How to face your inner darkness and fear

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We always try to turn to light, goodness and heart. So we try to ignore the darkness or push it somewhere deep. But sometimes it is necessary to realize that if we accept our own darkness, it does not mean that we become a bad person. Accepting and resolving your own darkness is not something to destroy us and bring us to the bottom. On the contrary.

Inner darkness and its form

It can take many forms, fear, aggression, anxiety and other negative feelings. We all have our inner darkness. We try to get her under control, drive her away or not admit her. Nowadays, they are worn to be “cool”. But unless we face the darkness, it grows and thrives. As soon as we focus on it and turn to it, it will fade… it requires our attention and will take it if we do not really pay it.

What is darkness and is evil?

Darkness is something we don't want to deal with. But through ignorance, he grows, becomes a puppet master and we are puppets. The more we ignore it, the more we suffer. For example, a man who has been abused by his mother may tend to manipulate women. A woman who has been sexually abused may tend to attract certain types of violent partners. Sometimes darkness can turn into violent acts. Inner pain and darkness sometimes cause dullness and an absolute lack of perception of love and compassion. Even today, due to painful experiences, some of us perceive love as a fiction rather than something they can experience. If you also belong to such people, it is time to change that.

Escape, ignore, deceive himself and others

Most of the darkness comes from fear. Fear of something we don't want to see. From something that is sensitive to us and can really hurt us internally. Be it ego, very broken self-confidence, broken trust in people, experienced betrayal, etc. The company also teaches us that to hide emotions and fears is fine. After all, “Be strong. Guys don't cry. We don't try to hide our wounds and darkness by exaggerated work, alcohol, drugs, superficial relations… Let's stop for a moment and realize whether we are dealing with the hidden darkness in us in a similar way.

Courage to face darkness

If you decide to face your darkness and face it, you will see that it pays off. Some problems will disappear faster than we can imagine. Let's imagine 5 tips on how to face your inner darkness.

1) Look around

If darkness is deep within us, we may not get to it immediately or become fully aware of it. If I want to confront someone, I need to know to whom. Ask the closest neighborhood you believe in their behavior and behavior. This step requires courage to face criticism. This is also one of the ways to grow internally.

2) Considering answers

Let's sit down and consider the answers around. They do not say anything about us, it is only a preview of specific people. But previewing them can help us realize our own sensitive points and exaggerated reactions. Why do we have such reactions? Why are we overreacting?

3) Let's be vulnerable

Once we realize internally what our inner darkness is, what injustice or pain it causes, it is time for the next step. You know the pain very well, in the process of awareness you either trigger emotions or you will feel how you DO NOT want to deal with it. Feeling you want to get away from it now. This is precisely a sign that this problem needs to be stopped and the wound recovered. It takes a lot of courage to face it. Let's try to turn over that easily palpable fear and pain that will tighten our neck and cause chest pain. Let's try to close our eyes, breathe calmly and make a decision inside ourselves - that we don't want to be happier anymore. The decision is the most important step. We have to want it, not just because of the appealing article, but because of ourselves.

4) Breathe during the process

Once we decide and open the problem in ourselves, allow us to imagine it and let our emotions come together, we can feel vulnerable, paralyzed. There will be an attempt to escape, a feeling that we don't want to feel that. Let's endure and fully feel the pain. Let the tears run down and perceive the emotions that pass through us. Concentrate on continuous breathing and acceptance. If that helps us, let's write down our emotions on paper so that they can be better processed.

5) Don't be afraid to ask for help

Fighting darkness is usually a longer process, sometimes a therapist, friend or even a pet can help. If you are worried, please try to ask them for help in overcoming the darkness. Once you have fully felt your confrontation and confronted it, you can clearly see the context. A situation where pain has affected and pulled you back. When she didn't let you feel lucky or believe. Isn't it a shame to be controlled? Now is the time to find the way again through pain to light and happiness and love. You deserve it.

Let's have patience

Everything doesn't have to go now, let's be patient. Darkness and fear will peel layer by layer. It is always necessary to face it directly and allow yourself to experience unpleasant emotions. This can also help meditations that help calm the inner world. Alternatively, sport can help during the process of fighting darkness. Emotions must out, and it is up to you how you get them out. Over time, you will see your own advances - the fear of speaking out in public may not be so strong anymore - the tendency to settle for everyone and be calm and hurt may not be so strong - trusting someone does not always mean threatening ... new horizons may open up… and it's worth it.

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