How it was before shopping when it was not plastic

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How was it before the era of plastic bags came? I prepared an interview with my mom Jana. She's 64 years old. She has tried many professions in her life, one of them was a saleswoman. So how did it work before, for example, 40 flights?

You were a saleswoman in 1970.

That's what I started with 1970-73

What did you learn? How to serve customers?

For example, we learned to weigh goods. We had a mechanical weight. There were digits and maybe salami, I would give an example, 32 crowns per kilo and it was 20 - 22 dkg, so we had to calculate how much it is. There was an auxiliary scale there, but it was about to check it out. No calculators, everything by hand. Then we also unpacked the goods.

Were there plastic packaging for shopping at that time?

I don't remember there being any plastic packaging. There were only plastic bags that contained hail or the like. It was such a normal plastic bag, but it was already out of production. But there were no plastic bags, and people were putting rolls in it, for example. We put these things in paper bags.

And how did you do it before, when there were no plastic bags, how did it happen in the shop?

In the store everywhere weighed into paper bags (it loose). But perhaps butter was wrapped in parchment paper. It was called merchant paper.

When you said that the goods were unpacking, what was it? How and in what manner can we not imagine today, what was not in the packaging and people took it away from the purchase other than today?

Mostly breadcrumbs, because it was made of old hardened rolls left over in the shop. The baker took it, they baked breadcrumbs in the bakery and brought it back to us. Then, for example, prunes or butter, it was called table sliced ​​butter. We weighed in a quarter kilometer, half a kilometer. Then flour, sugar it was all packed. The yeast was contemplating, these were the whole cubes that were sliced.

What about drinks or milk?

At the beginning, the milk I learned was delivered in 25 liter cans. Then it was metered into bandits. And then the milk was full-fat and it started to be bottled.

I still remember that

Everything was in the bottles, the bottles were returnable, the people brought them back and the bottles were coming back.

And were the backups like today?

There were backups, about a crown per bottle. At that time, the yogurt glasses were reversible.

Well, I can't imagine that today

Yet he talks about the lack of container glass, so I don't know why they don't take the glasses back. That cleaning would be so expensive that it wouldn't pay off?…

What about the weight of paper bags? Someone asked me when I offered fabric bags that it was an added value to the weight they were buying. How was it at the time?

At that time, it was so that the weight had two places, the place where the goods were put, and the other weights. The bag was put on that side of the weight to subtract its weight. Today it goes for scales in smaller shops. When you buy it in a supermarket or mall, it goes over the counter weight and it also deducts it.

How did food store in the store earlier? Today there are freezers and open refrigerated boxes, chilled or dairy foods everywhere. How did you actually keep it?

We also had freezers.

I mean, there weren't such big chill boxes everywhere, just how the food was stored? Did it have to have any preservatives? And perhaps there was not such a supply of food.

Now, many foods are durable, today they have more preservatives. Previously, whether it was the sausages or dairy products, they didn't last a month. This was for example a week or fourteen days of maximum durability. But also when they brought it, it had to go to the fridge or we had a refrigerated display case and freezer. But it didn't last as long as sausages were. We received sausages twice a week. And today they bring it to them and they have it for a month.

It is now being transported from the other side of Bohemia, from Slovakia and abroad. Previously there were bakeries and dairies in the neighborhood, all from local sources.

Sure, there was yogurt, curd, and others from the local dairy in Choceň. Back then, when it started in Zamberk, it got there from there. But that it could be transported from Olomouc, I don't remember.

Today, when you go to the store, you have a wide choice that you sometimes hesitate to choose. We have all abundance. I remember, as a child, I stood in front of bananas and tangerines.

This is another topic for another interview.

Thank you for sharing the fact that we could remember how it was before…

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  • jpavol says:

    So I don't know if anything has ever been wrapped in plastic. Today they are packaged mostly in microtene bags.

  • France says:

    I have to laugh. I have a friend, rides after the rescue, for example Seychyly, repairs off-season I do not know stairs stairs railing something, etc. Bright? Waste disposal on all islands is unified: At low tide, they take all municipal waste to a remote beach. It'll light it up. What fails to burn will take the tide ... dot. Equally uniform everywhere. Enough? I saw it filmed on the phone with my own eyes.


    I would like to draw attention to one paradox. By focusing on waste sorting (subsidies, incentives, massaging,…), which is right at first glance, we de facto delay the solution for Earth. It sounds absurd, but think: who is actually able to develop technology today to deal with mixed waste? The mature part of the world. Are companies in the developed world motivated to develop a profitable technology to process mixed waste when we first sort them out anxiously and still provide them with subsidies? They're not. And the rest of the world spews waste and coughs for some sorting.

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