Henry Deacon: Mankind opened Pandora's cabinet and now does not know what to do - Part.2

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This basic interview was conducted in 2006 with the following two additions from 2007, which we will get to later. The interview was conducted with a physicist wishing to remain anonymous (“Henry Deacon”) is a pseudonym. Given that this written version is the processing of the original video report, we had to omit some details, so that the identity of this person remains intact. The name Henry is real and the details of his job were finally verified. We met him several times personally. At first he was obviously a little nervous, but he was interested in talking to us. In the conversation he sometimes responded with silence, a silent glance, or a mysterious smile. But we must say that he was incredibly calm all the time. In the end, we added a few add-ons to this written version, which resulted from the following mutual email correspondence. One of the very serious facts of this material is that Henry confirms the crucial testimony of the scientist dr. Dana Burische. For many, many reasons, it can be said that this interview is extremely important for understanding events that may be related to the near future.

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Kerry: Can you tell us about time loops? By the way, can we again ask you if you have heard of Dan Burisch?

Henry: No, I do not remember him. I do not know him.

Kerry: By the way, we talked to him last month. He is next to John Lear on the website.

Henry: I saw your conversation with John Learer when he talked about moon surface photographs as they are intentionally retouched by NASA. He is a very person and I would like to meet him personally.

A few people also know that radar reports within the National Meteorological Service are also retouched to ensure that specific radar reflections are not released to the general public. Everything happens, of course, electronically using special software, which can make the resulting product incredibly accurate. I know that there is a relatively large amount of anomalous footprints here. Moreover, the meteorological radar is not able to record traces of objects moving faster than several thousand miles per hour, but these traces are still present and they need to be removed.

Kerry: Ufos?

Henry: Sure. They are often optically invisible, but they show very well on the radar. Sometimes they are also visible in ultraviolet radiation. I do not think people know about it in general.

Kerry: Well, let's go back to those time loops. So what can you tell us about them?

Henry: OK (long pause). The time loop situation looks like there are many parallel branches that intertwine each other. If you hypothetically return back in time to kill your grandfather, many will tell you that this is a paradox, since you could never be born. But we know that this is not really a paradox at all. If you go back and do not kill your grandfather, you will change the past to create a new parallel to the timeline of events that will be parallel to the original.

You will not be born in this new line, so you will never exist in this line. But on the original line you exist, you are here and you live on. So what a paradox. If you look at the diagram of what I say, you would see something called the "tree of time". No principles are broken. All future events are possible, not certain. What I am saying now is very, very important. That's all I can tell you about this issue now.

Kerry: Do you have any information about chemtrails?

Henry: Of course. What is commonly called "chemtrails" was developed by scientist Edward Teller. In the beginning, it was the release of thousands of tons of aluminum microparticles into the upper atmosphere, with the aim of increasing the planet's albedo, the planet's reflectivity in connection with global warming. The microparticles of gold, real gold, were once used on another planet. But they really had a lot of gold. We basically adopted this method. Only gold was replaced by aluminum.

I know that there is now a great deal of controversy over the phenomenon of global warming. I can tell you that the situation is very confusing and certainly not easy. But global warming is real. Indeed, it is only partially caused by the so-called 'greenhouse effect'. However, clearly the primary cause, and this makes the situation much worse, is significantly increased solar activity. Solar activity is really a big problem.

Kerry: Why is not this information known to everyone? I think they should know about such things. I do not think there would be any threatened security. If what you say is really true?

Henry: From a scientific point of view, this is a huge hazard. I do not understand much about this procedure. It can easily make things even worse than it is so far. There are certainly side effects in terms of health, but also in the global climate. As a result, it can affect the entire planet. You have a unilateral undemocratic decision here far removed from the normal process that is part of what a great technological project, which in its essence affects everyone on this planet. If that's true, I do not know. I just guess. Everything is covered with great secrets.

Kerry: Who's behind it?

Henry: I do not know.

Kerry: Is it somehow related to the proclaimed wars of the weather?

Henry: (Pause). Yes there are weather wars. Personally, I am convinced that the army will have very powerful global weathering tools in two years' time.

Kerry: What else can you tell us?

Henry: Read “The Report form Iron Mountain”. There is much truth in that text. I worked with one group down there? .. Then they gave us some news, The strange thing was that it had nothing to do with what we were working on. Then one person who somehow stood behind the written report of which, but I cannot say anything closer, told us roughly this: “They are wolves and sheep. And we are the wolves. Then he invited us to study the report thoroughly. You know, they're simply solving the problem that there are just a lot of people on this planet. They plan various solutions to this problem. So far, I have more or less spoken of various space-time problems, but the real problem is overpopulation of this planet. There are various problems how to reduce the global population. Believe it or not, the intention is positive. In fact, it has never been a problem for the planet itself. The planet itself was, is, and will be. It has always been a problem concerning the lonely humanity.

Kerry: So you are really convinced that there is depopulation in the game?

Henry: Basically yes. At present, there are many resources that are unattainable for a normal person and which could be very effective in this respect. Unfortunately?..

Kerry: All right, but what do you personally think about it?

Henry: It's hard. (Pause). I'm really really horrified. However, as a scientist who is looking at things from outlook, I draw attention, from a great perspective, I have to say that to some extent I understand such a way of thinking. Try to understand that I am not trying to defend this philosophy. It is a commentary from an abstract scientific point of view. This is a cardinal ethical problem. Mankind unfortunately faces incredibly fundamental energy problems in the widest range of implications. Due to my nature of work, I have been able to look at this problem from many angles of view.

By the way, do you know that it is entirely legal to test biological and chemical instruments in society? Again, I repeat that this is quite legal. However, when you ask the mayor or any other senior official at the district or regional level, then you will find that these people have no idea of ​​the big and key issues. Think about it.

Kerry: During our interview, you revealed a lot of often hardly believable material. So, before we finish our interview, let me ask, "What is the most important information you would like to share with people?"

Henry: Look, I do not want to shock anyone. I cheer every human optimistic mind. However, if I take into account everything I've met and what I've seen, considering all the information and facts behind it, then I have a big personal problem. I have a big problem being optimistic. In fact, the problems our human race faces on this planet are huge.

I do not believe that most civilian populations are prepared to fully understand these problems, accept them as a reality and face it. People have enough difficulty in settling their everyday lives, and these problems are at a completely different level. In fact (as I have previously suggested) overpopulation is a critical factor for immediate solution. Everything else is directly related to this.

Very simply and naively the army can practically take the fate of mankind from day to day. As long as humanity has fully revealed all the problems and all the possible solutions, do you think it would help one of us? For myself I must say that probably not. It would only create other complications. But somewhere deep inside I feel that everyone should be aware of these facts. If I thought something else, I would not even go on this conversation.

So the most important information I'd like to say goodbye to you is that despite all of my objective doubts I feel hope. Hope that the beautiful blue planets will manage to solve all this successfully. Humanity stands before the end of childhood. If we succeed successively in the years of our civilization, we will let the whole universe know that we have matured - that we have matured. And then we'll see what's going to happen next?

This ended the conversation with Henry Deacon himself. It followed her lively correspondence, which brought insight into many important topics. We will bring you a summary of the information on each topic in the continuation of this series. Again a week.

Henry Deacon: Mankind opened the pandora's box

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