Indian scientists were shocked by a lecture on ancient flying machines

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Ancient knives that were so sharp that they could divide the human hair longitudinally into two. Cows that produced the 24 carat gold in the digestive tract. A or 7000 years old flying machines that were able to fly to other planets. These are just some of the many surprising claims made this week on Indian Scientific Conference.

Surprising findings are based on ancient Hindu texts such as the Vedas and Puranas. This information was first presented to 102. the Scientific Indian Conference in Mumbai this Sunday, 04.01.2015, as part of a lecture on the topic: Ancient Indian Sciences in Sanskrit.

Jendu from the most controversial lectures in the conference was presented by Captain Anand Bodas, a former director of a pilot training facility. The theme of the lecture was dedicated to ancient aircraft technology. "In Rigveda there is a link to ancient aviation technology.", said Bodas.

"The basic size was 18 × 18 meters. In some cases, they were bigger than 61 meters. They were big like a jambo plane, "Bodas said. "An ancient letedla had 40 small engines. Today's aviation does not even know a flexible exhaust system (?). "

Bodas said that the ancient plane was able to fly not only by air but also between planets.

More than 3000 years old manuscript describes the pilots' food and their clothes. According to Bodas, during a certain period pilots drank milk buffalo, cow and sheep - and the dress was made of vegetation growing under water.

"At present we have to import alloys for aircraft production. The young generation should study the alloys described in the book [Viman Samhita by Maharishi Bharadwaje] and try to create them in us. ", said Bodas.

A bold presentation was enraged by the members of the congress.

NASA scientist Ram Prasat Gandhiraman has launched an online petition demanding that the Indian Scientific Congress overturn Bodas's lectures because they mix mythology and science. "If scientists remain passive, we betray not only science but also our children," says a petition that was signed by more than 1000 people. Overall, in recent weeks, scientists have rejected the idea of ​​giving space pseudoscience.

Indian Prime Minister Modi lectured on 102. of the Indian Scientific ConferenceYet, the congress organizers, attended by more than 30000 Indian scientists, have decided to give space for the revival of a great deal of knowledge written in ancient Indian texts.

Last Saturday at the opening of the conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on country scientists to exploring the mystery of science.

"In India, we are the heirs of the thriving tradition of Indian science and technology. Starting with the mathematics of ancient times and medicine, metallurgy, mining, stone processing, fabrication, architecture and astronomy. ", said Modi, a Hindu nationalist. "The contribution of Indian civilization to knowledge and progress was rich and varied."

Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar has highlighted the opportunity to find the old Indian concepts and technologies in the modern world. "Scientists of ancient India who lacked sophisticated tools and machines have developed accurate scientific concepts and logic, "Hindustan Times said.

From other technologies, Bodas introduced the polymers that built houses at the congress. Cactus juices, egg shells and cow dung have been reported to have been created. The cow's bacteria proved anything that converted the beast into 24 carat gold. A special method of autopsy that was done by the fact that the dead body had been floating for three days in the water.

If you want to learn more about flying machines, see the book Vimaanika Shaastra by Ivo Wiesner.

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  • Vašek says:

    I am always amused as scientists condemn "pseudosciences". At the same time they themselves deny the sense of science to explore everything. It is scientific to set the theory and then either refute or confirm it. The pseudoscientific theory is to sweep away from the table as "unscientific".

  • Belko Miroslav says:

    It's an old thing about the vimans, nothing newer, maybe the Carpathians?

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