Hollywood: New Akta X reveals the truth about aliens

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According to secret documents quoted by Steven Greer, Hollywood and associated film studios have been dragged into the project since the inception of the US space program.

Let's recall at least Disney Studio, which, on the order of the secret services, prepared cartoons with extraterrestrial themes, or helped Wernher von Braun to make rocket models and flight simulations in his educational programs.

The films of the film industry, for example, can be regarded as great inventions The Day the Earth Stopped (1951) Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), ET - Extraterrestrial (1982) and (endless) serials such as Star Treck (from 1966), Akta X (from 1993) or Stargate (from 1997).

A separate question is how much information in movies and serials is real, and to what extent it's just a creative fiction - science fiction. The wiki has an incomplete list of extraterrestrial films: Aliens in the movie.

New series of the series The X-Files right in the first part summarizes some facts that have come to light for the last more than 70 years. Following are quotes from the movie.


00: 17: 00 - Mulder: Is that a replica of an alien ship? ...

Scientist: By showing you, we really risk a lot. Colleagues fired the laboratories into the foundations and their work was destroyed by our own government. It runs on toroidal energy. In other words, zero energy. Simplified to the energy that drives the universe.

M: Are you talking about energy from nothing?

V: Yes. Which we have since 40. flight. No fuel, no burning, no fumes. Simple electromagnetic field. The technology that sinks 70 years while the whole world drives on oil.

M: Oil companies make billions.

V: And what I'm going to show you is really incredible.

(The scientist instructs the assistant and the aircraft unfastenses - invisible.)

M: Gravitational drive? But how?

V: Element 115. Ununpentium.

M: Where did you get it?


00: 30: 10 - M: I came to that. Everything makes sense. All those years, lied to us all this time.

Scully: I do not understand what you mean.

M: I ... could not call you because it sounds crazy. ... This is not a conspiracy with aliens. It's the conspiracy of people.


00: 32: 30 - M: The twists lead until the last century, but it was a victory in Europe and Japan and the Cold War, when the political and economic situation was finally perfect for carrying out the plan. Conspiracy, bigger and better hidden than the Manhattan Project. More challenging and much more complicated.

M: We have not even defied the Germans when a new threat to America emerged in the sky.

[Flight of a flying saucer.]

M: The ground was drawn to the latest risk of extinction. Hydrogen pump. - The [Nuclear] Explosions that shook the Earth, through the wormholes, dragged extraterrestrial life into ships using electro-gravity drive. Adventurous extraterrestrial visitors arrived, who were not indifferent to the risk of extinguishing humanity, and tried to prevent our destruction through our self-sacrifice. - The crash in Roswell. - And even more important in the old Aztecs.

The World Rulers signed secret agreements and conducted scientific research into extraterrestrial technologies and biochemistry at the military bases S4, Groom Lake, Wright-Patterson and Dulce. Extraterrestrial tissue was collected. Tests were carried out on unsuspecting humans during the feigned shooters in ships using extraterrestrial technology from crashed [alien] ships ... including extraterrestrial hybridization due to manipulation with genes and implantation of extraterrestrial embryos.

Abducted: Why is this doing and why our own government lied about it?

M: Our own government is lying in principle, it's part of its policy ... Tuskegee experiments on blacks at 30. years, Henrietta Lacks.

U: What is he trying to do?

M: This is the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

Ted O'Malley: But it is not difficult to imagine it. The government conceals and collects extraterrestrial technology over 70 years at the cost of human lives and the future of our planet. And not just corporate greed, but a much darker reason. Get power over the whole of America. And then across the world, no matter how, how violent, how cruel, and how effective it is. Through the extreme drought that is causing the secret wars of the weather. Using air contamination and electromagnetic waves at high altitudes. In the state of endless war artificial scenarios are created problem-response-solution [strike on the war scene], which will attract the attention of the Americans and enslave them in their homes through instruments such as law Patriot Act a Authorization Act defense ministry that violates the constitution in the name of national security. Military police officers in cities across America. Building prison camps by the federal crisis management agency (FEMA) for no apparent reason. Corporate takeover of power over food and agriculture, the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare, and the army in secret agendas, which makes us fat, stupid and inerrant, absorbed by consumption. They encourage you to buy more. The government, which is listening to our phones, collects information about us, monitors our location, all with impunity. The government is preparing to use this information against us when it comes and begins the final takeover.

S: By taking over the government of America.

T: A well-oiled and well-armed multinational elite group that will not be embarrassed to kill and subdue us.

S: Which is happening now, when we just sit here. [room scene]

T: It's happening all around us. The next step is inevitable. It will probably start some Friday. Banks will announce the security measures for which they have to disconnect their computers for the entire weekend.

M: Virtual money will disappear.

U: Can they just steal our money?

M: Followed by the launch of strategically distributed electromagnetic pulse bombs that will damage the power grid.

T: And which would look like terrorists or Russia attacked America.

M: Or as a simulated extraterrestrial invasion using simulated alien ships that exist and are used long ago. [Check out our wiki: Carol Rosin]

S: Alien Invasion to the USA ... !?

M: The Russians tried it in 1947.

S: (shaking his head) You can not openly tell anyone.

T: I'll report it tomorrow.


To illustrate the scene, I add that Scully, as always, opposes the idea that she is too attracted to her hair to be true. And if that's true, then, in her opinion, it would be extremely irresponsible to post it. Mulder opposes that it is just the opposite that is necessary to talk about it. Ted O'Malley is the speaker of his own talkshow.

In the following scenes, we learn that a secret science lab has been destroyed, an aircraft built on extraterrestrial technology has been fired, and Ted O'Malley's talkshow is canceled. Ted O'Malley is missing. In other words, everything is thoroughly cleansed and no revelation (again) takes place.

You can argue that this is just one of the other 10 episodes. serial cult series The X-Files. However, the question remains what is the cause and the consequences? We can speculate whether myths and facts are based on films, or whether on the basis of declassified documents that are available today. What was previously known - whether an egg or a hen?

If we take into account that Hollywood has always been part of the propaganda around the exopolitics - where does the truth, which is apparently and utterly intentionally drowned between the great pile of fiction ...?

Do some Hollywood movies contain hidden messages about the presence of aliens?

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  • Looper says:

    in X-Act, in the first part, it was solved that this part was filmed according to the actual event

  • Looper says:

    The ET alien film was created only to cover the existence of aliens. Since the filming of the film, the Trolling Government has been told by the government that people know the aliens from the film.

  • wanda says:

    Avero Oz Cat, warm thanks to me, you do not even know how you helped. There are plenty of books, lots of links, something for everyone, but this is a bomb directly to me. Probably everyone who is looking for in these rivers is sure to be looking for certainty without knowing why. After reading the book overnight without breaking it, I have a lot of facts and there are issues that I do not even know after reading. but it really is a super link and I recommend READ.

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