HAARP ends?

12 01. 01. 2023
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Foreign and domestic Internet news servers have announced that HAARP is ending. According to official sources, it is said that the mission was successful and HAARP met its expectations and has nothing new to offer. For this reason, HAARP antennas and all its technology will be dismantled at the turn of 2014.

HAARP began its history in the 1990s. It is located in Alaska, north of the small town of Gakona, on the site of the former OTH radar (over the horizon) and in Greenland. The project was formulated in 1993 and the construction itself did not take place until 20. The expected functionality was planned for the 1995s. Since XNUMX, HAARP has been associated with various alternative theories, which attribute many unfortunate properties and abilities: weather manipulation, earthquakes to order, control of thoughts, influence on the Earth's magnetic field, manipulation of hurricanes, destruction of enemy satellites, remote sensing, influencing Schumann Earth resonance frequency.

HAARP is also associated with Nikola Tesla, a brilliant inventor of the beginning of the last century.


Nikola Tesla

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP Czech High Frequency Active Auroral Research) is a research project on ionospheric behavior and processes in it, including polar glare (hence the name auroral).
Nikola Tesla's patents have been stolen.

Tesla: "There is no time for the general public to deal with the details of my unconventional patents. But I can only point out that everything works on simple natural principles and a deep understanding of the nature and purpose of electrical energy in nature. I do not want to take part in the fact that some of my inventions will be misused in a war fire. I do not want to be one who would stand behind the inevitable end of human civilization. "

Dr. Begich wrote about Tesla's patents: "In that article (NY Times, 1915) was also about the transmission of electricity by the wireless technology invented by Tesla. Attention was also paid to the wireless transmitter following patent No. 1.119.732. Through the network of these special transmitters, Nikola Tesla wanted to distribute electricity without the transmission system costs, which would make energy very cheap. "

"Nikola Tesla, this exceptional inventor, who on 10. he celebrated his eighteenth-fourth birthday, saying he would not divulge the mystery of the mysterious force of the United States to melt any matter up to the distance of 250 miles. This "force" would make it possible to build an invisible "Chinese Wall" around the planet.

Tesla revealed that this "power" is based on a completely new physics principle, which no one has ever dreamed about. He further revealed that this new kind of "force" is acting through light energy operating in interconnected spatial sequences with a diameter of one hundred millionths of a square centimeter. This energy could be generated from an installation whose construction cost would not exceed two million dollars (1940 year), and construction would not last for more than four months.

With the release of the above-mentioned power, Nikola Tesla was able to construct four separate and universally unique patents. "



According to some, HAARP and the technologies derived from it should function as an interplanetary weapon. This weapon can send a strong electromagnetic beam that can hit objects in space.

That it may not be complete fiction can be seen in the video from the space flight STS 48, where it can be seen that someone from Earth was trying to shoot down ETV (time: 1:45)

Microwaves to control people

Today, the military no longer hides the fact that it has a device at its disposal with which it can control the masses of people using microwave radiation. The principle of this weapon could be compared to a microwave, which can focus its energy on a specific target. People who are exposed to this radiation feel nauseous and hot in the body. They are paralyzed. Long-term exposure can also kill.

The weapon looks like a TV satellite dish and can be placed on a car. The weapon's effectiveness is hundreds of meters.


Schumann's resonance and influence of consciousness

Schumann's resonance (SR) is a frequency of 7,83 Hz, in which the oscillating electromagnetic field above the earth's surface under the ionosphere. This frequency could be compared to the heartbeat speed of the planet Earth. It is the frequency that the human ear does not usually hear, but our bodies (and everything living on this planet) subconsciously perceives it. She is our own and inborn. It's the frequency at which our brain works in a waking state. But what happens if this frequency has begun to increase or decrease?

Some researchers claim that one of the functions of HAARP is the ability to manipulate this frequency. If we could increase this frequency, our brain activity would probably increase. This would lead to greater physical and mental strain, general irritation and aggression, immaturity, fatigue. On the contrary, by decreasing the frequency, we should get to rest states, so-called altered states of consciousness. These states are mostly associated with the ability of extended perception, relaxation, relaxation. Deeper (lower) frequencies then induce sleep.

Christopher Dunn in your book Lost pyramid builder technology states that by monitoring Schumann's resonance it has been found that this frequency has been gradually increasing since the mid-1990s. Currently, the frequency is approaching 13 Hz. This is the frequency of routine activity. Tzn. it has the effect of sleeping problems. Frequency over 40 Hz then represents hyperactivity.


Microwave radiation can affect the weather

If we could heat the upper atmosphere, it could change the behavior of the weather in the area. The weather on our planet works like connected vessels. If it is cold somewhere, heat is generated elsewhere and vice versa.

If we use a device similar to HAARP evaporated clouds in a certain area, it is quite probable that the generated steam would move elsewhere to colder places by heat flow, where it would begin to condense again. This would cause rain. So much for theory. The extent to which this is a manageable phenomenon is the subject of speculation.

YT will be able to find videos where the satellite images of cloudless Europe literally bloom like the circular islands of clouds. One example may be the following video. This phenomenon deals with the YT channel Chemtrails Czech Republic.

Why do they want to cancel HAARP?

I personally think that the reason is not so redundant the project, but rather the fact that HAARP has actually accomplished its purpose. On its basis, new, more sophisticated technologies were obviously built, but they are subject to a much higher degree of secrecy, so we will not know them. HAARP has gained its media reputation as a controversial device that the public has no access to, and whose actual activities are very little known. It is obviously necessary to forestall every possible speculation once and for all, that whatever it was, it was disassembled - forget it.

This approach has been used many times in history. The BLUE BOOK, MONTAUK, AURORA, etc. projects are known. In all cases, it was officially stated: Yes, we worked on it, but we did not find anything, so we ended it as insignificant. The reality has always been the same. The project just changed the name, the people and the level of secrecy. Which is somehow scary, because it means that the various rumors associated with HAARP will most likely have a true basis.

The documentary on STV2: Great Mysteries - HAARP


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