I am Iškomar (2.): Sovereignty

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3rd International Conference Sueneé Universe

I ask you to carefully examine what I am talking about now, for I am talking about the sovereignty of your world.

Human beings on your planet behave so that they decide which groups of people should control your planet. Many of you who know us call us to help you kill and destroy those you think are your enemies. Those who do so do not understand that those who call themselves enemies are people who know about us and demand the same service. Should we accept both these challenges and destroy you all?

The inhabitants of your world are always looking for someone to solve their problems for them, both individuals, large and small groups. You refuse to accept the fact that your world belongs equally to all human beings that inhabit your planet and connect them with one complete and sovereign mind. There is no definitive solution to your problems, whether as individual beings or as a sovereign world, until you remove the barriers you have built up in all their complex forms. Each of you is a sovereign being in itself and can be compared to a complex universe. You share your world with other beings who are equally sovereign in the same way.

It is not a question of the right to this state of existence, it is the ultimate fact that neither of you nor we have the right or power to own a sovereign being. Distorting the sovereignty of any action is the most serious act. The complexities that you have created for yourself because of the lack of knowledge of this basic principle of existence have caused unbelievable contradictions in your world. Each of you must look within your thought structure that you have gathered from birth, according to your experience and judgment, apply this basic principle of existence, and then continue to provide this catalyst to all who will listen to you.

If all the people living in your world not only hear, but also accept, you will no longer have to control complex rules and laws, nor will you have to waste so much time in your life. The ultimate goal of all human beings in your world should have only one final goal to which you should make every effort - care for your planet, preserve it and improve it by balancing any imbalance, because it is your garden and your home. This is essential to preserving your environment.

You are now increasingly destroying the ability to maintain your physical existence by not recognizing the sovereignty and individuality of each individual. Each person in his own way contributes to this destruction. You poison your land, poison your air, poison your body and your mind with your own thoughts, and carelessly so poison the world mind that is the sum of the minds of all people. In one of your religions, you have ten basic rules, ignoring one of them is ignoring the basic sovereignty of each person and the world mind, which is your common value. I give you this just as an example, not as a final solution.

There is no place to hide. You yourself are responsible to your world as a whole - for each of your thoughts and actions. Any thought or action that ignores your responsibility to the welfare of your fellow citizens is an irreversible seed of destruction that eventually grows by adding your twig to a tree that is now destroying your world. Only the sum of all the beings now living in your world can bring the tree of life to flourish.

What you think is imagination is the creative part of your being. Read it, understand it, and then try to end its misuse for negative purposes. Instead, use your creative abilities to create benefit for everyone.

If you write only one word that will improve only one moment, it is much better than writing a whole word of words without any benefit. We will not help any of you to destroy anything, we will help you get the rules you will build.

We're just waiting for your call. Peace with you.

Incurable diseases.

The so-called incurable diseases in your world are the direct consequence of the environmental response due to a lack of knowledge of the status of processes in your Solar System environment. You have enabled elementary changes that occur seconds after second to dictate the conditions of your existence rather than to control the environment with the knowledge of its control.

All diseases in your world, except for very young individuals and other exceptions, are made possible by you, but not automatically imposed on you. By understanding the mechanism of creation, not just the usual conditions of origin that are the basis of the reaction through what you know as a prayer, open the door to understanding your spiritual influence, using the thought power to change the elemental forces in your reality.

Extended scope

We have been asked to give you prior instructions on how to focus your thoughts on extending your consciousness. The following communication is offered to you based on your requirements and is listed to meet your request. We ourselves, with respect, ask you to ensure that you who receive this information do not misrepresent our intention by accusing us of condemning you. Again, we draw your attention to the fact that above and under theory and belief, it is superior to the fact that the truth is relative to actual existence and all transient causes and consequences.

To gain understanding of your own world and the worlds of those around you, it is absolutely necessary to study and understand oneself. You are the center of your world that we have created for you. Your individual world is made up of you in the common world. All that is in your consciousness is your individual world, in its entirety.

