 8, 2015, Investigator and former Navy pilot Steve Murillo was asked to call Admiral Sacket. The order was issued by Alex Mistretta. Due to his privacy, details of his tracking will not be published.

Mr. Mistretta's view

I asked Steve Murill if he would talk to Admiral Sackett this morning. Steve is a former Navy pilot. Admiral Sackett was kind enough to take the call, but he turned away from questions about the UFO. He said he saw only ice, nothing interesting. But he agreed to look at the pictures.

John Klika was really on board

July 12, 2015 - More information from Mr. Mistretta

Steve spoke to Admiral Sackett, and I was in contact with John Crank. Both men were indeed on the Trepang SSN674 in March 1971 in the Arctic. Admiral Sackett denied seeing anything unusual aboard the Trepang. Nevertheless, he looked at the pictures we sent him. He couldn't identify with certainty the objects in the pictures.

John Klika also confirmed that he was aboard the Trepang in March 1971, but said that neither he nor anyone else saw anything unusual. I trust them. I believe that Trepang was not involved in photography. So the question remains: Are these unusual and extraterrestrial objects? Or will they eventually be identified as land vessels? Are they really from the Arctic and the American submarine?

Later there was another submarine in the area - USS Skate USN 578 ergo, the investigation continues.

Rear Admiral Dean Reynolds Sackett

Rear Admiral Dean Reynolds Sackett hails from Beatrice, Nebraska, where he grew up and attended high school. In 1952, he entered the Naval Academy in the USA, which he graduated with honors in 1956. He also received a master's degree in engineering from George Washington University. He was in the Navy for 34,5 years, leaving in 1991 as Rear Admiral.

Rear Admiral Dean Reynolds Sackett

His tasks included inspections of destroyers and nuclear submarines in the nuclear energy program. He was Commanding Officer of Trepang SSN 674 (August 14, 1970 - December 7, 1973). He also served as the commanding officer of Howard W. Gilmore (AS-16) on June 11, 1976 - May 15, 1978 on a repair ship.

The alleged location of the USS Trepang was between Iceland and the Mayan island. This confirms that the submarine was in the area using verifiable sources.

The alleged location of the USS Trepang was between Iceland and the Mayan island

Location of the USS Trepang

After looking around a bit, I was able to verify that Trepang was indeed at the time and area in place between Iceland and the Mayan island as stated and verified. Furthermore, the submarine was located under the northern ice cap, where it conducted extensive tests of weapons and their use.

I also managed to trace the official inventory and logbooks of Trepang

When I first saw the photos, I noticed that some of them had something very similar to Zepelin, but unlike real Zeppelins, it did not have a passenger carrier. Nevertheless, it is possible that these were naval target balloons and the USS Trepang to carry out weapons tests.

I searched the Library of Congress and came up with some examples of balloon ships. They really have a resemblance. Here are some examples (it should be noted that the balloons in these photographs were photographed between 1910 and 1915. Could the same technology have been used more than 50 years later?

It is possible that the object in the photos is a type of test target of the weapon system and the photo is the result of their shooting down.

Tip from Sueneé Universe

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Arctic UFO USS Trepang 1971

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