Henry Deacon: Mankind opened Pandora's cabinet and now does not know what to do - Part.5

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This information builds on the basic interview that took place in 2006, followed by three supplements from February, March and December of 2007. The interview was conducted with a physicist wishing to remain anonymous ("Henry Deacon") is a pseudonym. Given that this written version is the original video report, we had to leave some details out of the way so that the person's identity remains untouched. The name Henry is right, and the details of his employment have finally been verified. We personally met him several times. At first he was a bit nervous at first, but he was interested in talking to us. In the interview, he sometimes responded with silence, a silent eye, or a mysterious smile. But we must say that he was incredibly calm all the time. In this written version, we finally added some extras that emerged from the subsequent mutual email correspondence. One of the very important facts of this material is that Henry confirms the very key testimony of Dr. Dana Burische. For many and many reasons, it can be said that this conversation is extremely important for understanding the events that may be related to the near future. This report presents the facts that were communicated to us in December of 2007.

Our last communication from Henry took place at the end of March 2007. Since then, this man has not been calling us, even though we have repeatedly sought to renew our written contact. Eventually, after almost eight months of silence, we came back again, shortly after we returned to Los Angeles and then spent some time in Europe. As we learned, the reasons for his pause were varied, many related to his personal affairs, which required more privacy for a time. However, there are a number of factors that eventually made him speak again.

Hidden biological threats

One of Henry's reasons for recurring is his growing concern over the difficulties faced by mankind. He was very interested in the information that Dr. 2006 gave us in his interview. Bill Deagle. He told us that what dr. Deagle is very accurate. The most important facts Henry summed up to the following points:

1) It is believed that a wide range of pathogens have been disguised to reduce the human population. Henry has information that suggests that there are a number of other analogous depopulation programs pursuing the same goal.

2) He has warned us of some very important ideas that are presented in the documentary film from Alexe Jones "Endgame", which documents very sophisticated plans to reduce the world's population. The information presented in this image coincides remarkably with what he saiddr. Deagle

3) Henry informed us of important information about the threat of the dissolution of democracy in the United States. Very inspiring facts are given by the author Naomi Wolf in her book "The End of America".

4) It is very likely that the current economic crisis may deepen in the near future. Together with this, the world economy may be collapsing, starting with the dollar, over the pound to the euro. Even the largest experts in the field of economics and financial market are not able to estimate the further development of the current situation.

5) Henry draws attention to the ever-increasing relatively high anomalous changes in our Sun's activity. This development may have a very serious impact in the future on a variety of electronic systems, which are often very important for a stable functioning of human society. We can not underestimate the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the surface of the planet and other associated undesirable solar energy effects. A very important role here is played by the human organism with a whole range of possible health complications.

6) In the context of the above-mentioned energy effects, Henry should also pay increased attention to traditional means of communication (it is mainly about radio systems) that may be subject to very intense interference. After consultation with the attending physician, people should pay attention to the highly positive effects of vitamins "D3". The dosage should, however, be determined by the physician. Vitamin "D3" can be a very effective means of combating various viral infections.

7) There are currently a number of energy systems that work on the so-"Casimir effect". Henry revealed to us that the real reason why all these technologies are kept secret in front of the public. I'm not about business with oil, but about being widely available "free energy" would greatly accelerate the rapid growth of the world's population. Because of many religious as well as social reasons, it appears that the problems associated with population growth will not be easy to solve.

So what scenario can be expected?

Dr. Dan Burisch is convinced that we are safely in the regime "Timeline-1" (it is the underlying spine causal time branch that is opposed to a more or less catastrophic causal time branch of events, which is referred to as "Timeline-2", note.J.CH.).

Henry Deacon, as well as dr. Deagle is not so sure of Burisch's claim. They have a slightly different view of the current events around us. At the same time, however, Henry is convinced that now, more than ever, the intentions of each and every one of us. Henry is convinced that it is very necessary to focus on the presence and not to be distracted by hypotheses and theories about future events.

Henry said directly: "It is very important to get rid of the energy of fear. It is important to learn how to flow with the flow of events and, to the maximum possible extent, to tune your mind to the creative potential of your own personality. "

For more information

During our previous interviews with Henry, we have touched quite a number of different themes. In some of them, we went gradually to a fairly deep depth. In the following paragraphs, in a brief manner, we will approach all the other information and facts that we think are very meaningful.

- We learned quite a lot about the multifunctional underground installation located on Mars, with its staff not far from the human beings of Earth

- In connection with this, we have also been told that the terramorfing of Mars has already begun

- Global warming is of a purely natural nature and, from the primary point of view, is not the result of human activities. It is well known that all the planets of our solar system are in a state of global warming. This means that the primary cause is affecting our whole solar system. On the contrary, Henry has been very alarmed at the global dangers resulting from the systematic decimation of forest stands

- He confirmed the real existence of a key contact person with whom a significant researcher is in contactDavid Wilcock with the fact that the person actually described the details of the project very precisely"Montauk". He warned us of just one correction that concerned the existence of Mars vehicles. They are currently being used "Jumprooms" rather than "Jumpgates"

- Henry told us that this information from dr. Deagle are fairly accurate, only with the objection that he has never heard of "Project Omega " and plans for the so-called " "Electronic cages" they have not yet been implemented

- Henry Deacon is also convinced that currently there are at least 40 different alien races with very diverse programs operating in the Earth Planetary environment. In connection with this, he repeatedly emphasized that the planetary system Alpha Centauri stars is inhabited by a highly advanced humanoid race

- When we asked Henry to be willing to tell us some current and important information about exotic alternative propulsion systems, he thought for a long time. Then he said that there are in fact many different technologies that could be included in this category. The whole range of publicly classified technologies but used is based on the principle of shielding gravitational technology.

