Physical Mysteries: Theory of Everything

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It would be nice to have them all physical laws one common theory and formula. Many famous, including Albert Einstein, found this idea not only tempting but also possible. However, the search for this formula remains unattainable. Yet many physicists believe that such a formula, theory, must exist. A big step towards this goal could be Grand Unified Theory (GUT). The derived elementary forces should be derived from us:

  • Electromagnetic
  • weak, causing radioactive particle disintegration
  • strong that holds the atomic nuclei together

These three forces are characterized by a similar mathematical structure, so physicists believe that GUT could exist.

In current world formula or theories of everything (TOE), the fourth could be built later strong, which is gravitation. Expectations from TOE are high: it should explain the nature of dark matter and dark energy, and a lot other phenomena of our Universe. The promising candidate for the world formula is M-theory (general and modern string theory) and loop quantum gravity. Both theories, however, are still facing big problems and are not far from them able to be as universal a description of everything.

It is very difficult search something we do not know about it actually exists. Great benefit is the work of Nassim Haramein and his team of scientists who come up with the solution of GUT from fractals and Planck's constants as the initial basic (though relative) building particles of the Universe.

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Standa: Partial unification of interactions has already been accomplished in 20. century. In 60. years has suggested several physicists of the theory that weak and electromagnetic interactions are different manifestations of the same power. According to their predictions, both energies had to be combined in one and show up with new particles. When it was later able to build a powerful accelerator at CERN (today it is a part of the LHC), their prediction was confirmed by the discovery of new, previously unknown particles whose properties predicted the theory. The theory of unification and its experimental evidence were awarded Nobel Prizes.

Theories, unifying the above-mentioned electro-weak interaction with strong interaction, also exist. But there are many, their different predictions have not yet been experimentally tested, so physicists have not been able to dismiss the wrong variants.

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  • Standa Standa says:

    Just a little: Electric and weak interactions were theoretically unified half a century ago (60 20 century). Decades to do so (in 70 years), unification was also verified experimentally. Both have been awarded Nobel Prizes.

    If the unification of all four interactions into one we consider to be a three-step task, the first step was made decades ago. It is a shame that he did not mention the article.

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