Native American wisdom and quotes

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Native Americans were associated with nature and spirituality. They had their traditions and rituals. They had completely different values ​​than most people today. Let's recall some of their thoughts that are worth reading repeatedly.

Indian Wisdom

1) Good man sees good signs.

2 You need a quiet day to hear yourself.

3) If you find yourself riding on a dead horse, go down.

4) Whoever is silent knows twice as much as the one who talks.

5 There are many ways in which a skunk smells.

6) We just have to die.

7 Look at the traces of your own moccasins before you judge other people's mistakes.

8 An evil wolf with good is struggling in every man. The one you feed wins.

9 Get up to see you when you have something to say.

10 Not always an enemy is an enemy and a friend a friend.

11) Whoever has one foot in the canoe and the other in the boat will fall into the river.

12 A child is a guest in your house: feed him, teach him and release him.

13 Even a fish can float with the current.

14) Life goes from the inside out. Stick to the thought and you will be a real man.

15) Well said word is more effective than skillfully thrown tomahawk.

16 One should do his own arrows.

17) A horse tied to a pole is hard to gain speed.

18) The frog does not drink the pond in which it lives.

19 Tell me and forget, show me and I can't remember, let me attend and understand.

20 \ tLive your life so that the fear of death never steals into your heart.

21 If you bring a burning branch to the wigwam, don't complain about the smoke.

22 Your mind must be like a teepee. Leave the panel at the entrance open for fresh air to blow in the smoke of confusion.

23 Everyone who thrives or has success has had to dream about something.

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Some thoughts are worth writing, for example, in a diary or having a bed. When one starts to lose in the confusion and stress of everyday life, they can help to calm down and return to the right path.

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One comment on "Native American wisdom and quotes"

  • Habanera says:

    Many of us have heard of an old Indian wolf legend. But what many do not know is that the modern version that spreads over the Internet is not the original version that has been passed down from generation to generation. The original version is very different and teaches something different. Here's the version you've probably heard:

    Old Cherokee is preparing her grandson for life. She tells her grandson: There is a constant struggle in me. It's a fierce fight. Two wolves fight each other. One is bad. He personifies anger, envy, sadness, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, displeasure, inferiority, lie, false pride, superiority and self-confidence. The second is good. It represents joy, peace, love, hope, peace, humility, kindness, forgiveness, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith. The same struggle takes place in you, and in every person. ”The grandson thought for a moment, then asked his grandfather who would win the wolves?

    You may have heard a modern abbreviated version that ends as follows:
    The old Cherokee simply answered - the one you feed.

    However, a completely different version was passed on in the Cherokee world. This original version ends as follows:
    "The old Cherokee simply replied: If you feed both of them well, they both win." And the legend goes on: "You know, when you feed a white wolf, black will hide and lurk behind every corner for your inattention, weakness and plunge on you to get the attention he needs. He will always be angry and will always fight against the white wolf. But if you give him the same attention as white, he will be as happy as the white wolf and we all win. The Black Wolf has many advantages: tenacity, courage, fearlessness, strong will, and great strategic thinking. You will sometimes need each of them and the white wolf is not. But the white wolf is full of compassion, care, strength, and the ability to recognize what is in everyone's best interests. You see a son, a white wolf needs a black wolf beside him. When you feed only one, the other stares and soon becomes unmanageable. To feed and care for both means they will both thrive and serve you well and never do anything that is not part of something bigger, something good, part of life. Take care of both and there will be no internal struggle for your attention. And if there is no battle inside you, you will have peace and you can listen to the voices of deeper consciousness that will guide you and you will always know what is right. Peace, my son, is the main mission of the Cherokee. A man or woman who has peace within herself has everything. A man or woman who is divided by war inside has nothing. How you decide to interact with the opposing forces within yourself will determine your life. ”

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