He emphasized, however, that this propulsion system is very complex, and the scrambling information that is routed on a publicly available internet network is said to be either nonsense or incomplete. Nor does he have complete information about this technology. Another propulsion system, in turn, works on the principle of the psychic and mental interface of the pilot controlling such an object. She is very interesting about this system Col. Philip Corso in your book "The Day After Roswell".

(Remember the information provided by scientist inventor Otis Carr in an interview that took place in the mid-fifties of 20.stol. The reader will learn more about this subject in this parallel series. Pozn.J.CH.).

In part, it reminds us of the technology that was used within the Monatuk project, but it is far more advanced in nature. It is possible that they have some for this reason "visitors" coming from the future "Modified" biotechnology interface.

During our last dialogue, we asked Henry how it really was with the American astronauts involved in the Apollo project. Did they land on the moon or not? We were very surprised that we never asked for this relatively crucial thing. Henry's response was very strange. He was silent for a long time. It was obvious that he was fighting in his own way how to answer us. Finally he said,

"Yes, they landed. However, there is no simple answer to this question. Most missions really got where they needed. On the other hand, it is the fact that, for various reasons, several fake films and photographs were deliberately made. But this is not a new topic. Rather, you will be interested in the fact that the Apollo project has repeatedly and successfully tested a special technology called "skin nanotechnology" that has created highly sophisticated astronaut protection from gamma radiation and other types of hazardous radiation. From what I have said, the practical use of nanotechnology has found its place in our civilization much earlier than the company is communicating.

The roots of nanotechnology actually lead to extraterrestrial technology that was handed over to people at the beginning of the fifties by 20. Extraterrestrial technology also played a very important role during the lunar model abandonment on the moon surface, and it was also used when starting from this companion.

Some Apollo astronauts were aware of the existence of this technology (although only two astronauts were dedicated to an alternative space program). These two had learned about this program from one American general in a situation where he simply had to communicate some information. Logically, there was a big problem. Those astronauts were very angry (they quickly realized that they were only doing an apron for something incredibly monumental, during which they put their lives at virtually any moment of their personal mission). "

- Another and much more shocking information came from Henry in our next interview. He told us that the Moon had been installed in the current orbit around Earth in a technically artificial manner in a very distant past. When we asked whether this installation was done by our forefathers or our creator, he replied that "both".

- We have also learned that our Solar System also has life on other planets. Physical conditions "Out there" they are not always presented to our company as they really look like. Mars is said to have experienced several disasters, but not all were artificially created. Certain scientists are known to have Van Allen the belts were created artificially in prehistoric times as a means of supporting a better life on our planet. At present, however, their functional status is very serious.

- Henry urged us to pay more attention to the famous writer Arthur C. Clark, which is 16. December 2007 has lived 90 for years. The one who saw his spectacular film "Space Odyssey - 2001" you will surely remember the mysterious black monolith that was discovered in the mooncrawler Tycho. We learned a very special thing. Before it became clear that in the very same area, a very special magnetic field anomaly was discovered (just as it was in the movie above). It is very likely that Arthur C. Clarke knew exactly what he was saying.

Apparently, the most important information Henry told us was about a parallel top secret space program that should be on the backdrop of the officially proclaimed version of NASA and other space agencies. This cover option is then presented to the general public in a variety of well-proven ways.

Henry tried to explain to us that one of the main goals of the strictly secret version of the space program was to ensure the survival of humanity in the event of a potentially imminent global crisis. Its cause could be a factor of a classical, planetary nature, but also of an external, cosmic nature.

Especially for this reason, Henry Deacon was very reluctant to give us any more detailed information, in order not to endanger his progress. He asked us several times to understand his attitude towards this matter. Nevertheless, he confided to us with some aspects.

The highly sophisticated alternative space program, which from the very beginning was not associated with the use of classical rocket engines, was launched shortly after the Second World War as well as other programs that were specified in the vision of radical population reduction. (These facts indicate many seemingly hidden indications. Pozn.J.CH.).

At the same time, he stressed that there are extreme variations in these plans and some sort of squabbling amongst the backstage of ruling groups on Earth ( and perhaps even between individual ET representatives.). Personally, he has never seen any evidence suggesting that one faction should be under the overall control.

Very interesting was the fact that the security department for which he worked was in part established as a coordinating organization to coordinate the activities of each of the mutually unfamiliar working groups, each of which specialized in a very narrow profile of the problem.

Henry had a special mandate that allowed him to move between the different working groups that were not allowed to share and could not share virtually any common information. This is also one of the reasons why he was so unusually well informed in quite diverse areas.

It seems that this extreme in squabbling can explain to a certain extent the confusion that is at first sight in this area. Henry has repeatedly emphasized in this context the very complex and complex issue of Mars, exotic technology, the presence of ET, the problem of facing threats with the aim of ensuring the survival of a human species, etc.,

Henry is convinced (even though he did not believe it at first) that at present the general public is at least ready to receive the most important information that is still subject to strict secrecy. Perhaps this is the only way to move things forward in a significant way. Perhaps the worst alternative would be to leave humanity totally ignorant in the future. He is not sure whether it is too late at present.

We in the Camelot Project still believe that the public has the right to know its history, its identity and its future, has the right to know about the problems of the current world and the important events in our Solar System. Humankind certainly has the right to cope with all the things that seem like tests of a whole new kind.

Henry Deacon: Mankind opened the pandora's box

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