Heliobiology as a science

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In the Soviet Union, astrology, as well as any other pseudonym, was forbidden. Private practice could not be uprooted by the authorities, but censorship controlled strictly that no astrology could come to the press, including the famous Nostradam quads. However, there was also a talented researcher among Soviet scientists who was able to give astrology a scientific basis.

Sun worshiper Čiževskij

Alexander Leonidovich Cizhevsky is considered to be one of the largest Russian cosmists who have created a new philosophy based on the unity of human, earthly and cosmic processes. Besides, he dealt with what he himself called contemporary astrology.

He was born in 1897. A special place in his children's plays was astronomy. Beginning with 20. century, Camilla Flammariona became the most famous person, and it was the popularization of astronomy.

Future scientist Čijevsky read his books, and when he was ten, he himself wrote a book called Popular Cosmography by Klein, Flammarion, and others. It is clear that he was also engaged in astronomical observation, and that is why their telescopes appeared in their house.

When he became an extraordinary listener at the Moscow Archaeological Institute in 1915, he learned to make sketches of the Sun's surface. "Telling me why I turned to the Sun is now hard," he wrote subsequently, "But it is certain that my student teaching has not yet brought me mental nutrition, especially the learning of historical and archaeological sciences completely memorable."

The program of the Institute consisted of studying old chronicles, anals, and chronicles. Alexander was immersed in all these sources. More and more often there was a correlation between "explosive" events on Earth and the Sun. He continued to study archeology and became a regular student at the Moscow Business University, where he taught mathematics and natural sciences greatly, which in turn helped him with his original theory.

The influence of our star on the nature of the planet has been read from ancient monographs that have witnessed the unusual phenomena of the Sun that have caused natural disasters on Earth.

It seems that his beliefs have just matured as cosmets, and since, according to the concept of cosmic and biological unity, the Sun must act not only on the biosphere as a whole but also on individual organisms, Čijevsky began with careful observations of his physical condition and recorded each day deviations.

He then suggested to some of his friends to do the same according to the questionnaire he had compiled. When he compared astronomical data to solar activity a few months later (Wolf's number), he was astonished by the degree to which the peaks of the curves coincided.

The scientist described the results of his observation in a report entitled "The Periodic Influence of the Sun on the Earth's Biosphere," presented in Kaluze in October 1915.

Forecast history

However, he did not receive the data for a wider generalization, so he used the available statistics of massive natural phenomena of all sorts. At the beginning of the revolutionary year, 1917 had gathered enough information, and again concluded that the changes in the wildlife were also behind the changes in solar activity.

For example, mass epidemics are directly dependent on solar eruptions. Cizhevsky himself considered himself a direct follower of astrologers: "It seems that the idea of ​​the connection between man and the forces of the outside nature arose already at the dawn of human existence. Based on it, one of the oldest sciences has been born and rich, and astrology is one of those. "

In 1920, its scientific research has become the dominant link between the Sun and the Earth, in the full range of their manifestations. The suggestion was considered as the mechanism of transmitting cosmic influence to the sphere of social psychology.

In the book The Physical Factors of the Historical Process, which later brought him a number of inconveniences, Alexandr Leonidovich came to the idea that "the phenomena of suggestion, both singular and mass, can be explained by the electromagnetic excitation of the centers of one individual and the corresponding centers of the other."

Subsequently, the scientist touched upon the questionable question: "History is overflowing with the eloquent facts of the mass suggestion. In fact, there was not even one historical event involving the masses where it would not be possible to record suggestions that suppressed the will of the individual. "Cizhevsky assumed that" the power of suggestion, ie the influence of individuals on the masses, increases with the amplification of sunspot activity. "

Theories "Dependence of Human Mass Behavior on Cosmic Effect" was not as a philosophical abstraction as a philosophical abstraction, but as a guide to action: "The state power must know how the Sun behaves at that moment. Before making any decisions, the government must inform us of the state of our star; is his surface light and clean, or is he stained with stains? The sun is a great military-political indicator and its testimonies are flawless and versatile. That is why the state power must follow its hands - diplomacy according to the monthly, twenty-four-hour strategies. "

Heliobiology as a science

The ideas of Cizhevsky met with a sharp rejection. In 1935, the newspaper Pravda published an article entitled Enemy under the mask of a scientist in which Čijevsky was accused of counter-revolutionary activity. Then she saved her work. He was a general specialist in ion aeration and was involved in the construction of aerators for the Moscow Soviet Palace. But they also arrested 1942 in January and sentenced them to eight years for anti-Soviet activity. His rehabilitation, though only partial, had to wait until 1962.

Today his theory is the basis of a scientific discipline called heliobiology. It is clear that she was deprived of astrology and does not make demands to predict political breakthroughs by the number of sunspots. Nevertheless, Western scientists have confirmed a clear connection between the physiological processes of living organisms on Earth and the Sun.

Changes in solar activity have been proven to affect the growth rate of annual rings, the fertility of cereals, the reproduction and migration of insects, fish and other animals, the emergence and worsening of a number of diseases.

Sunshine weather

Contemporary astrophysics falsely say that we all live in the atmosphere of the Sun and its "weather" changes depend on our lives. And it really is. The heliosphere stretches to ten billion kilometers, and within it there are the orbits of all the planets of our solar system. So, how active our star is, the whole of our surroundings also depends.

Geomagnetic storms that are triggered by recurrent solar eruptions have the greatest impact on humans. Their influence is mediated. The geomagnetic rhythms that were created over millions of years set our biological clocks similarly to the degree of illumination, and the temperature formed a twenty-four-hour rhythm. However, solar disorders also cause failures and cause a stress response, especially in chronic illnesses.

The most vulnerable are the cardiovascular system, the vegetative nervous system and the lungs. Accordingly, the basic risk groups identified by the patients with the pathology of the circulatory system (especially those who have had a heart attack), healthy people exposed to excessive burden (pilots, astronauts, power station dispatchers, airports and similar objects) and children in adolescence.

They all require special attention and prevention. Corresponding services use a 27-day, seven-day, two-day, and hourly forecast based on the constant observation of the Sun and local changes near Earth.

Although there is enough data to be gathered, there is not yet a model that would accurately describe the processes of connection between the Sun and the Earth. Therefore, it is possible to believe heliobiologists' predictions, but with the fact that we always talk about the probability of the event and not about it itself.

In any case, in the days when the sun is active, everyone should be more cautious, both ordinary people and politicians. And let's bear in mind that our great ancestors did not bow to the Sun as an all-powerful deity.

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