India: The Kailashnath temple carved into the rock

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It's one of the most amazing places in the world. The building itself is actually excavated in a granite black granite rock with unbelievable precision and magnificent details - all without a single mistake.

The Kailashnath Temple is one of the 34 monasteries, collectively called Ellora Cave. It is estimated that more than 400 Gg rocks had to be extracted to make them possible. Conventional archaeologists rank the emergence of these buildings into the Rashtrakuta dynasty (about 756 to 774 nl).

The only way we could reproduce it today would be to use a heavy technique. However, it would be difficult for us to achieve such a precise result with zero error.

According to official archaeological doctrine, however, the builders had only primitive tools. According to the original legends, the temples were created with the help of foreign civilizations within a few days.

It must be added that temples are not unique structures created in this way. There are also all the underground cities, which according to some sources came literally overnight ...

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