The queue for the toilet and the generation shock

22. 09. 2022
5th international conference of exopolitics, history and spirituality

The article freely paraphrases the stories of Jaroslav Dušek in his performance of Soul K. I would like to thank you for your suggestion! :)


The front to the toilet

In modern society, we are doing so well that each sex has its toilets. So we go to gentlemen a ladies.

But what happens when the performance ends and everyone rushes nervously from the hall to the only toilets in the theater. The ladies stand in long lines - their legs are crossed and they tread nervously on the spot. When the queue is really very long, you can even hear nervous shouts from the end to the beginning of the line. No need to talk about overtaking. In contrast, at the adjacent door to gentlemen there is peace and the front nowhere.

It's just in our heads and imaginations. It seems that we would rather urinate than break social conventions.


Generational shock

Grandfather brought his granddaughter out of forest nurseries home when her little girl approached her: "A grandfather I need to tease." Before his grandfather could respond, his granddaughter pulled off her panties and peered at the cobbled pavement at the pool.

The granddaughter then commented: In our kindergarten we go to the grass to the tree, but there is no tree or grass here. The horrified expression of a pensioner - what's in you forest kindergarten teaches !?


That's right. We drive nature out with asphalt, concrete and paving, and when you need to do your basic needs, we are stressed by queues for men and ladies. Getting up in the morning can also be a topic of horror, especially when more than one person lives in one toilet at a time. Then we shouldn't be irritated when we can't even relax all day.

I have written an article earlier on: When natural becomes unnatural...

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