Fox News: ET / UFO fragments found. Do we have physical proof?

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A short report, apparently broadcast by 05.10.2019 on Fox News. In the interview, Luis Elizondo is again associated with the revelation of AATIP. This time, for the time being, it is a simple fact that it has fragments from extraterrestrial ships that are currently undergoing independent tests (I suppose) in private laboratories.

According to his statement, although he can not say sources, but the materials come from both government and private sources. As an example, he suggests that the evidence might be that the material is composed of elements that do not occur on Earth, so it would have to be material that was created by someone outside our planet Earth.

One of the possible artefacts (materials) could be a piece of a ship that crashed in 1945. About two months after the first nuclear weapon test (TRINITY) in modern history was conducted.

It is noteworthy that Bob Lazar may have taken a piece of material known as ELEMENT 1989 in stable form on some ETVs as part of the anti-gravity generator in 51 in AREA 4-S115 labs in XNUMX. If its existence were proven, then all lying and concealment around ET could be finally dispersed. People on planet Earth will finally be able to relax…

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