I am Iškomar (1.): The voice from the stars

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Iškomar was an extraterrestrial creature who had first begun channeling or talks at the end of September 1966, through Phoenix, who himself described himself as only "Charles - a worker of modest education" (according to Steiger, from 1973).

Iškomar said he is telepathic and transmits from a spaceship around the Earth. He has lived for so long to be able to circumvent without the physical body, even though there are others in the human form. Iškomar started his mission on Earth about thirty thousand years ago to influence our development so that human beings could develop faster and were able to take the lead, not the control prohibited by the galactic law, from wise beings of the universe like himself.

"You must achieve a higher level of mental development and knowledge to be able to understand our instructions," he said.

Their activity continues. Iškomar warned that another group of aliens was operating directly in the Earth. This group, although it is not necessarily evil in itself, has objectives contrary to the best interests of humanity, and its members are trying to control human fate. Iškomar refused to condemn these beings, but only said that their goals were controversial. This does not mean, however, that their intentions are not good or honest.

Soon there will be great changes on the Earth's surface, and there will be many miseries and deaths. Only those who are mentally and physically ready will survive. Aliens do not plan a massive rescue operation because "you do not belong among the dangerous in your distant lands." But they would help those human beings who heard their words make their planet better after all the changes.

Iškomar said that his people do not only deal with the Earth. They travel between galaxies and engage in the fate of many worlds throughout the universe. Charles told Brad Steiger he had no idea why he was chosen to contact unless it was due to his UFO sightings in Michigan in 1956. In doing so, he sent a mental message to the supposed UFO crew and said, "I want to be your friend."

After Iškomar's reports began to come ten years later, Charles and his wife Lois created a small group of supporters that Charles was conducting, her members asking questions and learning. Iškomar strongly instructed them to never divulge the true name of Charles so that his life was not compromised by hostile forces.


It's not uncommon when it comes to someone who has an interview with someone, but if this person is an alien, it can create a tense situation. It happened 1. Oct. 1966 in Phoenix, Arizona, when one young man discovered his vision seemed to be accomplished. It seemed as though the colors in the room had turned. Bright and dark shades were as negative as colors.

In examining this phenomenon, the man closed his eyes. His wife was waiting for her to relax. Suddenly he opened his eyes in a penetrating, infallible view. His wife watched him closely. She shuddered uneasily and asked, "What's the matter with you?"

The man she'd married more than twenty years ago suddenly spoke in a strange voice:

"I'm Iškomar." The effects on the woman were noticeable when she asked, "Who is Ishkomar?"

A long discussion followed. After the conversation ended, the visitor disappeared, and the man awoke with an apology: "I must have slept."

"You must have seemed to me," she answered loosely, knowing the tone of his voice that had been listening for many years and seeing her husband's control over her body again.

"Why? What happened? "He replied. The man sat with his mouth open as his wife told him the details of the previous hour. Only the elapsed time, as the lessons showed, and the belief that his wife took it seriously and it was no joke, confirmed the credibility of this incredible story.

The rest of the night used the man to ask his wife about this unknown experience. They decided to try again next time and use the tape recorder if Iškomar talked again.

He was not disappointed at how Iškomar spoke, he responded every time he was approached that he was just the mind of a being he was in touch with and communicated to him of his message. The communication was based on what Iškomar described as a "tensor vector beam". This beam is under the control of those who are on board a vessel that is nearby.

The first recordings were difficult to understand, due to the very loud buzzing that appeared on every recorded tape. In all cases, however, the tape recorder functioned normally. Iškomar pointed out that the magnetic properties of the tape are influenced by their transmission beam, and adjustments have been made to correct this condition. Then the recordings were loud and clear.

The contents of the first message and some of the following are listed on the following pages. For years of effort, we were unable to prove, or even disprove, the identity of the beings who called Iskomar. As he said, "My acceptance is your choice."

Bill Finch

The first Ishkomar statement

I am Iškomar. I bring you greetings from stellar distances and now I ask you to bring a message about our intention to the inhabitants of your planet. Let me briefly explain who we are and who I am.

You have named some of our ships that move over you like flying saucers. However, some of them can not be seen. This ship, in which I am, contains a device for invisibility, although 6,9 is km long and is about 3,4 km in diameter. This ship has a crew, some of which are human. I have also gone through the phases of human form. My knowledge and thoughts have been recorded in a device that resembles your computer.

I was approaching this planet about thirty thousand years ago, according to your time. Your planet and life forms have a special value for us.

Those of us who do the auxiliary work inhabit our ship in human form, almost identical to some of you. For this reason, at the time we reached our world, we did not interfere with the natural development of your species that inhabited the planet at that time. Our goal was to shorten the cycle of development necessary for the human inhabitants of this planet to be useful to us.