The planet on which you live is just the place of your present existence. Yet your individual world can include the whole universe. To gain a greater understanding of yourself, study others. You have studies and reviews of many of your people in the field of cognition that you classify as psychology. There you will find books that include what others have learned and deduced. Think about your knowledge in your mind, read and evaluate all the messages you found, then compare and evaluate them. (Today a mature man should study spiritual science such as cosmology - Note RO)

But you will not get the understanding of fellow citizens on your planet, like uninformed critics, or using the limits of human education. Everyone, to a greater or lesser extent, is trying to influence the world of others by thinking of their thinking. (How do I do here in my comments - note RO). The incompleteness of your knowledge often leads to an incorrect influence on the balance and coordination of your evaluation. Only by proper evaluation and exchanges of coordinated knowledge and theories will you be able to come together to a level of real higher awareness and understanding.

You can judge your own world, but you have not been given to focus on other worlds. We can evaluate you, but we can not judge you because it would be contrary to the universal law of sovereign identity.

You, on your planet, are constantly applying your individual desires and evaluating everything and trying to force your will through violent methods, if necessary. You do not sufficiently recognize the sovereign rights of every living being. That is why you bring chaos to the level of the world mind, which is the sum of all you think.

We again offer you the first law of the universe - the law of sovereignty of an individual, try to understand it and apply it, but you will not understand it without gaining knowledge of the physiology and psychology of living entities in your world, at all levels of their activity.

Your planet is just a small point at an intergalactic university, where creatures get acquainted with their senses. You have your own sovereign right to freely use the knowledge you have at your disposal to increase your awareness so that you can grow to your greatest potential.

Now you are reacting to your environment, and thus increasing your hostility because you do not have enough ability to control your thoughts. That should not be the case. You realize your thoughts with the conviction that you control them. You control all the environment that responds pleasantly to you.

Most of you are walking along today's road with the fear of what awaits you tomorrow. Fear is the result of a lack of knowledge and awareness. Fear distorts your assessment processes and leads to all the destructive tendencies that people apply, causing individual pains and illnesses that, to a greater extent, lead to the destruction of nations.

Beyond your horizons of understanding, you do not know that fear can destroy all known and unknown universes that you have perceived and which you will still perceive. Expand your consciousness, expand your knowledge, explore all the areas of human knowledge that you have at your disposal. Evaluate all the data within your mind regarding your planet and our universe.

When you begin to understand what is outside of you, then you will understand what is inside of you. You have never seen the back of your own head directly by your physical eyes. By observing the head of others, however, you are evaluating your overall appearance or doing so with reflection in the mirror. You have to look from outside to see what is inside, and then look inside to really see what's out there. With careful effort on your part, you can accumulate more knowledge and thus increase the fertility of your mind.

Because the foundation on which you build, you can add to the basics of knowledge and use it to build the inner foundations around your kingdom of existence, according to your required specifications. In addition to expanding your knowledge and allowing you to better understand our communication, you will no longer need our help. Too much lack of knowledge about the structural functioning of your planet and its living forms, however, provides little foundation in your mind to add something to it. Knowledge is a universal language. The more knowledge you store, the more effective the exchange of thought forms among beings at all stages of development.

To save and preserve the planet that is now your home, you have to make the effort of all the human beings living here. Your current position in place and time is the most critical. Besides, as you are now learning with all your efforts, almost all the life forms of your world will no longer exist for over one generation. (Later sources describe how and why they help 'behind the scene' to make it happen - as part of the planetary spiritual, immune system '- Note RO)

This could be severely shortened this time by inadvertently depositing a huge amount of highly toxic substances that are now stored in cartridges as well as accidental distribution of lethally poisonous elements from transport emissions and other factors that you can not influence now.

You may soon become the victims of your own ignorance, but not innocent victims because it is because of your neglect of knowledge, for such a catastrophe is already within reach of your generation. As a result of your reluctance to education, you will proceed towards destroying yourself and destroying the world in which you live.

Expand your knowledge and expand your consciousness. Find us and find us. We're just waiting for your call. Peace with you.


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