Iraq: A gold plate from the Ishta temple

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The gold plate was found during excavations around Ashur, now known as Qual'at Serouat (Iraq), the German team of archaeologists led by Walter Andra. The described plate was found in the Ishta temple. It seems to be a basic (building?) Building document. Archaeologists dated him to the period of Assyrian King Tukulti-Ninurta I, who ruled supposedly in the years 1243 to 1207 before our year.

At first glance, it looks like the plaque is bold, which could refer to Sumer. The Sumerian Empire is officially dated to 4000 to 2000 before our year.

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  • S. S. says:

    Why should the cuneiform font only refer to Sumer? Clip letters were also written in the Akkadian language, and from around it until about half of 1. millennium BC.

    If I'm wrong, stop me ....

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