"But our intention is not to drive or control you. Intergalactic law in our group prohibits it, but we are allowed to make contact with you. Your consent to this is up to you. Our ships have more than twenty thousand (in 1966) that we use throughout the Solar System. These vessels are sizes from several feet to many kilometers of length or circumference, varying in shape and size, depending on the purpose for which they are used.

There are many thousands of human beings in our human form. Some of them lived in their present form before we came here. Those in the human form who inhabit our ship have stopped reproducing. This condition was necessary, they had to choose one of two options, when necessary, either to hibernate in human form and to preserve it as in me, or to preserve the spirit in another suitable form. We were unable to produce synthetic bodies suitable for the human species, and it was therefore necessary to find enough younger planets where new beings were born but were old enough to develop the human race to a point that would allow appropriate bodies to gain sufficient brain capacity to accept our knowledge.

By mutual agreement between the planet's crew and the crew of our ship, the knowledge and memories of one of us can be mixed with the planet's inhabitant, without losing the identity of the recipient. One of our group only passes its knowledge to the inhabitants of a planet that will further propagate them. This transfer must take place by mutual agreement between the interested parties and necessarily the planet's inhabitants must agree unreservedly and long for the transfer. That's why we try not to take anything but to give.

We are not the ones who are interested in your world. There is another group whose interest is not necessarily harmful to you, but their methods are in direct conflict with ours. On your planet, they want to achieve their goals not through cooperation, but through control and domination over you. (It must be a race of dark-minded Orionians, some of those who serve "gray", such as the US Army secretly cooperates with them.

You need to achieve a high degree of mental development and general knowledge to understand our intentions, beyond their use. We have tried to cooperate in this matter for thousands of years, but we have been in stark contrast to another group. We need to achieve our goal under our leadership, but you must have the desire and the effort to help you.

Our activity is beyond your current level of understanding, but you will eventually receive great help from our collaboration, performing some studies on the life forms and conditions on your planet, the outcome of which can be compared to the corresponding studies on other planets that will benefit your planet , your people and the inhabitants of these other worlds.

We've been working with you patiently for more than thirty thousand years, but the development that has brought us would last more than 250 for thousands of years in common generational cycles.

We also have certain constraints that require compliance with certain conditions that are difficult for us, but at this point it is possible to rationalize it. Our intentions with you exceed your most beautiful wishes and dreams of your existence. The inhabitants of your world have been repeatedly acquainted with it, but it has always been transformed into spiritual religious ideals.

It is understandable that your thought process attempts to understand the unknown by judging it by the acquaintance. Those of you who will not follow some rules will not be able to help to achieve greater understanding. The more you improve your own survival conditions in your world, you will also help us in our efforts.

The person whose body and mind I use to speak with you is used with his own full cooperation. If I did not ask questions, I would not answer him, but not all who ask will receive an answer because everyone does not have a sincere interest, and some want to achieve some personal benefit, and therefore they will not reach the open approval necessary for my admission. Such a person is not useful to me.

At this time, we use many methods to inform people about our presence and our immediate intentions. It is time for cooperation to begin between us. (Remember, this is a relatively long time, they have been here for thousands of years, note R. 0.) Your next ascension will soon begin.

The final knowledge of our presence will soon be clear to you, at which time great changes will be made on your planet. I regret that you can by no means avoid this, we know it from the beginning, so we have repeatedly warned you to prepare them mentally and physically. Those who do not have trouble preparing themselves will only feel small changes.

We can not tell you in any case what day or moment, this peak-stage revolution will begin, you have to follow it yourself and prepare yourself according to the conditions that you will observe. In any case, we do not intend to evacuate your planet, you have no value for us in your area. Our ships are now fully occupied. Our cooperation with you involves the settlement of your world with people under more favorable conditions than you are now doing.

Following the enormous changes in your world, we will give you instructions on how to achieve the required conditions for you and our mutual benefit.

Find us and you will find us. We're just waiting for your call. Peace with you.


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    One friend has warned me about the phenomenon "UMMITE" some time ago. It's quite fascinating, and if it's a scam, very smart visionaries from different disciplines participated.

    Interestingly, I give a link where readers can read more.


    • Sueneé says:

      Interestingly! :) Thanks for the tip. Let's try to translate.

      • apple tree says:

        The Ummo planet from the constellation of the Virgin, whose inhabitants sent Earth to the Earth in 1966 by letters sent to Spain, in 1950 already addressed the French, where they allegedly landed for the first time.

        Continuation: "2003 published the book" Ummo, real aliens "that allegedly analyzed Jayzyk and Ummit's philosophy.

        Interestingly, Wikipedia does not have this password in English, but it's in Russian: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%A3%D0%BC%D0%BC%D0%BE and there he claims that the link to Ummo is in the third series of the Lost series, which fans are sure to find.

        PS Iškomar is not "channeling" all right ...

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